Long Nights & Lonely Plights



Screw the plan! Sinking into Eliza's bed with her under me was exactly where I wanted to be, and was going to try my damnedest to stay. Relishing those moans that came from her mouth as things heated up, I let a shiver of anticipation run throughout my body, feeling once again her hands on my skin. The fingernails of those soft fixtures of hers were in the wrong place; if they stayed where they were I wasn't gong to be able to get inside of her without climaxing. This woman was too much for a simple man to take.

Thrusting in a fluid stroke against her jeans, giving her a little taste of what it was going to be like, I started with her shirt. The material was in the way. I'd touched her breasts, but now I wanted to see them. Badly. Groaning as the top of her bra came into view, the white lace almost sent me over the edge. I gritted my teeth and relaxed as I let the orgasm pass. Pulling her shirt the rest of the way down and letting it rest on either side of her I took her in. Pale skin, begging me to touch it, her chest rising up and down in an aroused pattern (my own doing the same), the top of her breasts in an erotic blush as they tried to push out of their restraints, what was I going to do?

I had told myself to stop, was still telling myself, but as I made my way behind her back to unlatch the clasp on her bra, I honestly didn't care. All there was was this almost primal ache in my body, and it was telling me to get inside of her. You can see who's voice was louder. Pulling her upper body against mine, I slid off her shirt and her bra, completely lost in the way her soft curls fell around her bare skin. The look in her eyes was mesmerizing as well. I'd never had anyone look at me with more than sexual attraction, and though that was present on Eliza's face, so was an overwhelming affection. I don't know which was harder to believe, that she wanted me, or that she cared about me.

My erection almost subsided (or maybe it was just some of the throbbing) as the weight of Eliza creep down on my heart. This girl did care for me, she… she actually liked me. As a person. My intake of breath was quick, and I registered the worried look that came upon her face. Quickly, she glance down, making sure everything was there. I couldn't help but let a quick laugh out, hugging her, making sure she was close to me and could feel my heart beat.

"There's nothing wrong with you little beleza." I kept hugging her, because I felt ecstatic. She cared for me. Me.

"Thank goodness!" She let out a breath of her own and laughed a little. "Are you okay Gabe?"

Her innocent inquiry took me even higher. I though only drugs could do this, not that I'd tried enough to know.

"Fine, better than fine. You're amazing, you know that?" I pulled her back so I could look into her eyes with a grin. Yes, she was utterly astounding, and I wanted nothing more than to keep her forever.


Unsure of what was going on, I looked into Gabe's happy face and couldn't help but smile as well. My body still hummed from the encounter with Gabe's own, and even though it wasn't really subsiding, I couldn't resist that innocently excited smile of his. He looked like he was on cloud nine, though I was pretty sure we had just been in a very dark, sexy place.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to ruin the mood." His grin was as widespread as my legs, but the sexual tension had drained from the room and we were just two happy, affectionate people. I liked that, a whole lot.

I laughed as Gabe nuzzled my neck. "That's all right, I like this one too."

Wrapping my arms around his neck, Gabe rolled onto his back taking me with him. We were having a good time when my century old German clock chimed midnight. I had never been less proud of it. It caught both of our attention, and when I looked back at Gabe he had raised his eyebrows.

"Don't tell me, the story ends at midnight?"

"Of course not. We've only just begun." Laughing together once more, we embraced and then lazily got off the bed. With Gabe's arm around me, we went back into the movie room where we spent the rest of the night laughing and talking like old friends. For as long as I would live, I didn't think there would be a better moment than that. Being with Gabe when he was relaxed and open was the greatest gift anyone could ever receive, and I counted myself lucky. For now, Gabe was mine.