Firerain IV

Love, a true emotion for any human but is a superhero really a human?

Being mortal and bound by principals of biology and science we are considered part or half human but are we really truly honestly human?.

Whatever anybody believes even us we must live by the facts and knowledge we use everyday and alliterate ourselves as humans but because we have abilities, severe morals and responsibilities we can't tell ourselves were fully human when we know were not.

The real humans by the general consensus consider us gods or at least demi-gods, half gods onto which they honor and give respect to because of our great achievements and victories against injustices and evil.

But are we truly human?

We will never know the answer to that question for we would have to be considered by public opinion to be human in order to have any knowledge of a possible answer to that question that we face everyday and in every second of every aspect of our mortal lives.

It was the day after Susan and I got married that we would find the facts that not only heroes but evil diversely exists everywhere and anywhere that can possibly be imagined from rolling hills and grassy plains to artic air and freezing water.

Susan and just got married the day before when were checking everywhere to look for a great honeymoon location for the two of us to relax and enjoy.

It was then that we received an envelope advertisement stating,"Dear owners congratulations, you have gained a free trip to the amazon rain forest in Brazil, there you can enjoy yourselves at the great bars and restaurants as well as the great views that appear sporadically evenly placed around her".

Susan was excited about the letter and the prospect of swpending a great honeymoon vaction in the rainforest in Brazil but I had my doubts, I knew that something was odd about the letter in the way it was sent out and placed precisely here when we had just had our wedding yesterday.

'Isn't it great Rodlin?".

"This will be a great honeymoon, miles and cares away in Brazil a place for us to relax and just be with each other in beauty and luxary for a week it is a dream come true".

"Yeah possibly Susan".

"But this letter and invitation seems a bit odd to me".

"What do you mean?".

"I mean consider it like this we had our wedding yesterday and are looking for somewhere to spend our honeymoon".

"And now out of all possible factorial times this letter comes inviting to Brazil in the rain forest for free access to everything that borders it and everything it is".

"I just can't quite reasonably barter or imagine such a possibility in my life".

"Well why do you have to be so picky and detective like all the time?".

"I mean why can't you just accept something and relax, I mean we are superheroes yes but we are also still human".

"Are we human?".

"Because I have always wondered weather it was possible to manipulate the elements of grass and fire by our very hands, and still be considered human when others can't".

"Rodlin, Rodlin calm down were married now but it doesn't mean we should begin our relationship by arguing".

"There will be plenty of time for that later".

"Besides it's just a vacation".

"And who honestly could possibly be giving us hospitality and freedom to relax that wants or desires to pleasure themselves in hurting or injuring us?".

I looked at her cold in order to tell her telepathically and through my body language exactly who she should know was a threat to us in a major way.

"He's gone Rodlin".

"Yeah but not dead".

"Rodlin that was four months ago, besides if he was still alive why would he show himself now?".

"He wants to kill me and possibly you too Susan".

"So what Geoff is a homicidal revenge addict who cares Rodlin?".

"Don't worry so much I'm sure that he won't dare to bother us anyway for a while after what you did to him last time".

"That's precisely why he will come after us and use something as simple and easily trickable as a letter invitation to the rain forest in Brazil as a trap to kill both of us in one easy swipe and eliminate us forever from the world".

"I know that Rodlin but can't you consider he just might have died and is gone?".

"Absolutely not, the police and investigative crews found no evidence of any body or any solitary fragment of proof that he is indeed a dead man and a corpse right now".

"Well what if that night you sent enough fire or heat to make him disintegrated completely?".

"Impossible he was strong enough and powerful enough, more even like me to survive a blast of that size",

"It would take an atomic impactive blast in order to destroy him from this earth".

"Well whatever Rodlin".

"I'm sorry, I know I overreacted about this but we have to be on our guard, so far besides Lucele who is locked up in the penitentiary, he is the only enemy we have that is not only wild and on the loose but extremely dangerous and both homicidal and psychotic".

"Yeah I suppose your right about that".

"However we will still take this offer but you should pack your Gramina outfit and keep on guard as I will be doing as well, the rain forest can be very dangerous even if your just visiting for a weekend".


As we started to pack our luggage, a evil leader and his cohorts were busy working on a layout of strong forceful dictation.

"Sir, do you believe Firerain and Gramina will fall for this?".

"No, but that is what I know will be what I expected from the two of them".

The man turns himself in his shrivel chair away from the shadows it is revealed that he is indeed the man Rodlin feared, Jade Flame, Geoff Castrasi, alive and furious.

"Well then why would you expect anything less then gullibility from slugs?".

Another man walks in from the corridor behind him and stepping out of the shadows itr is revealed to be, Guilo Beravan Jackovitz,Cloaked Mantis, who had half his face and side of his body brutally burned from the explosion after the skirmish in the laundry room of the old apartment that night.

"And here's another question for you Flame where is my new specialized armor?".

"Patience Mantis, were finishing our modifications to it now and it will be ready promptly for Rodlin's arrival in the rain forest".

"It had better be, the only reason I trusted you was because you hated Rodlin and Susan as much as I do and you are willing to get things done fast".

"Yes but as for the killing of Rodlin and Susan?".

"A truly magnifiect artifact".

"Yes truly magnificent".

Geoff manages to crack a smile at the prospect of finally putting an end to the Rodlin Centari, who had defeated, made people betray him, and had killed the love of his life, Francine Yomari, Cacolite Star.

"With each degree water changes it's mood".