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I walked into the cafeteria and looked around. The tables were pretty much the same as when I was a freshman. There were a lot of people that I hadn't seen before but they were younger. Suddenly a kind girl who looked to be a year younger than me walked up to me smiling.

"Hi, I'm Sarah. It's nice to meet you, since your new and all I was wondering if you would like to sit with me and my friends?" I smiled. It was Sarah. She was my best friend from years back. She was the kindest person ever. She never left anyone out in a room.

"Sure, it's really nice to meet you Sarah." She beamed at my reply and lead me back to a table. I looked at the people at the table and with a pang I realized it was my old table. Most of the same people from my freshman year. I smiled and sat down in my old seat. Everyone had smiled at me as I approached. When I sat in my old seat they all shared a glance. Was there something about that seat I didn't know?

"Hay, guys this is Isabel." They all nodded.

"I'm Tash." One of the girls said nicely. She had brown hair and full lips. I remembered her. She was pretty cool.

"And I'm Mady" a bleach-blonde girl with a kind face said. I only knew her vaguely.

"Jessica" the Asian, posh, secretly fun girl said.

"Nice to meet you all." I said. Well at least I don't have to worry about becoming friends with the wrong group. These were the best friends I had ever had.

"I think your in the wrong seat." A voice said politely from behind me.

"Come on. I still think of her too but it was 2 years ago." Sarah said. I turned and saw that Lex had been the one to say that.

"What? Is this your seat?" I asked him.

"No it's someone else's." He said.

"Who?" I said looking around a bit. Trying to see anyone coming towards this table.

":She's not here." He said.

"Oh I'm sure she won't mind if I sit here until she comes back." I said not getting the mumbo jumbo that they were saying.

"She's not coming back. She is gone for good." Sarah said. I looked at her and seemed to realize it.

"Ooh. Did she die?" I asked quietly.

"She's missing, has been for a while." Sarah answered.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I can move. It's alright." I said rising.

"NO don't. You can sit there. It doesn't matter." Sarah said.

"But-"Lex started.

"She meant more than a lunch seat to us. Sit down. He just isn't over it. He dated her." She said. I felt my face pale. So who-ever 'she' was Lex had dated her. Brilliant. Fricken Brilliant. How am I supposed to make him fall for me if he still likes someone else who isn't even here? Hmph. I just have to think of another way to approach this.

The topic changed onto shopping as Mady declared that we had to go shopping as I was new here.

"Yes! I need to but new converses." Tash declared.

"You just got them a few days ago Tash." Sarah said.

"Yes, but I need another pair. Anyway I have a job I Can afford these things." She said defencivly. I smiled at how little they had changed.

"Let her buy them. I mean if she had a million pair at least you can borrow them and mix an match them." I said. They all turned to look at me with wide eyes. Oh shit. I just repeated word-for-word what I used to say to them in these fights, out of instinct.

"What the hell?" Lex said staring at me from the seat next to me.

"What?" I asked trying to play it off as nothing.

"You just said…Oh doesn't matter." Jessica said.

Then luckily the bell rang and I stood up to go to class. I checked my schedule. I had double science before the end of the day.

"Oh shit that sucks." I said glancing down at it. I turned towards the science classroom and hurried to get there. I remembered the science teachers always hating late students.

I stopped in front of science classroom 3 and hurried inside. It was a very boring classroom painted in white and blue. It was pretty empty so I sat at the back of the classroom. I pulled out my notebook and started drawing little cartoons at the back of it.

Someone's hands leaned on the my desk. I looked up and saw Manolie. God, can't he take a hint.

"Hay Isabella." He said in what he thought was a seductive voice. Gag.

"Hi." I said looking back to my book.

Then someone coughed from behind him. He instantly paled and turned around, blocking my view.

"Your not harassing the new student are you?" a very familiar voice said.

"Nah man, not at all. I got to go." Manolie said before hurrying to a desk across the room.

Then Lex sat down next to me (it was him who scared Manolie, if you haven't realized.)

"Is this seat taken?" he asked after already sitting down. That's just slightly thick.


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