The day we were set to go forth with our honeymoon in the rain forest, Susan and I first had a few minor errands to run in order to schedule everything.

Of them was first delivering the mail including bills, checks, magazine subscriptions and other cultural oddities.

Next was to buy supplies such as backpacks, compasses, water bottles, granola bars etc., basically anything we could obtain in the US.

Finally came the last and perhaps most important of all of it, setting everything up with Al.

Al had not only been the gatekeeper of both of our jobs and our secrets.

But he had also been a great friend and ally to us and we trusted him with our lives.

Luckily this wasn't a life or death situation for us individually instead it was more of a life or death situation for our heroic entities.

After everything else was finally done and prepared for we entered the pizza shop to speak with Al.

"If it isn't my two great employees and friends".

"Hey Al".

"How you doing Al?" Susan asked.

"You know business as usual".

"So you guys are going on your trip out to the Amazon?".

"Yeah just making sure we finalize everything accordingly".

"Excellent, excellent, you two just go and have fun I'll take care of everything here".

"Including you now what?" I asked .

"Of course why?".

"Well our apartment acts like a warehouse containing every device, gadget, machine and schematic of the whole show".

"I see".


"I mean where exactly in the apartment".

"Bedroom closet, behind the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, the closet in the living room and through a hidden room behind the wall with the painting".

"Prepared and stocked efficiently".

"I'm glad I get to be part of these operations, it is like you two are both secret agents and you have chosen to include me into your organization".

"In a sense we are secret agents, but we have a harder time trying to save the world".

"True enough".

"True enough".

"Anyway Al this is more then important it is essential and crucial to the two of us".

"If anyone ever managed to make their way and loot the place or hijack the machinery or just reveal our secret to the highest paying bidder, we would crumble up and fall to pieces like a statue".

"I understand".

"Alright so just make sure everything is both clean and hygienic as well as pictured normal and free of any strange objects or any sideshow collectibles left lying around that could give people the wrong impressions about the two of us and after you leave lock everything and close both the blinds and shutters and the door".

"I will take care of everything, now you two just head on out you don't want to miss your grand flight to Brazil".

"We won't Al".

"Come on Susan we must be heading off".

"Bye Al, see you when we get back".

Then we both got back into the car and drove off toward the airport to organize the installations for a flight.

Around that same time though in a science laboratory some illegal hybridization was occurring.

"Do you have the cells?".

"Yes sir, human embryonic development cells ".


"Now bring me the deluxe model cells".

The assistant brings the scientist over a liquid filled with many strange looking particles".


"Soon I will finish my work and this creature will be stronger then life".

"Doctor what is in the that liquid your planning on fusing with the embryo?".

"This liquid humble assistant contains cells of strength and power from some of the most powerful mammals and non humans in the world".

"For instance, bulls, gorillas, ants, bears, rhinoserus, tyrannosaurus rex, allosaurus etc.".

"Tyrannosaurus Rex and Allosaurus?".

"It is impossible both died over a millenia ago".

"There were still logical and observable sediments of DNA left on their bones to assimilate their body structure and density".

"Soon though with these powerful, strong creatures added to the DNA, this new hybrid will be the most powerful in the world".

"Absolutely sir".

"But it will have to be a long spanning effort to produce such a creature in adult stages wouldn't it?".

"Ah.., but that is where you are wrong my assistant".

"To an ordinary man they would think that an experiment of this caliber would take years and that they would be an old man before it would be complete".

"But to me that is a mere fragment of dislocated communication with reality".


The scientist presents another jar filled with red liquid dark as blood but in a more medicine reddish color.

"This formula extract will make the age progression to adulthood much easier".

"How so doctor?".

"This extract contains a stimulated age progression anti-vitamin that increases age progression at faster rates of time".

"I manged to obtain it through excavating any substances I could use from an old cat's body".

"This substance will allow age progression rapidly in great numbers".

"But will stop at the logically, chemically and algebraically correct age for 22 in the life span of any creature on this earth".

"And it's mind will undoubtabely resemble that of an 22 year old being".

The scientist peers into the large tank as he sees only the two creature substances itching to just start combining.

"Soon you will know".

"Soon everything will make you know".

"With each temperature decrease water because to feel colder".