Midnight now reaching its dusk
As I tread alone in the dark

Trudging along the winding path,
Letting go of everything, and leaving them forgot.

Amidst the blanket of darkness
And the rustling of the trees,

A small, shining bright light had,
Punctured the very soul of the dark.

Surprised, I stood and on the corner of my eye,
A star fell down, far, beyond the sky.

A whisper in my ear, beckoned me to go near
To overcome obstacles, to overcome my fear.

I ran across towards the end of the world,
To seek the light that the whisper had told

My heart racing, as my hands began to grope.
Wandering blindly in darkness as my only guide is hope,

What I then saw was an angel, so frail and so small
She had fallen from heaven, but I'll mend her from her fall.

She has a smile that you can't help but adore,
Of which I promise, that it will be there and forevermore.

Her eyes are brown and as deep as dawn,
As bright and brilliant as the rising Sun.

I wish that after you are gone from my sight
It will not be the last time I bask upon your light.

I know for a certain that this will only cause dismay,
As sure as she is an angel, and has taken my heart away.