I remember the first time I met Lucian Granger. I was eight at the time, and he was ten. He sat alone on a park bench staring at the ducks in the pond while my friends stared at him. I listened half-heartedly to their mindless chatter while picking at the long grass. I was bored out of my mind so I, being my eight year old self suggested a game of Truth or Dare. The girls readily agreed and as these things often go, I regretted my suggestion the instant they issued my dare. What was it? Oh, only to walk over and kiss the boy on the mouth for a full five seconds. Hey, to a girl who had just realized that not all boys had boy germs, it seemed like eternity at the time okay? Never one to back down from a dare, I agreed reluctantly. I peeked at the tall man in black standing a couple of metres from us. He seemed to be dozing off. I grinned. I stood and brush off my clothes.

"Hi." I said to the boy as I sat down next to him.

He glanced at me wearily but didn't return my greeting. I frowned, "Hey. You. I said, hi."

"What do you wa-" I cut him off by placing my lips on his, squeezing my eyes shut as I counted to five in my head. The poor boy was still frozen when I pulled back. I poked him in the rib and he shook out of his daze.

He stared at me, grey eyes wide, lips trembling, "You stole my first kiss!"

I grinned at him cheerily, "Yep! And now you have cooties." His jaw dropped and he immediately started spitting. I cackled evilly but stopped mid cackle when he glared at me.

"You're so lucky I don't hit girls..." He said.

I ruffled at his comment, "Are you calling me weak? 'Cuz I can take you!"

He scoffed, "Yeah right. You'll probably start crying if I did this... BOO!" The last part was shouted in my face. Too bad it woke my bodyguard who was there in an instant.

"Miss Lucas! Are you okay? Did this hooligan do anything to you?" Rick, the man in black previously mentioned, fretted. I nodded. He turned to Lucian, "You little mongrel. If you harmed Miss Lucas in any way..." He trailed off, making it known that the consequence would be a nice one.

The next thing that Lucian did made me thank God that I didn't actually try to take him. He jumped up and kicked poor Rick in the groin and punched him in the face. Rick doubled over for a few seconds. It was then that I gained some respect for Lucian. Rick was by no means a small guy. He was tall and broad; kinda like a brick wall. Lucian was a stick in comparison. Yet he tried, and I had to give him that. But Rick wasn't my bodyguard for nothing. He quickly recovered and grabbed Lucian by the collar.

"Where are you parents, boy?" Rick demanded gruffly.

Lucian spat at Rick. Rick just shook him harder and asked again. Lucian bared his teeth but answered, "Dead."

Rick's whole posture relaxed a little in sympathy, "Where are you staying?"


Rick looked shocked. Heck, even I looked shocked. I looked around the area and spotted a medium sized duffle bag under the bench and a battered sleeping bag next to it.

A wave of pity washed over me and I asked Rick the only thing I could think of to help Lucian, "Rick, can we take him to see daddy?" Daddy could fix anything.

Rick may look like a big tough guy on the outside, but inside he was really a softie, as was my next bodyguard. He agreed, so after a quick goodbye to my friends and ignoring their protests, we were off.

Well it turned out to be a wonderful coincidence. Daddy had actually been looking for Lucian anyway. Lucian's parents were close friends of daddy's and specified in their will that Lucian would be looked after by daddy in a situation where they couldn't. So Lucian became part of our family, daddy's right hand man and my new personal bodyguard, thanks to his numerous martial art skills.

So here we are now, eleven years later and Lucian is still my bodyguard and still daddy's right hand man, not that he actually needed to work for us. His parents were pretty damn rich themselves and left him a hefty inheritance which he received three years ago when he turned eighteen. I don't even know why he still puts up with my shit.


"LULU!" I screamed through the small opening I made with the bathroom door. I grinned as I heard Lucian thundering up the stairs and crash into my room.

"Cadence? Cadence! What's wrong?"

I giggled at his appearance, his dark hair was still wet from his shower, making it look black, and his shirt was thrown on backwards.

"Lulu!" I walked out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, "I don't know what to wear. You know I always end up dressing inappropriately for these events. I don't even know why you and daddy insist I go!" I sighed dramatically, threw my arm over my eyes and flopped onto my king sized canopy bed.

Lucian wasn't saying anything. I peeked from under my arm to see him standing at the foot of my bed glaring at me.

"Lulu?" I smiled tentatively.

Lucian gritted his teeth, "You called- no, screamed- for me just because you can't decide what to wear?" Lucian stomped over to my walk in robe and started flicking through my clothes, "And for the last time, will you stop calling me Lulu," He spat the name out, "It's so bloody emasculating. Don't even get me started on the fact that I'm choosing your dress for you!"

He grabbed a white cocktail dress from the hanger and threw it to me. He glanced at me, and I guess my face must have been slightly put off or maybe I was pouting or something. Who knows? I have no control over my facial feature. Psh. Anyway, he immediately came to me and knelt in front of me, holding my face between his warm palms.

"Aw Caddy, come on, don't cry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it..." He wiped a tear away with his thumb as he gazed earnestly at me through his amber eyes. I didn't even know I was crying. "You can call me Lulu?" he tried.

I sniffled and choked on a laugh, "I'm sorry. It's just that daddy always tells me off for wearing the wrong things to all the corporate events and stuff, and you're the only one who will tell me what's good and what's not." I chuckled as he wiped away another tear. "I can't believe I'm crying. Must be the PMS."

Lucian instantly recoiled, "Cadence! I didn't need to know that."

I brightened at the aspect of teasing him, "It's just my period Lulu. It comes every month. You'd think you'd have gotten used to it by now." I enjoyed watching the flickers of repulsion that flittered across his face. I continued innocently, "And I thought a big manly man like you would be able to handle the thought of blood." I shook my head, pretending to be disappointed in him.

He shuddered, "I'm leaving now, seeing how your appreciation of what I do for you really sucks." He feigned hurt, but stuck his tongue out at me as he left my room.

I grinned at his antics but a glance at the clock made me gasp and rush to the bathroom. I only had forty five minutes before we had to leave and my body and hair were still in towels!


Exactly forty minutes later, there was a knock on my door. I rolled my eyes. Trust Lucian to be on time.

"Cadence? You better be ready in five minutes!"

I sighed as I reached fruitlessly for the zip on the back of the dress, "I will be if you get your ass in here and help me." Or at least that's what I meant to say, only it came out muffled because of the numerous bobby pins I had between my teeth as I gave up on the dress and tried pinning my hair up.


I sighed again and spat the pins out, "Get your ass in here."

The door opened and I saw Lucian walk in, in the reflection of the mirror, but he immediately spun around when he saw me.

"Christ Cadence. Put your clothes on. I know I've known you since forever and that it's just you but I am still a guy and you are still a girl!"

I looked down at myself and winced when I only saw my bra and undies on my otherwise naked body. I had dropped my dress when I moved to do my hair. It lay pooled around my feet. I quickly pulled it up.

"My bad. You can turn around now. Help me zip up please?"

Lucian slowly turned around and finding me semi clothed walked over to do my bidding.

"I really don't understand why girls take so long to get ready..."

I tuned his lecture out and watched him in the mirror as he zipped up my dress and watched blankly as he started to pull the pins out of my hair. I blinked, and blinked again before I stood quickly, wrenching my hair from his grasp, and wrenching my hair out at the same time... but you know, small matters...

"What are you doing?! I spent ages on that!" I stared at the result of his work. My long blonde hair was completely out with pins hanging off it.

He ignored my outburst and continued to pull the remaining pins off the curls.

"You look better with your hair out." He said simply.

I scoffed but decided to listen to him. By the time we were finished, we were already ten minutes behind schedule which got the organised freak grumbling. I ignored him and smiled at the other members of the security team that were waiting patiently outside my room.

Lucian mumbled something and stalked off to the limo waiting outside. I rolled my eyes at his childishness. I really don't get his phobia of lateness. God, hadn't he heard of being fashionably late? I followed after him at a slower pace.


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