My past and present flow into one

Like dreams of a lullaby lost, forever, (seemingly).

My dreams of the future dissolve into the dust of the ages

I wish, hope, and think of them always

Yet the materializing is the hardest part.

The stars in my eyes fade

Then flare to life, suddenly

With every new revelation

Every new breath of life, perhaps to be

Perhaps not.

Past joys do not bring a smile anymore

Fantasies are the only thing,

The pictures, the landscapes in my mind

Fill my soul with an impossible beauty,

A stillness that no other could bring.

I sleep, I sleep.

But only because that is where I am,

Living in a constant day dream,

Praying, crying out silently for them to be

To live.

To breathe.

And only then will the love in my heart blossom,

Only then will I be complete.

Without my dreams, I am nothing.

Without my dreams, I have nothing.

His haunting voice echoes.


The rich meaning concealed

Only found by those who truly


The ones who live in such a place,

A place as I,

A world filled with so much beauty,


And light.

The knowing that spans time,



And language.

Only those who dwell here know,

And only some who know agree.

A place where death is never cold

Its bite never reaches the bone,

And the only absolute is in creation,

Where desires rule and flourish…

But always in love.

His voice makes me soar,

Taking me to heights that I am afraid to discover…

Yet I always go, without fail.

It calls me with its haunting clarity

Giving me the strength to follow my own lead.

To pave my way.

To live my dream.

/And my past joys will never be forgotten/