"That's it," the man urged as I finished him off. He'd had his grimy hands in my hair for all of two seconds when I decided I would not do this again for him. He grunted one more time and unceremoniously came into my mouth. Though he was dazed, he handed me the money and waved me away. The dirty slob didn't even pull his pants back up, just sat there, panting. I disguised my disgust, 'being used to it and all', and headed once again for my meeting room.

As I was making my way towards the room, I walked my walk and glared my glare and gave all the men a show. I tried to block out the gag of distaste, and instead focused on the female stripper coming towards me.

"Gabey, there's a customer in the VIP room. Big money, expensive jewelry."

I gave her a bored look. "I assume he's not here for a simple blow-job?"

She shook her head with sober eyes, looking away from me and nodding as she headed for a table of wolves.

I sighed again and prepared for a long night. It was what I was best at after all. Being in Portugal when I was younger, I'd seen the streets. I'd noticed the whores and the harlots, and not once had I thought I'd become one of them. When we'd come to America, I'd expected all the best. This was the Land of Dreams, and my child-like mind had been ready to take everything from it. But then, not long after Papa had died, mother took to the drink. And when she couldn't get more from our starving bank accounts, she sold her body to fill her never-ending need.

Not once had she taken into consideration what she'd done to me as a child. This only showed more when, after she was crippled by one of her customers, she started selling me. A convulsion I couldn't stop rumbled through me. Ten was not the age to be broken like that. Sexual dominance… Only men mother knew would do that to a boy.

But I guess I was no worse for the wear. I did my job well. I tolerated the rejection of my music, my dreams on a day-to-day basis. And over-all I still wasn't suicidal. I wanted to get out of this cesspit, I wanted to leave the place I had been brought into a free myself in the world of music. I'd get there somehow… Somehow.

I felt deflated, but I shook my head as I thought of all the returned tapes in my apartment. It did seem the only men who wanted me, wanted me for the sex. But when I showed them what I could do…

As I opened the door to the VIP room, I pushed back apprehension and stuck on seduction. I'd be giving this man a ride tonight no doubt, and I'd have to get used to the fact I'd be doing this until I died if I never broke away. I'd stay determined, and I'd reach my goal, one expensive fuck at a time.

A/N: Hence forth the dividing line as seen above will mark the half way line in the chapter where the point of view chances from Gabe, the unfortunate prostitute, to Eliza, the virgin casino heiress. Thank you, that is all.

I sat on the corner of my bed glaring at my book. It seemed as much as I tried, I wouldn't be able to block that day's events out of my head. "It's okay to want me." A dirty, slimy, wretched voice was inside my head. It was the voice of another man, with another agenda, with another hard cock. The cycle was a vicious one, and at times it seemed like I would never escape.

A knock sounded at my door, surprising me. I pulled a thin veil of fake cheer over my plight and smiled as Marie stuck her head in the door and growled. I gave an amused look as she marched over to the bed and grabbed my collar, effectively wrinkling the silk material.

"I called you down for dinner twenty minutes ago. Twenty minutes! A little girl like you doesn't need to be skipping meals and counting calories. I made chicken fried steak and you're not getting out of eating it. Now put that darned book away and get in the kitchen!"

I let a bit of honest entertainment out as she pulled me out of my room and into the hall. Though I was sick to my stomach, and sure to puke up anything I ate, I replied with, "I hadn't planned to skip out on a thing, I just didn't hear you call. You did call right?"

She looked back at me as we sailed past the brightly lit hall. "Of course I called you, you smart-aleck."

We went on like that until we reached the kitchen downstairs. Passing the gold-leaf halls and marble staircases made me miss my father. He'd know what to say to make me feel better. The only time I could feel free was when I was a child in his arms, as silly and juvenile as it sounded. Times like these I needed him the most. When I was pursued to a point of sickness, I needed a big, strong man like my father to be there for me. But, since I was shit out of luck, I'd have to suck it up and put on a happy face for Marie.

Rounding the corner and glaring at the chandelier, Marie led me into the ostentatious kitchen. Though we lived in one of the many mansions in this area, and kept our standards high and our reputation untarnished, Daddy always felt the need to go bigger. It was a trait I always had admired when I was a little girl, I mean, who didn't want a miniature castle outback with all the frill gowns you could want? Father indulged in everything, but when you had French restaurants hundreds of thousands of miles away pining over your kitchen… I shook my head. Ostentatious.

"Now," Marie said as she pulled me away from my thoughts. "You've got thirty minutes to finish. I want you showered and in bed by twelve tonight. It's not natural for a girl to stay up so late reading stock books and figuring out the next way to cheat foolish gamblers out of their money."

I looked up at her and gave her a cheeky smile. "Don't you mean, 'unnatural'?"

She gave me a stern look and I laughed as I cut into my chicken fried steak.

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