Withering Rose

I was once that little girl,

with her laughing lips

and joyful eyes.

I was once that innocent girl,

waiting to be swept off her feet,

by her prince or her pauper.

Waiting for love to come her way.

But all I got was you,

with your charm and boyish smiles.

My life was once a symphony,

a technicolour dream.

With summer, spring,

autumn and winter.

Til you came

and engulfed me in your chaos.

My life became a whirlwind of colours.

You promised me paradise

and whisked me away

into the dark night.

And I wonder,

did you even love me?

Now I'm trapped.

Trapped in this cage of paradise.

The cycle of seasons

now a never ending winter.

Dreams, shattered.

Heart, broken.

Love, gone.

You destroyed me.

I'm just a shadow,

An echo of a girl

With hopes and dreams.

I live in a cold nightmare,

Interrupted only by your visits,

Like bittersweet sinful christmases.

They keep me alive,

And hold me down.

They arouse me

From my timeless slumber,

Arouse the shreds of love,

Arouse the ocean of rage.

A new wave taking over me

With every passing second.

I give in to you

To what I need,

To what you want,

To what I've become.

Your empty words

And soft caresses

bite into me

like shards of glass,

sweet and painful.

I cling to life now,

my only hopes and dreams

sweet revenge and escape.

But the dreams

will remain dreams

for I know that without you

my world would stop spinning

Without you

I would let go of these

shreds of sanity I'm holding onto

Without you

Life would cease to

have a purpose.

AN: I don't mean any offence with the 'sinful christmases' bit, it just went well with the picture I was painting. So, what do you think? Review please!