Never in a lifetime would I have dreamed that I, Nephrite Cloud, would get to leave my tribe to guide some white man to Oregon. I always do my chores as I was supposed to but because I needed to never meant I liked doing it, when I do usually wander off in my head about what was outside the world of the tribe. I was very different than the other girls in my tribe. While the girls had to do chores the men had to hunt, I have tried to coax the men to let me try and hunt with them many times but they laughed and told me it wasn't "my place". But my life changed when I met Henry Taverson, I remember as if it were yesterday.

I was doing my chores as always, and as always in my own world thinking of things I shouldn't, I belong in my tribe and if I weren't in my own world I would have known someone was close. But by then it was to late when I heard something, and close by. I froze. I didn't know whether to stay still, or to confront. I decided on the latter.

"Who's there?" I yelled, I learned to speak English for the sake of my tribe, to communicate with the white men that find our tribe, they are common these days.

"Didn't mean to startle you ma'am but I need to find my way to Oregon," Someone with a deep voice and a heavy accent spoke, a man appeared from the bushes.

He was a tall man that had hair of fire, he was quite dirty and looked starved. He looked confused about where he was, my brother wouldn't mind after all he was out hunting.

"Come this way Mr...?" I asked.

"Aye, mi name is Henry Taverson and yours?" Henry asked.

I wasn't about give my name to a stranger, and a white on at that. But he had no weapons so I was leading him to the tribe for hospitality. We are not so cruel as the white people think us to be and to let him die on his way from starvation.

"This way" Was all I told him.

After he was better he asked me if I could lead him to Oregon. I was really excited and an offer like this rarely came, if it came at all. I needed to see the world I yearned for, I of course told him yes. We were on our way to a journey. It was a lovely experiencing meeting someone new, with a different culture.

I grew up in Iowa, I knew the way even if I were to be blinded. I led us through Iowa, taking us a day. The next day we were in the Nebraska territory. We had to hide well from other people traveling or it'll have been the death of us, we could have gotten robbed. When we set camp, I went looking around for wood so we could start a fire. Instead I found a girl, she seemed young, she had looked as if she were about to collapse. I was going to say something, but before I could she crumpled to the floor. I went to her and checked to see if she was still alive, and she was, barley. I set her down and went back to retrieve Henry so we could move to this girls camp and care for her. Later on when the girl awoke she told us her name was Piper Wisconsin.

We met Piper by saving her. If it weren't for me Piper would have gone into a coma, and she loved reminding me that fact. I adored both of them, Piper and Henry. I feel as Piper is a little sister. I felt as Henry as a loving friend.

I wanted to explore more, but I knew I had all the time in the world. Everything was so different, yet so new from home. I miss my home but for now I will survive. I wanted to leave home and see what else the world had to offer me. So far many great things happened like meeting Piper, and we are so close. We are almost there, freedom never tasted so close.

Once Piper was better we discussed more important matters. I already knew that I was going to Oregon with Henry. When we asked Piper where she was going said anyways as long as it's safe, she decided to go with us. While we were restocking at Fort Hall in Idaho we met Eliza. She too was headed to Oregon and wanted to come with us, she didn't want to get lost.

Eliza was part of the family now, but she was a quiet one. I remember finding out why so clearly.

"I haven't been entirely honest with you and the others, but I lost my family, that why I don't talk much." Eliza said out of the blue while we were unpacking to settle down camp.

To say I was surprised she talked was an understatement but I had to say something.

"I'm so sorry, I lost my big sister to a white man." I said in a quiet voice, I never liked talking about how a white man took my sister, she was never seen again.

Eliza saw my pained face and hugged me. What she said next filled me with joy.

"It's okay, we're all family now." Eliza whispered into my ear.

Since that day Eliza and me have been inseparable, we understand each other now. Eliza, Piper, and me were always saying once we get to Oregon, we'd never separate. When we got there, it was so green and beautiful. I was trapped before, now I"m free, I remember thinking that day. Thinking those words just made everything seem more real and made me feel even more blissful.

Henry had made the girls a little cabin, then one for himself. I moved in with Eliza and Piper, they taught me how to read and write. I have yet to figure out what's in store for me, and I cannot possibly wait.