A Special Dessert

~ The day after college graduation ~

Danny had decided to take me on a cruise… just him and me… Don't worry, we got separate rooms, but right next to each other. We each had a suite, our parents said we deserved it, and we also had a big balcony. The cruise was a week long and we were already on our last few days…

"Ready for dinner, Miki?"

"Yeah, hold on one sec." I touched up on my hair and wrinkled-out my black dress.


I slipped on my black heels and walked outside. "Ready." I looked up at him with a smile.

"Wow…" his eyes grew a bit big.


"You look…"

I eyed him.

"Hot." he added.

"Thanks." I smiled. "You don't look too bad yourself." I straightened up his tie. "Come on, let's go to dinner."


"Miki… ready for dessert?"

"Mm…" I thought then smiled at him. "Definitely."

"Strawberry ice cream?"

"Of course." I giggled.

"I knew it…" he chuckled softly. He called our waiter over and motioned him to bring us some strawberry ice cream.

In a few minutes, two heart-shaped bowls were brought out with ice cream shaped as a heart.

"Aww… this is so cute! I don't think I can eat it." I giggled.

"Miki…" Danny sighed teasingly. "Just eat it."

"I will, I will…" I smiled at him.

Danny started to dig in to his ice cream.

I scooped up a piece from right in the middle and looked up at him. "Yummy…"

"Haha… you have the most adorable smile." he smiled back.

"Umm… thanks." I went back to my ice cream. But when I looked back down at the ice cream… I didn't find strawberry ice cream. I found something silver…

"Hmm?" I cocked my head slightly with the spoon still in my mouth.

"What?" Danny said casually.

"What's this?" I put down my spoon and used my fingers to pry out the random silver thing… Well… as soon as I pulled it out, it wasn't a random silver thing. It was a white-gold ring. "Oh, my god…" I breathed.

"Finally found it, huh?" Danny chuckled.

"Danny…" I breathed again.

Danny reached over and took my hand. Then he looked straight into my eyes with his beautiful ones and asked the one thing that I would have never imagined him to ask. "Miki, will you marry me?" he smiled his killer, sweet smile.

"No way…" I said lowly.

"What?" Danny flinched a little.

I started laughing softly… "I mean… of course!" I stopped my laughing and smiled at him. "I was saying 'no way' to the fact that you actually proposed to me."

"You scared me…"

"Don't worry… I'll be with you forever." I leaned in across the table and pecked him on the lips. "I love you, Danny, and I always will."

"Love you, too, Miki." he smiled. "Now, let me put on the ring for you… after it's clean."

"Haha, okay. Here." I handed him the ring. Danny took it gently and got some water on his cloth napkin and wiped the ring clean. It was a white-gold band with a simple diamond on top with two little ones neighboring it. When I looked harder… I saw something on the inside of the band.

"Hold on…" I took a hold of Danny's hand.


"What does it say on the inside…?"

Danny smirked. "Finally saw it?"


"It says… 'My Love, Miki." he smiled sweetly.

A tear rolled down my cheek.

"Miki, why are you crying?"

I quickly wiped away my tear. "Cause I'm happy, you big idiot."

"Well, here you go my princess." he put on the ring and smiled. "Now, we'll officially be together…"


We walked out on my balcony and looked out at the ocean.

"It's all so perfect…" I sighed as I leaned my head on Danny's shoulder.


I looked up at him and smiled. "I love you, Danny…"

"Love you too…" he smiled caringly and leaned down and brushed his lips against mine… my whole body felt like electricity had gone through it…

I knew that we would be together forever… I mean we had gotten everybody else together and married… we would do even better…