I stared down at him. He was sleeping quietly. I wanted to tell him what I felt about him. We'd been together for a year now. I really like him. People say that 15 is too young to really have a relationship, that is defiantly not true. What me and Lex have is special.

I grabbed a note pad and wrote down my thoughts. I loved the way I could stay awake watching him. How he made me feel like a little kid again. He was bubbly and happy and made me feel alive.

There was so much to write about the way care for him. It was the best feeling writing. I loved it all.


Then my parents told me. We were leaving. That I couldn't be with him. That I had to leave. I felt so sad about it. Then it got worse…


I walked slowly up to him keeping my eyes dry so he wouldn't see the held back tears. It was killing me. I walked a bit faster though it still felt like it was taking forever just to walk up to him. I stopped right in front of him and laid my hands on his chest and stared up into his eyes. He a few inches taller than me.

"L-Lex. " I took a deep, calming breath. " there's something I need to tell you. M-my parents… they're moving and, and I have to go with them. I don't want to move." I stared frantically into his eyes. He was staring calmly into my eyes.

"Maybe, it's not that much of a bad thing." I gasped, how could he mean that. " I mean being with you has been fun and… great but maybe we need to have a change and not stay in touch." He said calmly. I gapped at him and my arms fell limply to my sides. I took a slow step back and blinked a warn tear fell down my face. I felt my vision blur and the sting of salt in my eyes. I blinked a couple more times and more warm yet numbingly cold tears fell down my face, one stray tear catching onto my nose.

I turned quickly disgusted tat I had shown so many tears. I walked briskly away and back to my house \, now stacked with boxes.

It's a good thing…has been fun… we need to have a change… and NOT stay in touch.

The words spun around my head cutting me deeply. Opening my heart and bleeding out love. The weakness I had felt for him now burning me. I felt my jaw shiver from the sobs I was trying to keep silent.

This would not be the end. I couldn't be so dumb as to let this be the end. I was ruining myself by sobbing so much over two sentences.

I would finish this…

Me, Sam, would finish this.


I carefully trailed the blue-green pencil over my water-line, so close to my eyes. Then I moved back and inspected it. The ocean colour looked deep and enchanting around my grey blue eyes. I swished my head back and forth a couple of times, still not used to the dark-blonde colour that it now was. I used to have dark brown hair that was often called black when it wasn't in the sunlight. I looked so much different. I dressed in a purple singlet with a black vest over the top and black, tight, skinny jeans. Then added my black and purple swirl converses to the look. I checked myself in the mirror. I looked so much different now. The cheeks that had looked flat and weird now had distinct high cheek-bones. My body was now curvy and thin. I didn't look plain anymore.

I grabbed my black shoulder bag and ran outside. I was back in my old town, after two and a half years. I was seventeen and looking better than ever. My parents had split and I had gone to live with my auntie. Does it sound like a sob story? It's not. I wanted to go to my aunties. Now I get to go to my old school and show off how much better I was now. Not that they will know who I am until I graduate.

I had changed my name to Isabel so that I would slip in without any one knowing. I was also going to tease my ex, Alex. He didn't are for me but he will know why that was dumb. I'm worth more now.

I jumped into my new black convertible. It was gift from my dad. He was a lawyer, that's why we had to move in the first place. He has a very high-paying job now and decided as I was seventeen and not going to be around that he would get me an awesome car. I didn't complain.

The drive to school was a short one, especially in my very fast car. It was painfully familiar but I didn't let it get to me. I just kept driving. As I entered the parking lot I quickly parked. Then I grabbed my bag, took a deep breath and stepped out of the car model-like, looking brilliant.

Everyone in the parking lot had turned to look at me as my car sped into its spot. So everyone stared at my mesmerised as I stepped out of the car and walked gracefully towards the office as if I'd done it a thousand times, which I had but they didn't know that.

I entered the office and walked up to the lady Mrs. Walker. Mrs. Walker was one of my favourite school-staff ever. She hated the preppy act that some girls pulled at her to get late-slips and stuff. She had loved my brutal honesty and straight foreword no-crap towards her.

I smiled. "Hello, I'm a new student. Isabel Harper?" I said. I hadn't changed my last name as I had to be eighteen to do that.

"I see." She looked at the computer. " Ah here we are. here is your schedule." She passed me a slip of paper. "Is there anything else that you wanted?"

"Well as much as I'd bet your hoping for the preppy 'Oh My God, I'm so excited' speech, I'm really not. In fact it's still school and still just the way to waste my time. So have nice day and thanks for the time-table." I said. she nodded approvingly a my little speech.

"Yes and here is a map of the school so that you can find your way around. Also by any chance are you related to Samantha Harper?"

"You could say that and no thanks I don't thin I'll have any problems finding classes." I winked and walked out the room.

I looked at my schedule, I had Ms Barwick in maths first. Oh kill me now. She was the biggest bitch of a teacher. In fact a few years back she actually called me a bitch. That improved the mood of the field trip.

I walked slowly towards the class room knowing that a lot of people were staring at me. A guy with gelled, spiky hair walked up to me, he looked annoyingly familiar. Like a bug I wanted to squish.

"Hay, I'm Monolie. Since your new would you like me to show you to your next class?" Urgh! He was the bug I had wanted to squish since I was twelve. I suppressed a grimace and kept my face un-readable.

"No I'll be fine." And kept walking. He just stood there in shock as I kept walking. As I walked I saw different groups and recognised a few of them. I still hadn't seen Alex and I was actually relieved about it. Then I saw it.

The guys. The guys. As in the 'it' guys of the school. They all looked unbelievably hot and were standing around nonchalantly. Half of them were actually eyeing me. Muttering to each other about who would ask me out first thinking I couldn't see them. I decided to go the long way to the maths room just so I could go past the group and tease them a bit, maybe even reject a few.

I walked towards them and they started muttering franticly still being dumb enough to think that I couldn't see them. As I got about a meter away from them they stopped muttering and all went quiet expecting me to walk over to them and talk to them. I just kept walking past them. They all seemed to stay shocked for a second before muttering a bit more.

"hay dude, You should get her. She looks hot man. Chat her up." I I glanced slideways slightly from the corner of my eyes to see a God. Ok maybe God was I bit much but he was so hot. He had black bangs that fell into his eyes a bit and crystal blue eyes. He was buff but not freakishly so. I knew immediately he was the guy I had been thinking about for the last two and a half years.

Then the guy who had been talking to him shoved him towards me. He caught himself at around half a foot away from me. I turned my head towards him faking bored confusion. I looked at him stared him up and down raised my left eye-brow a bit, but didn't stop walking. He took a few steps and was right next to me.

"Is there a reason that your walking next to me?" I said in a way that was annoyed but now bitchy. He seemed shocked at first.

"Sorry, I'm Alex Mason or Lex as some people call me." I nodded my head.

"Isabel." I muttered. He nodded.

"Nice, I shall christen you Izzy." He said jokingly. I twitched my lip a bit but went on. He stopped outside a locker. "well see you at lunch." He said. I gave half-committal shrug and went into my maths classroom.

How could I resist him?


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