Moving rapidly we saw the same walls, rushing past us on the side, the slow degrading torture, spun into us new deciferation, as tone worthy as a spider spinning a threaded web.

Along the pathways we sped fast flowing around the circular path, as if we were young children frolicking in the garden moving on stepping stones like we were on clouds, in the aerial built and respectable sky.

Soon enough we caught up to the back of what appeared to be a nickel, if not completely unaware of it's human capabilities.

"Hold it, your retulated madness ends now, surrender yourself properly to me, I'm taking you, with me to the authorities".

The gray haired figure turned around and placed her cold hand onto my face, soon I began to swell up like a raisin or a fruit that spoils over time.

With the radioactivity of the dose syrum I was injected with contageously, ripping and tearing apart at my insides, it was clear to me then, it was over, I was to die.

I had left Susan alone with the gray haired woman, and she had clearly been unaware of how to defeat this foe without having to, promptly touch her.

"It appears as tea time is over, and the earl grey is being brought back introcordinatevenevely back into the kitchen".

"Stand where you are!", Susan said.

"Why should I humor a flaxitive salutary soul, such as that which betowards me here?".

"Because, I don't need Firerain or Ceder to figure you out".

"So the apprentice thinks she's the main show huh?".

"Despite the criticism people give me, and the applause and praise given to Firerain in unrecitable terms, I am the main show, and I will coralize that personally".

"Well then, I guess it's time for your beloved funeral as well".

Grey put her hand on Susan to surprisingly no effect.


"How is that possible?".

Susan removed Grey's hand and slammed her fist into her chin, sending her spinning in the air, to a landing a few feet forward.

"Grass is used to make the poison, and also grass has no bodily systems, therefore I am immune to your hexes".

"Cleaver, but foolish".

"I may not be able to kill you as a superhuman, but as a generally apt, regularly ordinary human".

Grey then proceeded several attacks that Susan dodged easily, leaving a second grounding uppercut to finish Grey off, while she pitiful squabbled about.

Susan then found an antitoxin, and gave it to me quickly before I died.

I awoke seconds later and Susan injected me with plant sterales, which at the time I felt much clobidity to taking.

"They will prevent infection from Grey".


She injected the cells into my cool, crisp, clean blood.

Needing to put an end to Flame's plot, we moved into the satellite transmission area, to pursue the conflict further.

When we arrived I spotted Geoff at the top floor pressing buttons, and operating machine functions onto which a train engineer would be confused.

As I began to move toward the stairs, it was clear someone had left the window open, because a bug flew into the room.

"Today, you die Centari".

"Guilo, there isn't any time for this, if I don't get up there and stop Flame, you and I won't even exist!".

"That is a chance I'm willing to take, to be rid of your scummed hide".

"T-Minus, 10 minutes and counting, until orbital ray navigation", the machine echoed.

"Guilo, please be reasonable and move now or we will be burned past ashes, and into the animal feed used to delight humble mushrooms".

"T-Minus, 9 minutes and counting".

"I'll take my chances, besides I'm a bug, I'll function without heat".

"Then it seems, I'm left no choice, provided your admittance onto the situation presently at hand".

I shot Mantis with a flaming ember sphere that struck him off far away, like the pressing of a chord on a piano.

He got up and liefiousively moved rapidly towards me, colliding in tumbleweed formation into the power generator that supplied the countless energy parchelets, in random miraichal beats, reflecting that of a heart rate monitor in a hospital.

Untying our everlocked plimented legs, bodies and arms, we began to try to kill each other.

Mantis undid his gauntlets such as before, revealing the revolting, but deadly extra appendages, sharp as the razors within the jaw of a shark, but used dantly dance like a sword fight in the presence of midnight air.

Mantis began to injust the claws within his arms into a stabbing position, in which he could do more then prod and pinch the surface of lenghty mellifluous skin compenents structure.

Reaching back, I flung out my sword, the brightly extended and long ranged katana, the sword I would use to try and kill another gigantourine foe.

Circling back and forth, we soon clawed at each other, blade to blade, my blade was inorganic, though surprisingly his was the latter, organic, filled with carbon and kietin, but it was as hard as bone, the hardest bone even, the human skull.

"Interesting Mantis, last time we fought, I didn't remember any claws protruding out of your arms, like two mammoth tusks".

"That's because, last time you didn't see me with my bodily deformities".

"The night that we sparred, when you pushed me into the explosion, I tried painfully to withdrawal my hand and lower arm from a washing machine cord, but it was too tightly stuck to remove, so I cut it off up to the area, in which a fifth of my inprelit skin remained".

"Then I sliced off my other arm, to relieve the impending, distracting pain, like that of a miniature beetle, with one of it's compadded, tiny, multicelled and multinerved legs cut off".

"I bled and felt, like that beetle, especially when the heat from the explosion penetrated and allucated my newlyopened and wounded arms".

"Soon I escaped alive, surprisingly, and with two patches of arm the reflections of sticks, when I found Flame, he gave me a transplant and the old patches over time became, hard and callus bone".

"Afterwhich, I became the real thing I denoted half of myself as, provided I was already cloaked".

"Guilo, I still regret what I did that night, but you left me no choice, but to inebitely do that".

"What you did tore me into peaces, there is no thing in this world, that is even close to resembling what I am today!".

"What I am today is not even a freak, not a tabloid new story, not a satire image in a fake act of grandness, not even a mutant or a zombie clan would ever intake my sarifying hide!".

"All because of you!".

"Because of you, I am freakier then the freaks and goons that are of life and fiction today, for that I will say you deserve pain, and a slow, painful death".

"Just like the two I underwent, so that being said, it appears you owe me".

"Who knows, maybe you'll look like a water droplet, by the end of this revelation of transcendence".

Gallantly we then continued the fight, as if an endless battle between two great swordsmen, masters of skill and speed.

Unfortunately though, I was again left with no choice as the fate of the world was at stake, and it was my humble duty to keep the world eternally safe, for as long as I keep present existence on earth.

At the time, what I did was still evil and villiainous, but under such potently traversed circumstances, it was my only positive, humane option, compared to many others.

I slashed back Mantis, far enough until I could blast him away with a fireball that sent him directly into the columned pillar, where the electricity uplifted his additional bone in his right arm just enough, to displace it and pierce his heart.

With Mantis now truly, officially dead, I rushed up the stair pathway to confront Flame, in one showdown, hoping to end everything, then and there.

I was halted however by Susan and Ray, who managed to mimic my speed, in rushing up the platformitory stairs to the overacting climax.

"You aren't going to leave us behind Rodlin", Susan said.

"Wheather you know it or not, you need our help against Geoff".

"No, Susan it is way too dangerous for you or Ray to be here".

"You should evacuate this building and leave immediately".

"What about you Rodlin?, you could die this time".

"It's unimportant, even if I die, I do want you to hear this, I am the statue of vigilance, the hand of justice, and the the weighty book of the law".

"And with that, I must tell you that I must go alone this time, for if death occurs to me, you and Ray will be perhaps this world's only hope".

"Goodbye Susan, I love you".

I moved in quickly to kiss her, before we would part fates for an almost certified eternity of separation.

"I love you to, Rodlin Centari!".

The run was the hardest to make, the swift drast of my responsibilities though, made the jousting thrust the scaffold of destiny much easier.

"Geoff, it ends here and now!".

"If you don't surrender to me now, I will have no exterealive choice but to use force".

"Then use force, O calic Rodlin Centari, use you paradoxic effects to finally destroy me".

"It should be disregarded though, that you shall ever be considered a hero, even by those of whom you protect and support".

"In my eyes you are the black knight, and your true evil shows right through you, the evil of your delusional soul echoes itself in the distance".

"Soon you will find yourself immersed in more heat then you can ever imagine, in fact the polaris beam is almost done charging now".

"Can you sense it Firerain, the impending doom, you being referred to the equivalent of severely overcooked bacon".

"Your death will hopefully be the first in a long excrutiating path to salvation and restoration of this thing called earth".

"Your absolutely right Flame, there will be restoration and salvation, but only after you have fallen from your dominant grasp of this world, and have faced the truth".

I smashed him with a fireball and the true match above all else had begun.

We fought severely dangerously, fireballs and waves and waves of fire and heat, coarsely burning waste to the environment around us.

"T-Minus, 3 seconds until completion".

Flame sent me back, with a blast of fire and injected his hand into the power generator.

As soon as I got up, I spotted a monster, the fire burning his eyes to berith stone, the body charred and corruptly crusted, he was transforming into a giant of all nominations, with the configuration to prove it.

"After I'm finished with you Rodlin, then it's curtains to this world".

"For here today, I have the power of the sun, I have the intensity of the sun, and with all due respects, I am the sun".

"Your so right Geoff, you are the sun, you are the sun!".

Outrageously spoken I blasted Geoff with so much anger and fire to burn him to ash.

At the rate I was going I could melt steel at five thousand paces, and despite Geoff's gallant and close attempts to halt my progress, the roaring waves of pure heat and energy were dissolving everything, the windows, the generator, Mantis' body, and myself especially.

The energy eventually complexed itself and then in containment in a domed catasphere made a bubble and then exploded.

The explosion roaring through and bringing explosions of heat, fire and energy to everything.

And then darkness, the heat burned so hard that half of the Amazon was destroyed, and at that moment I was presumed dead.