Whoever thought up the idea of flag football must have been mentally insane. First of all, it isn't football if people aren't tackling each other. And secondly, you'd have to be stupid to put the flags around someone's waist because it just gives guys an excuse to miss and "accidentally" grab your ass.

Well, Okay, most guys have enough decency not to do things like that, but Cole Laycock is not most guys. Seriously, I don't understand why half of my female peers at Dumingham High (yes, that's its real name) are in love with him. I mean he's not even that hott. His black hair totally doesn't go with his skin tone, and the whole one green eye one hazel eye thing is just odd. I guess the girls at my school are just crazy. Or stupid. Or both. Maybe they wouldn't mind if he grabbed their ass and said "Oopps, sorry, Babe." Maybe they'd just giggle and let him get away with it. But not me. There was no way in hell that I'd let him get away with it.

So I guess I should be thinking whoever came up with idea of flag football, because it gave me the perfect opportunity to, accidentally on purpose, pants Cole Laycock. And that's what I did, with a little, "Oopps, sorry, babe." so that he'd know it wasn't an accident.

It was perfect. All I'd had to do was stutter an apology to the teacher claiming it was an accident, and I was off the hook. After all, it's not like Cole Laycock can do anything to me…

Aww… shit.

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And before you ask, no I haven't ever pantsed anyone in flag football; I have seen it happen though.