A/N: I know it's a little difficult to follow, but I felt that just all clumped together the segments loose the empasis on the change in time between each. I guess you could say the're all a little story in their own.

His soul suspended

Lifeless Hanging

Yet he smiles

That picturesque grin

You just expect it

Fire in his eyes

Empty corpse

Staring up

Watching his death

But he's calm and collected

She sheds one tear

She knows

But does nothing

Upon his wish

He remains indefinately isolated

He weakens slightly

She sees

The change small

She grabs his hand gently

He shrugs She nods it is understood

Hours had passed

Her arms

He falls apart

She holds him tightly

He weakens and shakes with regret

Mourning in silence

Frail body

Spider silk skin

Tinder as his bones

Poor boy is in all of us

Love so gently

Forgive always

Smile with pride

Remember the quiet ones

And just like the girl you'll rescue