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Parlez vous francais - By art vs science

Chapter Thirty-one

There was so much that I didn't know about what had happened for a while. At first I just wanted to really concentrate on the fact that I had Callum back, that he was mine, and I felt safe again. Then it was all a question on when I would be able to go back to school. considering that fact that I was still in an incredible amount of pain most the time, and nobody wanted me to have some kind of break down, it ended up taking two weeks before I went back.

There was an unbelievable amount of anxiousness that I was feeling. My heart was pounding uncontrollably in my chest, and my hands where sweaty. I kept taking in deep breaths, but they didn't seem to be helping in the slightest. There was still and almost uncontrollable urge to turn around and run home.

Then I felt a hand in mine, and I looked beside me to see Callum standing there.

He didn't look nearly as anxious as me, but I knew there was some part of him that didn't want to go in there either. Everyone at school already knew what had happened with Jake, and everyone knew most of the true story.

Skye had informed me that before I woke up everyone had suspected that Callum had had something to do with what happened to me. I almost cried when I heard it, even though I could understand why they might have thought that. Considering that both Jake and I had been unconscious.

Actually Jake still was in a coma. Not that I could ever feel bad about that, after what he did to me. The problem was, I was pretty sure that Callum did feel bad. After all he had felt the guilt over Lisa, and this was just another bad thing to add onto it. But nothing could be done legally until he woke up, and that didn't sit right with me.

At the end of the books and the movies, the bad guy always ends up going to prison or being charged, or at the least gets carried away by the police. At the end of this story, I didn't even know if I could consider Jake being a true bad guy. He hurt me, and I hated him for it, I feared him for it, but at the same time I could understand his pain. That's no meant to happen.

That was probably why it was so hard for me to enter the school, for me to walk down the halls. Because I didn't know how I was really supposed to feel about it, and every person in there had some idea or an ingrown rule as to how I was supposed to act. And I didn't know how to deal with that.

With a squeeze on my hand Callum brought me back to reality, anchoring me away from my thoughts and all the bad things that were surrounding me.

"Are you ok?" he asked, gently lifting my hand so he could kiss it.

Shaking my head I let my head drop to my chest. "I don't think I'm ready to be around them yet." I said honestly. "I've never been good with people, but now they know about...what happened, and they know about us. It just scares me."

Callum pulled me to him, his arms wrapping around me like they had a lot in the past couple of weeks. Allowing me to feel safe and protected for just a little while. Even though I think he got the same thing out of it as me.

"You won't be alone in this." He said gently planting a kiss on my head. "You'll have me, you'll have Heather and Skye and Sarah. Even Jordan and Shannon are going to be looking out for you."

"It doesn't help my nerves." I said with a sigh, shifting my gaze back up to Harrison academy which seemed to be bigger then I remembered.

It was almost towering over me, making this decision so much harder. Even with Callum standing next to me it was almost impossible for me to even take a step forward. I had barely left the house since the day I had gone to see Callum, and he had been with me every single day without fail. I had almost gone crazy without him, that it felt so good to have him with me.

Everyone told me it was normal to have that kind of dependence on him after he had saved my life like that. And I guess they were right, he was there for me then, and so I needed him with me now. I was just happy he didn't feel like I was a burden. This proved more than anything how wrong I had been about Callum when I first met him. There was so much more about him then I had ever thought.

There was a squeal of excitement behind me, and then a pair of arms wrapped themselves around my shoulders. All I could tell about the person was that they were wearing a perfume that was supposed to be strawberry something.

"I'm so happy your here." I finally heard as I was turned around and brought face to face with Heather.

She was smiling brightly at me, any past bad blood between us was completely forgotten, and she was exactly the way she had always been towards me. Well almost, she had more of a tendency to be a little more protective then she used to be. Actually all of the girls were a little more protective of me, always calling to make sure that I was ok.

I was about to say something to Heather, when I felt two more pairs of arms where wrapped around me. I was guessing that they belonged to Skye and Sarah, who were the only other people who I knew would come up to me like that. Making me feel like I had a protective cacoon around me.

Callum was right that I would have all of my girls around me to help, but I guess I needed to actually feel them there for me to realise just how much it would help me. I didn't exactly feel like running into the school like nothing could touch me, but I didn't feel the complete panic that was ready to take over before Callum came.

And I guess I was almost ready to walk inside, this was just one small thing compared to everything else that had happened. I had survived being kidnapped by Jake, who really wanted to kill me. I had made up with my parents, and I realised how much I had missed them and how much I needed them. I had called Anna, and told her about what had happened and made things alright there, and all my friends were around me again. So I guess everything was as good as it could be.

That doesn't really change who I am though. I'm not a strong confident person, no matter what has happened to me. Even if I am really trying to be more assertive, and a little more confident in when it comes to people. It's not something that's easily done, not even with having Callum as a boyfriend.

Callum who had told me about what had happened after I passed out, telling me how much it had scared him to see me not moving. About the police coming and the ambulance, and about how much he needed me.

With my girls on one side, and Callum on the other there was no reason that I couldn't do this. Jake was in a hospital, he couldn't hurt Callum or me anymore. That was all that mattered, that nothing worse than that could happen to me. Once faced with the possibility of death nothing else should scare me right?

That didn't stop my palms from sweating or the butterflies in my stomach flying like mad. There was a nervous panic working its way through my veins, and I felt stupid for feeling this way over school. I knew what happened, and it didn't matter what anyone else thought or said. But again it didn't stop me from feeling the way I did, or dreading the possibility of entering into the school.

"You can do this." Skye said from beside me, with a light squeeze on my arm.

"Yeah, where right here." Heather replied after her.

"I'll hurt anyone who says anything." Sarah said earning a slight smile from.

Callum stepped in front of me and kissed me on the lips quickly. "I'm not going anywhere, Andy, and you know I can deal with anything people say about me."

That was all there was then, I had to walk forward. There was nothing stopping me from walking through those doors, and letting things getting back to normal. Or at least as normal as life could be after everything that had happened.

So with that thought in my head I took a step forward, grabbing on to Callum's hand as I slowly got closer to the doors. My grip tightening the closer we got, the anxiety building up in me, until I crossed through the doors, and everything sort of flowed out of me. There was a sense of relief, that I had been able to do it. That I hadn't run away from it, and I felt like the hard part was over.

It felt a lot like my first day of walking down the halls of Harrison, only now I had people around me. I had my friends and I had Callum surrounding me, protecting me from anything that could hurt me. I wasn't a zebra, and nothing was going to attack me.

We walked past our usual spot, and I felt a sense of familiarity take over me, that feeling that made me feel so much more at ease. This was a place I had one to for quite a while now, and I knew people, I had friends. There was nothing for me to fear in this place. Nothing that anyone could say that would worry me.

The first few classes were hard, and the whispers took a bit to get used to. The sympathetic and pitying looks were more then I could bear at moments, but when the end of the day came around I felt like I had achieved something. And walking out of the gates was easy it was simple. There was nothing I couldn't do if I could get through this day, these people had no idea what I had been through.

Callum met me just outside the school and I immediately wrapped my arms around him, feeling safe and secure. I felt so happy to have him there, to be with him.

Now I wouldn't go as far as saying that I loved Callum, because I'm a realistic girl, and I knew for a fact that I didn't feel love yet. But that didn't mean that I cared about him more than I had any other boy in my life. There was something in him that helped to soothe me, to help keep me grounded.

He still had things he needed to work through, and so did I, but I felt that together we could get through it all. It didn't matter how I had found out about the Jake thing, or the fact that he had made me cry. Right now, we were right for each other. We needed each other. That had to be enough to get me through.

I had gotten through another first day, and now I was sure that I was going to be okay. Jake was in a coma, and when he woke up he would be charged for what he did, I knew Callum's secret. Everything was settled, it was just time for me to fully get over it all, to properly move on. Which I'm sure will take longer than two weeks, but I'm confident it will happen.

This wasn't how I expected my life to go, but I would just have to accept it. After all there was nothing else for me to do.

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