Hey, there. Here's my second short oneshot. Again, this was typed up in about an hour, and i just wanted to write something. So I went to my folder of ideas for oneshots and typed this up. I know it's not that good, but I might edit and revise it later. Enjoy. :]]

Back To Square One

"Mac and cheese, mac and cheese, mac and cheese," I murmured to myself as I walked down the aisle of a grocery story.

Being college had its perks, I had to say. No parents, freedom, and some of the guys had matured. A little.

But what really sucks is having to grocery shop when the cafeteria is closed on Sundays. Why the hell would a college close the only place for food? I mean, do they really want me to starve? Considering the fact that the last time I went a day without eating, I nearly crashed my car in my boyfriend's garage door, I'd say the answer to that would be no.

"Damn," I muttered. "Where the hell are they hiding the freaking macaroni!?" I kept walking down the aisle, looking for some macaroni and cheese.

I made my way quickly, continuing to stare at the various boxes on the shelves. I started walking faster, ignoring everything, and everyone, around me. I was walking past the Campbell's chicken noodle soup when I smacked right into someone. I fell over, dropping my shopping basket and letting the few contents of it spill out.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said, trying to stand back up. I looked up to see a hand, and I grasped it, pulling myself up. "Thanks," I mumbled.

"It's fine," I heard the man say. I looked at him for the first time, and noticed that he was about my age. He was also very attractive, if I do say so myself. I imagined I was turning a little pink, because he started giving me a strange look.

"Sorry, again," I sputtered out, and he turned around and starting heading toward the cash registers. I mentally slapped myself and collected my items. I walked to the end of the aisle and there it was. Macaroni and cheese. I smiled triumphantly and threw five or six boxes into my basket. I walked straight to the cash registers and even gave exact change.

Yeah. That's just how amazing I am.

I checked myself in the mirror before walking out the door. As my hand grabbed the doorknob, before turning it, I yelled over my shoulder to my roommate.

"Hey, Remi. Do you wanna come to the clue with me?" I saw her shake her head, and I shouted a quick 'bye' right before closing the door. My black heels clicked on the stairs and the sidewalk as I made my way to the club. I flashed my ID and stepped in to see couples pushed up against each other, as well as a few drunken men passed out at the bar. I immediately walked over to the bar and asked for a beer.

"Anything for you, babe," the bartender had said.

I rolled my eyes and slapped down some money. I finished it quickly, taking large gulps. I needed to forget about that guy at the grocery store. He probably isn't here. He probably doesn't even remember me. I asked for another beer, putting down the money first this time, and the bartender shot me the same disgusting grin. I chugged the beer, and I ordered a few more. I lost count of how many I had had.

"Beer, please," I heard a voice next to me say. I turned to my right and say an insanely attractive boy. He looked familiar. I was trying to remember where I'd seen him before when he said, "Hey. You're the girl from the soup aisle." He grinned and I instantly remembered, despite my drunken state.

"Oh, yeah," I slurred. "Hey, wanna dance?" I asked him. I try throwing him my most seductive smile, but I could feel it come out clownish and slutty. Surprisingly enough, he accepted and we made our way to the dance floor.

He rested his hands on my hips and I threw my arms up in the air. I felt short standing in front of him, my back to his chest. I grinded against him a bit, then I felt something hard. My face burned and I stopped. He spun me around quickly before I knew to stop.

"Why don't you come back to my place?" he whisper in my ear. I smiled and agreed, forgetting how many beers I had just consumed, and forgetting how messed up my judgment was.

He led me to his car and I climbed into the passenger seat. Neither of us bothered clicking our seatbelts on, since his apartment was a mere few minutes away.

"Here's my place."

I walked into the apartment. It wasn't very big, but it could roomy for one person to live in. He threw his keys on his bedroom dresser and motioned for me to follow him. My feet started moving toward his bedroom and I didn't bother stopping them. He closed the door and pulled me close toward him.

"You know," he whispered, "I thought you were so damn cute today when we bumped into each other earlier today."

I blushed and his hand lowered to my very, very low back. His lips were moist and rested on my forehead. I pulled my face off of his and look up at him. I smiled devilishly and pressed my lips against his. He stepped back a bit, obviously surprised at first, and we fell on his bed.

I could feel the alcohol kicking in. My beer-influenced mind told me to do it already; to strip down and go all the way. My common sense scolded me for even thinking about it. In the end, the beer won.

I was on top of him, kissing him, my tongue touching his. I pulled away to throw off my shirt and pull down my skirt. He did the same and I giggled at the sight of his boxers, patterned with cartoon-like penguins. I stopped for a second, and remembered that I didn't even know his name.

"What's your name?" I abruptly asked.

"Evan. You?" he half-heartedly replied.

"Melissa," I answered. Evan's hands made their way over my body, removing the last of my undergarments. He slid his boxers off and smiled.

"That's sexy," he stated, as if it were the most obvious fact in the world. I blushed, and he looked at me with a questioning face. I giggled and nodded, and he grinned. He started to insert himself inside of me, and I moaned.

"Oh, God, Evan."

He kept going. Harder, faster, he kept going. I squeaked, then I screamed out his name.


I saw his face. He seemed to be enjoying it, he moaned a bit and I smiled. He went in farther and thrusted faster. After what seemed like forever, he stopped, pulling himself out of me. I rolled off of him to his left, feeling the soft, cushiony, mattress of his bed.

"I really like you, Evan," I said quietly.

I wrapped my arm around him and fell asleep smiling.

Finally, I thought. Finally, I've found a boyfriend at this hell hole school.

I woke up to an alarm blaring in my face. I grunted and opened my eyes to check the time. Instead, I found a small yellow sticky note with some writing scrawled on his. I rubbed my eyes and pulled the sticky note off the clock.

"Mellisa" it started. I ignored the fact that he spelled my name wrong. I read on.

"thanks 4 the quick fuck last nite


p.s. get the hell out of my apartment"

I held the sticky note in my hand, staring in disbelief. A tear slipped out and I crumpled up the damn sticky note. Fuck, I thought. Just another player. I felt an uneasy feeling in my stomach and opened a door to a room that I hoped was a bathroom. Luckily, it was, and I threw up into the toilet. As I flushed it, I started crying.


Back to square one.