You and Me

Please don't pass me by

For if you do, I'll surely cry

Cry to myself until I die

Because you passed me by

But now you see me too

And wonder if I'm meant for you

We both hope that I will do

We hope I'm meant for you

And now we stand face to face

You wrap your hands around my waist

Our faces meet, our lips embrace

I rest in you, my special place

And now your essence is in mine

We do not rush, we have the time

We lay our hearts out on the line

My hand held in thine

Yet suddenly you pull away

And shake your head, Anot today

You've had your taste, you go away

I stay 'til skies go gray

I fall on my knees and begin to cry

Because my love has passed me by

I sit, cry, hope to die

And lay there wondering why

I have you scar upon my lips

I have your mark around my hips

I bet my heart like gambling chips

Lost, and now have scars like whips

But do I see you through the gray

Or more important, will you stay

Stay for more than just one day

Be here and never go away

But who is that right by your side

She smiles at you a smile so wide

The blue around you disrupts the tide

She holds onto you like a bride

And you smile at her filled with glee

Completely forgetting all about me

And it breaks my heart just to see

You happy without me

Or maybe not, you look my way

And maybe think about that day

The day you decided not to stay

The day you went away

As you let go, she falls to the ground

The gray covers her from all around

But we do not hear a single sound

Because by my love, I have been found

You and me, just us two

You finally see that I will do

We understand I'm meant for you

You and me, just us two