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Oh My God - By Lilly Allen

They say that the first day is always the hardest, and as I walked through the halls of Harrison academy I had the feeling that this statement would turn out to be more then true. It was kind of like I was entering enemy territory and the chances of getting caught were more than likely, not to mention I had only seen a total of three students so far, and they all looked at me like predators acquiring a new prey. I don't feel comfortable being prey, there was lots of pain and well... you've seen the animal shows, nothing good happens to the zebra.

I knew that I was the new kid, and that probably meant they wanted to size me up or what not. But it was still extremely unnerving; to tell the truth these people kind of terrified me, okay people in general terrified me.

I did finally make it down to the office in one piece, which I was extremely grateful for; not that I should really be worried that someone was going to eat me alive... well... I hope not anyway. I don't think that would be a fun experience.

The office had an odd set up which made it feel far from inviting, it looked more like a court room then an area to wait before meeting with the principal or vice principal.

It terrified me.

Well, actually to be truthful it was the stocky prudish looking lady behind the desk that I was really scared of. Not to mention the fact that she was looking at me in the same way that the students had been which sent a wave of anxiety through my system that nearly knocked me off my feet.

I did stay standing, however, if only just and I found this absolutely mesmerising; go me.

"Can I help you?" came the nasal, if not falsely pleasant voice, and I don't know if I was hearing things but there was a slight hint of condescension laced behind her words. I couldn't really understand that, her greying brown hair that was pulled back, was somewhat falling out of place and her eyes colour resembled vomit.

"Umm..." I started, sounding very much like a scared little rabbit and probably resembling one as well, especially with me biting my lip.

"I'm new here...and... well...I...I was supposed to be getting a timetable or something along those lines."

When I finished, she smiled tightly and looked around the desk in front of her, before pulling out a sheet of paper and handing it over to me.

"That has all your classes on it, as well as your roll call number. The Principal and the Vice Principal aren't here, so there is no one else to see and I am unable to call anyone to show you around." She said, not in any way sounding sorry.

I nodded and let out a quiet. "That's ok I'm sure I can find my way."

Once I walked into the hall I realised that there was no chance I could find my way, the school was huge and I didn't understand the classroom system yet. Actually I didn't understand much of anything, it was my first day in this school, but it was also the only school I had gone to in this country. See I was originally from Australia, to be more specific I used to live in the suburb of Parramatta within Sydney. So I guess it went without saying that I was really out of place, I mean I was really far away from my comfort zone and I was the kind of person who didn't adapt well, I was too shy and well shy.

I started walking in what I hoped was the right direction when I realised that the office lady hadn't told whether roll call had finished yet, which meant I had no idea where I was supposed to be.

It was because of this state that I didn't notice the person walking towards me; well not until they ran into me.

"Hey you want to watch were your going?" a voice said, that definitely didn't belong to who I ran into.

For one the voice that spoke was female, and the person I ran into was most definitely male, I don't think girls can get that buff. I looked up and noticed that I was most definitely right, there was a girl with Platinum blonde hair and a hand on her hip, glaring down at me. I was lost for words; I mean I was the kind of girl who apologised when someone did something to me just to get out of confrontations.

"I'm sorry." I said, not taking my eyes away from the girl, who was scaring me by the way.

"I think that was directed at me." A voice came from beside me, laced with amusement.

I looked over at him, and felt myself blush although I'm guessing it didn't really show, it never usually did. It wasn't because he was gorgeous or anything, I mean he didn't take my breath away, it was just that I had forgotten he was there due to the blonde who was still glaring at me. Though I am sure there were a fair share of girls who probably had his name love hearted on the back of their work books.

He smiled when I didn't say anything, and then stood up holding out a hand to me. I took it and allowed him to pull me into a standing position, before bending down to pick up my folder and bag which had come out of my grip when I fell.

"My name's Jordan." He said smiling even wider, though I wasn't quite sure why.

"Andy." I replied, looking down at my shoes.

Jordan just laughed at my reaction, and grabbed my hand shaking it. The girl beside him seemed to be annoyed by his actions but didn't actually say anything, I thought for a second that maybe she was his girlfriend or something, even though they didn't seem to be very couply. No matter if she was or not, she was sending a look that almost seemed territorial, I wonder if she liked him or something. Catching the direction of my gaze, Jordan looked over at the girl and then shook his head.

"This is Shannon, and don't worry she's always like this. A permanent stick up her arse." I tried not to laugh, because I didn't want this girl to completely hate me.

"Shove it Jordan!" she replied, scowling up at him. Maybe my assumption was completely wrong.

This seemed to coax him on, because he sidled up next to her and placed an arm around her shoulders and planted a kiss on her cheek. "Come now no need to be like that, I haven't even made any derogatory comments." He replied, charming smile backing up this claim.

"Yet" she replied, and then stalked off.

I watched in somewhat amazement as she still managed to look good while for lack of a better word stomping. I then turned back to Jordan, who watched Shannon storming off in mild amusement, then turned towards me giving me what I suppose was supposed to be a knee weakening smile. I had always been sort immune to those, so it didn't affect me at all, well not in the way I am sure it is intended for.

Jordan went to leave then turned back. "I'll see you 'round Andy, and really don't worry about Shannon I'm sure she likes you" Then left without waiting for a reply. Yeah right, I thought to his last statement, I would be surprised if that girl genuinely liked anyone.

I shook my head not knowing quite how to react to that, and hoping deep down that I didn't see that girl again and I had an inkling she was feeling exactly the same. Jordan however I didn't really care, I had met guys like him and they had never really bothered me.

People always assumed I was one of those girls who got crushes on the popular boy, or whatever and spent every night dreaming that he would notice me. It wasn't true, and besides Jordan was blonde and that wasn't really my type, I preferred my men tall dark and handsome. I know that's so unoriginal but I always had a soft spot for the rugged rebel, which is probably something to with the fact that that was far from what I was.

The point of what I'm saying is, guys like him just never did it for me and I was glad to say that they had never really tried before and doubted that they ever would. I'm not saying that I'm completely boring and ugly and no one could ever in a million years find me attractive, actually I thought that I could look really pretty when I tried, but I just didn't try, it wasn't important to me. So I didn't particularly stand out because of this and the fact that I wasn't really fun to chase, I don't fight back and I don't cave, it was more like a non-reaction which I doubt could be seen as fun. Unless of course you're into that sort of thing, but somehow I don't think guys like that were.

I did eventually find the classroom that I was looking for; I was only late by like half an hour. I walked into the room and the teacher looked up completely shocked. I tried to smile but I'm not it came out like it was supposed to.

"I'm sorry." I said my hands fidgeting and before I knew it I was biting my lip again. "I didn't know where I was going, I'm new, and there was no one to show me."

I felt a bit like I was rambling, and the teacher seemed to notice. "It's alright dear, just take a seat and I'll find someone at the end of class to help you."

I smiled in thank you and sat down as she had asked, even though I felt completely awkward and completely out of place and I swear that every person in the room was looking at me. I mean they probably weren't and I am most likely just paranoid, but I still couldn't get that feeling out of my system.

It started to grate on my nerves after a while, I really felt like I was going to break but that would just be my mind causing more trouble. I hated being the odd one out, and right now I felt like the biggest oddity in the room and I hated that more than anything in the world. I already stated that I'm shy and that carried through to getting attention from people, the shy personality trait just didn't go well with being new to anywhere or being noticed in anyway.

After a while I focused all my attention on to what was happening before me, instead of what was happening around the room and it kind of worked, I stopped thinking about the people.

Well, that was until the bell went and I had to head to my next class which I shuddered just thinking would probably go something just like this one; the exact same paranoid feeling. I got up from my seat, only just remembering that the teacher was finding me guide, when I saw her talking to tall blonde girl and pointing in my direction.

I walked up to them pasting what I hoped wasn't an awkward smile, although knowing myself it was probably just that.

The teacher smiled back. "Andy this Heather, she will be showing you to your next class, as well as showing you around at lunch."

I nodded and smiled at the girl, who returned my smile with a bright and genuine one of her own. The fact that she seemed to be nice helped my nerves subside just a fraction, though I don't think they would ever entirely go away. My best friend Anna used to say that I should one of those 1800's ladies carrying around smelling salts and most the time I couldn't but feel she was right. I really was that nervous and anxious all the time, I guess I just expected people too always judge me or something even If I didn't particularly care what they thought it still bothered me.

Heather guided me out of the room before turning toward me. "So your names Andy right?" she asked.

"Y...yes." I replied, wondering why she was asking.

"Cool." She replied, then grabbed hold of my arm and started dragging me down the hall.

I wasn't quite prepared for the onslaught and felt a slight and improbable bubble of fear run through, which I immediately pushed to the side, I don't think she was going to hurt me, she just didn't look the type.

It was after about a minute of her puling me when she finally turned toward me, then started laughing.

"I forgot to ask where it was you were going." She stated shaking her head at herself.

Nodding I pulled my schedule out of my blouse pocket, and handed it over to her. She grabbed it without hesitation and studied looking over the entire timetable, before letting out a laugh and something that sounded like an excited squeal.

"Do you realise were in all the same classes but one. That makes things a lot simpler." I nodded again, wondering if she realised I hadn't actually replied the anything that she had said to me so far.

She scrunched her nose up for a second as if in thought and then smiled before tugging me down the hall once again, this time I guessed she knew where she was actually going; or well I hoped that she did. It didn't bother her how quiet I was and I figured she must be like with everyone, she reminded me of one of my friends from back home, just being one of those easygoing gets along with anyone happy people. It made me feel more at ease, I didn't think she was the type to just abandon me and leave me to my own vices, which I hate to admit wasn't something I didn't want on my first day.

"Have you met anyone to sit with yet?" she asked, slowing her pace just a bit so it looked like we were just linking arms.

"Umm not really." I said. "I only really just got here after people were starting to get to class, so I'm still unknown."

Heather laughed and then smiled brightly. "Good! That means you can sit with me."

I smiled at that and nodded me head, it meant I had the whole lunch thing taken care off; I wouldn't be an awkward loner. I suppose that would be another one of those awkward everyone is looking at me and I don't know what to do things, which you probably already noticed I really don't like.

"That would be nice." I finally answered her, speaking for the first time, which I am ashamed to say I think she noticed because she gave me a wide smiling showing all her teeth.

Eventually after what I guess was five minutes we came to our classroom, which I was sort of relieved about, I hated the fact that I never knew what to say to people and this made me hate awkward silences; mainly because I could never break them.

When we entered the room I allowed Heather to speak for me, which she seemed more than happy to do. After only knowing the girl for about ten minutes I felt she was someone who would never need to drink red bull.

After sitting down, I realised how much better I was actually feeling actually most of my anxiety had dissipated, which I was definitely happy about.

The day went a lot faster after that, which was good considering how worried I had felt at the start of the day. Well, actually I still felt a bit anxious about it I mean that just won't pass, not when you're someone like me.

Lunch time came before I knew it, and I was lucky that Heather was in my class before lunch so I didn't have to do that whole looking around for her thing. She practically tore out of her seat when the bell rang and grabbed me in the process, I suppose she didn't want to lose me in her haste but I felt like she was about to tear my arm out the socket.

"Are we in a hurry?" I finally asked, after almost tripping over for the hundredth time.

Heather Immediately slowed down, and looked at me. "Oh! I'm sorry I get quite carried away; you just tell when I do. You know sometimes I just don't realise."

The smile she gave me at the end of this speech was completely infectious and I had no choice but to smile back at her.

"I'll remember that." I said, feeling more comfortable in her presence already. It was just impossible to be my reserved self when I was around her; I guess that over eager attitude just rubs on you; well it was certainly rubbing off on me.

She smiled then tugged me forward at a more sedate pace, which I was grateful for, I didn't really like my arm being pulled out of its socket.

We eventually what I guessed was the cafeteria and being an Aussie girl I had exactly been prepared for the massive size of it. Back home we hadn't exactly had anything that could match it, most people went off somewhere outside to their respective area's which were designated everywhere and anywhere they could be. So this was a completely new experience and I hate dot say it, but it was slightly unnerving.

I couldn't help but feel it would have been disastrous if Heather hadn't been there beside me.

Speaking of Heather, she seemed for the most part completely undaunted by the size of the cafeteria and the amount of people that were occupying it. Actually she seemed to be rather at ease, as if it was where she was born to be, though I didn't doubt the truth in that.

Pulling me over to a table near the back, I started to feel my anxiousness coming back. It seemed from here that the table we were heading towards was almost full and not to mention huge, there had to be at least twenty kids sitting there. I really hoped that deep down all those people weren't her friends, if they were I might just start hyperventilating and wouldn't that be completely embarrassing.

I really didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of these people, especially after the looks I had been getting in the morning.

I had a strange feeling that they might just eat me alive, and I'm speaking literal.

Once I was finally standing in front of the table with Heather beside, I suddenly forgot how to breathe. I'll explain this again; I'm shy, it comes with the trade or whatever. I was the kind of person who came up with good come backs an hour after it had all happened, most people don't find that cool, and well no one I had ever met.

They looked up at her approach and smiled widely, then there gaze turned towards me and all of a sudden there were completely different expressions. Some were shocked and some were just blank and mine, well, mine probably resembled something akin to fear.

I didn't mean to feel that way but I just couldn't control it, no matter how hard I tried. I know that teenagers could be like vultures once they smelled fear, but that only made me more frightened; it really was rather counterproductive.

"Hiya." Heather said form beside me, seeming not to notice the looks I was getting. "This is Andy, she's new."

They all either waved or grunted in greeting and I was left with my only option smile and wave timidly.

Heather seemed to think this was good enough and pushed some people down so that there was room for us; I just hoped no one minded being moved on account of little old me.

"So where do you come from?" One of the girls asked, turning her head toward me.

"Umm, I used to live in Australia." I said feeling her eyes boring into me as if sizing me up.

"Really?" Another person asked.

I wasn't quite sure why that was interesting so I just replied. "Yes I am."

The girl smiled. "Huh? So that would explain the accent."

I just nodded my head, and concentrated on taking my lunch out and then concentrated on eating.

I was happy that no one else seemed to be paying attention to me since I sat, and they had stopped giving me weird looks as well. Heather was just as crazy with her friends as she had been before, it was actually quite amusing to watch I mean if I hadn't been somewhat nervous still.

I pulled myself out of their conversation and looked around at the other tables near us. One thing I noticed was that the table I was at was the biggest in the room, even though it also seemed to be split in two. There was the half that was at the top end, with the people I hadn't met and then there was our half which I had met, though didn't remember any of their names.

I hadn't even noticed from the top, well, not until I heard a familiar female voice yell out. "Jordan give it back!"

My head snapped up as soon as I heard it.

Up the top of the table Jordan was grabbing a piece of paper from the blonde girl, who was desperately trying to get it back of him.

"You shouldn't keep secrets Shannon, it just isn't nice." He said to her, while getting up from the table and moving away from her.

Shannon sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. "Must you always be a jerk?" She shouted.

Jordan just laughed and patted her on the head.

I didn't realise I had been staring until one of the girls near me laughed.

"Have a thing for Jordan?" She asked.

I shook my head. "No, I just talked to him earlier."

That definitely got a reaction, every single person around me looked up; even the boys. It kind of scared me like I had done something wrong.

"Are you serious?" A girl finally asked, just at the same time another said. "Jordan talked to you?"

I wasn't quite sure how to respond to that so I just nodded.

Heather looked at me with a quizzical look before looking at the others. "What's the big deal?" she finally said. "Jordan talks to people, he sits just up from us."

"I know." The first girl who had spoken said. "It's just now that he's dating Shannon; I just thought he wouldn't talk to girls."

Heather rolled her eyes. "Do you think even Shannon can control Jordan, especially with Callum egging him on."

All the girls seemed to agree with what she had said, but I was just confused. "Who's Callum?" I asked.

"Callum is someone you'll know when you see him. Just picture Jordan except ten times worse." She said a small smile forming on her lips, which made me wonder whether she had a soft spot for this guy.

This was when a loud crash came over from near the entrance of the cafeteria; we all looked over to find a tall, blonde and highly amused guy. "Jordan How could you, I thought you loved me." He yelled, strolling toward the other end of the table.

Jordan looked up at him and laughed, while Shannon seemed to scowl at him. "I'm sorry Cal, your just not man enough for me."

Callum laughed and plonked himself into a seat, smiling widely at everyone at the table. I noticed that he seemed to be slightly rugged even though he had this blonde hair blue eyed thing going on. Definitely not my type, was the first thought into my head.

I looked over to Heather, only to notice that she was watching him intently, her eyes kind of dazed and small smile on her lips. That's when I figured that she definitely had it for the guy, but I just didn't quite get why she hadn't told him.

I just hoped I would be around her more to find out; after all I really did need friends, being a loner didn't seem like fun.

Ok so I would love to know what people think. I haven't ever written a character like Andy before, and I am having lots of fun writing her. Especially since the guys are completely different to my own personal preferences. So anyway I would love feedback of any kind. Oh and I am looking for someone to Beta this or whatever, I need someone willing to help me.