Underneath the stars, stoplights and city lights glow around us, but you are all I see. You surround me, and you are all I want.

Your hand grasps mine softly. Euphoria overwhelms me as I glance over and see you there in all your perfection.

You stop, I stop. I feel your arms being wrapped around me, and my knees go weak. I feel your breath, hot on my face, and suddenly your soft lips meet mine as my stomach explodes with butterflies.

You are everything, though you might not know. I could not ask for more than your love and tenderness. I want nothing more than your soft face and your warmth, every day. Most days, you are all I think about, and I've seemingly run out of words for you. There are no words that are good enough for you.

You lay next to me and you touch me gently and whisper words to me that I've never heard from anyone before. I smile.

Have I ever told you that you're everything?