It was Truth-or-Dare Thursday for my friends. Every Thursday, we would spend the day asking the never-boring question truth-or-dare to get hyped for Friday. And, at the end of the day, we would "crown" a Truth-or-Dare Princess, who would get to wear the princess crown we bought once upon a time ago in Disney World. I was the reigning princess, and I was determined not only to win, but to get my dare-hating boyfriend Logan to join in the fun and stop choosing truth.

It was already nearing the end of the day, and although I had nearly completed the first half of what I wanted (I had found out who my guy friend Kyle liked, dared Leia to flirt with our hott 21-year-old substitute math teacher, dared Meghanna to sit on Kyle's lap and do anything and everything she could do make him uncomfortable, and many more dares for my friends…) but I had yet to convince Logan to choose dare. Every single time he had chosen truth, and I already knew almost everything about him. But I was still determined to get him to choose dare.

We both had free period for our last period (7th) and so we would often meet outside by our favorite of the school's young oak trees to discuss plans for the night or parties we were supposed to go to, or just sit and talk. I could see him waiting for me under our tree, just sitting on the wooden bench underneath the tree, reading a book that was a favorite of both of us, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

I walked towards Logan, trying to figure out something to say. I'd already tried countless lines today, all the way from "Hey sexy. I dare you to choose dare" to "Logan, you know I love you don't you? So why won't you let me dare you something?" Ah ha! I had come up with the perfect way. I walked up to Logan, and embraced him in a hug, a way of greeting that was not uncommon for us. Then I sat down opposite of him on the bench.

"Hey, Logan. Truth or Dare?" I asked, determined to make him choose dare.

"Carissa, I told you, I'm not going to choose dare. Ever. And nothing you can say or do will make me say 'dare'," he explained. I looked up at my boy friend, giving him a slight puppy dog pout that I knew he couldn't resist.

"That doesn't work on me. You know I'm immune to your…fine. Dare." I smiled, content that I had finally gotten my wish.

"I dare you…not to kiss me…no matter what I do…until school's over…" I whispered, taking him by surprise. His mouth opened in shock, and I just continued to look at him.

"Carissa, darling, that's not going to be a problem…" he trailed off. I scooted closer to him laying my hand on the upper thigh of his jeans. He looked at me, wondering what I was doing. I learned towards him and kissed his cheek, knowing that it would drive him wild, not being able to kiss back. Then, I moved over to his lips, first just grazing them, and then moving against them passionately, giving a light lick every once in a while to make him suffer. Thinking that he had suffered almost enough, I broke away. Smiling seductively, I stood up, waved goodbye, and started to walk towards one of my girl friends with my hands in the back pockets of jeans, slightly swaying to the breeze.

"Damn it…" he muttered, and I knew I had won. I heard him stand up and run after me, before he turned me around and gave me a forceful and bruising kiss on the lips. His lips covered mine, and pretty soon he was making me suffer the same way I had made him. I moaned into his lips and could feel myself starting to fall into him, but he caught me and held me close against his body. When we finally came up for air, I started laughing. He looked at me, startled, wondering why in the world I was laughing. I smiled up at him and kissed him lightly on the mouth before saying, "Stupid boy…the school's end-of-the-day bell is going to ring in about five seconds, and now you have to complete another dare since you couldn't complete your other one."


Um...yeah...I ate a LOT of fudge today...ANYWAYS! This was inspired by .com because I was randomly looking at truth or dare stuff on there...yeah, don't ask...and I found this one called "How to play truth or dare with your boyfriend"...and so I wrote a short one-shot! I'm not quite sure how many words. But I think around 740-ish. That sounds right. Anywhoo. Leave a review. Or just read it, if you must. I'll love you platonically either way :D

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