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Perfect strangers- By INXS

As I slowly started to wake up, I felt a pain in at the back of my head. I sighed and gingerly pulled my hand up to touch the spot, I winced as the pain shot through me.

I lay my cheek back down on to the pillow, wondering how on earth I had gotten a bump like that on the back of my head. That's when it hit me, what I had done last night. I rolled over to my side just to check, but when I felt the other person there I knew for a hundred per cent why?

"Shit!" was the first thing that came out of my mouth.

I will tell the truth, this wasn't the first time that something like this had happened. And I'll be honest and say was ashamed of my behaviour, especially with how much I resented my mother for doing it, and how righteous I always acted toward Haley. I had done my fair share of sleeping around.

It wasn't something I told people, most people wouldn't believe me if I did.

This particular morning however, it really wasn't a good thing. I had sworn to myself that I wouldn't do anything of the sort that I was better than that, but things had been really stressful and that bottle of tequila had just seemed so tempting. It was funny, for someone who never used to drink at all I really had gone strong with it last night.

That was how I ended up in bed with some random guy beside me.

It wasn't like it was bad or anything, I mean actually it had been pretty good. What the point was, was that I really shouldn't have, whenever I did I felt guilty and rather dirty but for some reason I just went ahead and did it again.

I suppose this was all part of the road to finding myself- that sounded like a load of bullshit didn't it- well, I had found out some stuff about myself, but that really wasn't emotional stuff; but we don't need to get into that.

Pulling the blankets up around the top of my body, I sat up; at least I wasn't in my apartment. I hated having to kick people out really early in the morning, it always made me feel really bad. Running away in the morning however, was a completely different thing altogether.

I pulled the blanket with me as I got up, mindful not to wake the sleeping guy next to me.

Looking over him, I realised just how drunk I must have been; blondes were really not my type, no matter how cute is bum was.

Shaking my head away from that, I began looking around the room for my clothes. Then realised that they weren't just in the room, they were all over the apartment. It wasn't until I really tried to think about it that I remembered how that had been accomplished. It was also how I had gotten the bump on my head.

Coming back to his apartment last night, we had been barely able to keep our hands off of each other. He had practically torn my shirt of as soon as we stepped through the door, and then he had proceeded to push me up against the wall. I had been drunk so when I went to put my head back while he kissed my neck, I had whacked my head on the wall. The pain hadn't really registered at the time. But something told me I would regret that later, because it was starting to sting like a bitch.

After finally finding all my undergarments, and my pants; which I think might be a good idea to have when making the way home. I finally took one last look into the bedroom to make sure the guy was still asleep.

I placed the blanket back on his bed, and then crept slowly towards the front door, only putting on my shoes once I was safely outside.

It was easier for me to sneak out, I mean that way there was more of a chance for me to not be recognised. I really wasn't proud of my behaviour, and wouldn't do me any good to get a reputation.

Once on the street I quickly ran a hand through my hair while pulling out my phone to call for a taxi, I swear every taxi driver in town must know me by now; how sad is that.

It took only about five minutes for a Taxi to pull up, looking for Summer Hastings. I smiled before getting in, and then once I was in the Taxi driver took off like he was a speed racer. I just closed my eyes and tried not to think about the effect it had on my stomach.

I didn't usually get hangovers, I was incredibly lucky that way; but right about now I was regretting all that tequila. I suppose there had to be one drink that would be my downfall; it just had to be today that I found it.

It was not exactly good timing; I was meeting my sister today. Who if can believe was introducing me to her fiancé; it had been a shock to me too. My sister had met him about a year ago, and well I guess they hit it off because a year later they are getting hitched.

I was incredibly happy for my sister, I had always felt she deserved better then what she got, she just never seemed to meet the right men. Well, not usually. She had met one guy who was genuinely decent, but I had fucked that one up.

His name was Brendon, and he was the most gorgeous thing that I had ever seen in my life. He had been everything a girl could want and so much more, that dark hair and eyes, I mean it was hard to explain but you just looked at him and felt an urge to jump him. I am more than sure I wasn't the only girl who felt this way, not with the envious looks that he got whenever walking anywhere. However, I was probably one of the only girls who got to jump him, ok so it was a lot more than just that.

We hadn't been able to control ourselves whenever we were in the same room,

That was probably the most defining moment of my life, it had changed me completely. I had always believed myself to be a good person, but after that I realised that maybe I didn't know myself that well.

Obviously it didn't end well, I had told Haley, who had eventually forgiven me. Most people don't understand that, but it was just the relationship we had. I had also told my boyfriends at the time, who hadn't taken it nearly as well; to put it simply I had broken his heart.

After all that I realised I needed to find myself, which led me to where I am now. Three years later, and not nearly as much of a good girl.

It was rather ironic then that my sister was the one who settled down, the one who found herself and realised she didn't need anything more than to be herself. Don't get me wrong, she was still out going and slightly ditzy, but she was no longer going from guy to guy.

She was the reason I had told myself to stop, for lack of a better word, sleeping around.

I hated disappointing her, especially after all we had gone through together, and after all she had done for me over the last few years. I guess I had changed too much in last few years to be the same girl I once was, and that actually hurt to think.

I eventually felt the taxi pull to stop, and stared up out at my apartment building.

Paying the taxi driver, I stepped out onto the concrete pavement, trying to ignore the growing nausea growing in the pit of my stomach.

That's when I felt it, the feeling was creeping up my throat and I knew I really needed to vomit. At that I practically ran up the stairs, my thigh muscles aching from the effort, but that wasn't important in the least; I needed to reach that bathroom.

Once reaching my door, I unlocked it faster than I actually thought was possible.

This didn't even concern me though as I ran toward the bathroom. Once there I emptied the entire contents of my stomach, and then some. Then just when I thought there couldn't possibly be anything else, I leant back over the toilet and retched again.

The pain in chest and throat form throwing up wasn't nearly as bad as the feeling in my head; I couldn't do anything but rest my head against the wall and hope the feeling would pass.

It did eventually, and I stood up onto shaky legs.

This was definitely the way I liked to start my mornings, especially when I knew I couldn't just lie down in bed and sleep all day. I had lots of stuff I had to do today, the most important being lunch with Haley.

I groaned at this last thought, I didn't want Haley to see me like this. She didn't need to know that her baby sister was an idiot and had drunk a whole bottle of tequila the night before and then screwed the first guy who came up to her. Alcohol had never been a friend of mine, even without the hangovers, it made me do stupid things.

Walking into my bedroom, I pulled my shirt up and over my head, ignoring the stinging at the back of my head as the shirt hit it. I then proceeded to pull of my skinny leg jeans, before headed toward my cupboard for a towel. Maybe spending a little time in the bath would help me feel better.

I filled the tub so that it was almost to the top, and then stepped in, sinking myself well below the water before crawling back up and closing my eyes.

It wasn't until I heard the phone ringing that I realised I had fallen asleep. I grabbed my fluffy white towel and then headed towards my bedroom to get the phone. I grabbed the cordless and brought it to my ear.

"Hello?" I said into the receiver.

"Hey Summer." I heard a rather chirpy voice say on the other end.

I sat down on the edge of my bed and smiled. "Hey Haley" I said back.

"Are you still fine for lunch today?" she asked.

"Yeah sure." I replied "Why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't know." Haley said laughing. "Maybe you got laid last night and didn't want your sister around."

I laughed rather forcefully, she had kind of been right, even if she was only joking.

"So you're definitely still up for it?" she asked again.

"Yes." I replied. "I haven't seen you in the longest time, and besides I'm excited at the thought of meeting the guy who has my sister finally settled."

I could hear Haley's smile through the phone. "He's really a great guy." She said. "I've never met anyone like him, no guy has ever affected me the way he does and it's not even because he's hot."

"Well I'm really glad." I said, swapping the phone over to my other ear. "It's about time you found someone who deserves you."

"Thanks Summer." Haley said back. "That means a lot to me."

"I think we're having one of those moments." I said smiling.

"Wouldn't want that." Haley said, voice laced with amusement. "So anyway, I guess I'll see you later. Love you Summer."

"Love you too." I replied before hanging up.

I sighed after I had, and then walked into the kitchen to get some panadol out of the cupboard. My head was still aching, from both the tequila and the bump on the back of my head.

Just knowing I had taken the panadol made me feel better, it was assurance that the pain would be a lot more bearable once it started to kick in. Once done I made my way back to my bedroom, and over to my cupboard to get dressed; I don't think my sister would appreciate me turning up to lunch in a towel.

Not to mention it would make a very good impression on her Fiancé; especially if he had already met our mother. He might start to think out family was completely screwed, and then run for the hills. Though I wouldn't blame him if he did, our family was definitely not cookie cutter in anyway.

Pushing thoughts out of my head of my family; and my parents, who I only ever talked to on holidays, I turned toward my clothes.

I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to wear for this kind of thing. I mean when I used to meet Haley's boyfriends, I hadn't really cared what they thought because they were mostly jerks. Now I was different and the relationship was different. I knew that Haley was already serious about this guy; after all they were getting married after all.

I decided that I would just go simple, maybe something flowy.

Grabbing the first flowy skirt that I saw, I pulled it on then teamed it with a plain blue singlet. Then looking at myself I just figured that it would have to do, I wasn't in the mood to put too much thought into this; I don't think I need to mention the tequila again.

I looked at my clock, and notice that it was only like nine thirty in the morning, not exactly late enough to even be thinking about lunch yet. I suppose I had forgotten how early I had gotten up in the morning to come from...? Well from the blonde guys house.

Groaning I realised that there was just another nameless man, I had to think about, and hope that I never saw again. When I say it like that I kind of sound like a slut, which is giving you the wrong impression. I'm not a slut, when I say there is a few guys, I don't mean like every weekend a new guy, it's just a lot more than I ever thought I would have.

Then again it's not exactly like I'm joining a bible group and baking cookies on the weekend, not that I ever did that. I was just slightly more physical then I was before; and now it feels like I'm trying to convince myself.

Jumping down on my bed, I let my head rest onto my pillows breathing in the clean smell that came from them. It was extremely relaxing, and calming. This was why I felt myself drift of just slightly, which I think I really needed if I was going to make it through the day in one piece.

Three hours later was when I woke up.

My head wasn't nearly as sore as what it had been, and I was more than grateful for that, though I'm sure that bump wouldn't be going anywhere any time soon.

Not to self: I was never going to drink tequila ever again.

Now that was probably a lie, the next time I got stressed and went out I would probably end up more than happy to poor a bottle of it down my throat. Though maybe next time I could try some vodka instead, as far as I knew that one didn't give me a headache; though it had been a long time since I drank it, so I couldn't' really be sure.

I pulled myself up and looked toward the clock, the current time was twelve thirty, which meant that I should definitely get up and get my lazy butt moving.

It would take at least half an hour to get to where I needed to go to meet Haley and her fiancé. She probably wouldn't be too happy if I was late, not that she would get angry, but she just wouldn't be happy.

Checking myself over in the mirror once more I headed toward the front door, grabbing my pure as I passed the table beside it. I skipped down the stairs, feeling much better then what I had in the morning.

I was thanking my lucky stars that I no longer had the urge to puke guts out, and that my head had almost completely cleared up. It had been some recovery, considering just how terrible I had felt only a few hours ago.

There was a bus stop just down the end of my street, and almost ran the whole way toward it so that I didn't miss the bus.

It was really convenient having it there, considering this bus took straight to where I was meeting Haley, which was actually a restaurant I frequented quite regularly with my friends. I guess we could be considered regulars; we were there at least three to four times a week.

It just had a really nice feel to it. It was relaxed yet also the right kind of place to make you feel full of energy, not to mention everyone who worked there was incredibly friendly, even the owner himself was friendly.

The bus would get there in roughly about fifteen minutes, which meant that I would get there with some time to spare. This made me feel more relaxed, I hated being late for anything; I just couldn't relax unless I knew I would be on time.

Sitting on the bus, wasn't exactly a fun experience. I always got really restless while sitting there; it was like I had butterflies or something, though that was silly. Subconsciously I started to play with the bracelet on my wrist.

It was one that my mother had given me. To say I was surprised when she gave it to me, was a vast understatement. It was the first time she had made such a gesture towards me, I guess that was why I wore it, like a constant reminder that maybe I wanted more from my mother then what I got.

That was understandable; every girl needs a mother they can rely on, that they can go to for help if they need to. I hadn't had that. In fact I had gotten the opposite and so when she gave me the bracelet, it had hit a chord. I didn't think that I could really forgive her for everything that she had put me through, but there was a little bit of hope, that maybe she could be more of the woman she should have been.

Though my father probably had something to do with that, he had done a lot of things like that since he had come back into our lives. Not that I had forgiven him either, but it meant something that he was trying, and really how long can someone hold a grudge 'Forgiveness is the key to your own happiness'.

Pulling myself out these thoughts, I realised the bus was stopping out the front of the restaurant where I was supposed to get off. I quickly stood up and headed toward the front, thanking the bus driver whose name was Harry, and then got off.

I took a breath and headed into the restaurant, seeing my sister again was definitely something that would make me happier. I hadn't realised until I saw her smiling face, just how much I had missed her.

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