Let Freedom Ring

let freedom ring

through the land of oppression

let freedom ring

a song that you sing

acceptance of your self fulfilling destiny

let freedom ring

but you'll never be free, that's the thing

until you're willing

to lose your legs for wings

let freedom ring

but freedom isn't a right

you have to fight

for what you believe

there's gotta be something to fight for

for the young and the old

the rich and the poor

So whats your choice?

stay trapped in a cage of your own self doubt

or have a voice

and let it ring

it's time to fly, it's time to sing

let freedom ring

but only if you have the strength

to hope to dream, to fight for something more

what is it for?

and I'll give you the key

so unlock the door

to your cage,

and it's time to let go

of the safety of ignorance

and take your place

in the ranks of our army

let them see your face

and know that you're not willing to stand by

and let them take your rights away

let freedom ring

how far are you willing to go?

to build a better world

the fight is its own reward

the flag stands tall

don't let it fall

America is waiting

so don't let her down

and let