Cissy and Jonathon were wherever they were for two weeks. Too long if you ask me, plus Jonathon, I should mention, is of course my age, practically a pedophile. Even if he wasn't though I wouldn't approve, as I've told you before, he tried to push me off the Brooklyn bridge. How tired are you getting of me ranting on? I know I wasn't like this before John and Cissy so I'd understand if this got boring, but it is my sisters life I'm trying to save so really you should be more accepting of this phase in my life. Hold on what am I talking about OWWWWWWWW!

What the HELL was that?! And why is it so dark in here? Wait where am I? Damn it I wish I could do magic…what was the light spell, maybe I'll show a sudden aptitude for the stuff. Well I could try…or I could if I could remember the spell. Gahh. What was it, it had something to do with parsley I think…that's how mom taught Cissy to remember it, or was it oregano. God this is no use! I'm never going to remember the spell, in any case there's about a 1 in sideways eight(and we all know what the means) chance of it working. Wait it was sage, that's what mom used to help Cissy remember the spell, but how…Sagelle…no that wasn't it. Erm… Ooh sagette, that was it!

"Sagette!" I screamed. Nothing happened. Well what was I expecting, I'd never been able to so much as levitate a dust mite yet a spell that takes months to learn properly and I assumed I'd be able to work it without an ounce of magical blood running through my veins. Silly really. Just wishful thinking. However that brings us back to the question at hand. Where the hell am I? I certainly am not in my apartment building. Nor am I at work or in any of my classrooms. Damn it, what on earth, why am I in chains.

"Sagette," pronounced a deliberately calm and almost bored, familiar voice. I knew that voice, how did I know that voice? "Well if it isn't Vanessa, charmed, I'm sure. Have you missed me?" Oh my good lord it's Jonathon. Jonathon locked me up in a dungeon. Cause that's where I am, a dungeon. I can tell now that someone's shed some light on the situation. "Now Vanessa, it's only polite to respond when someone talks to you." What the heck, if he was going to torture me to death anyhow I might as well defy him a few times on the way.

"Answer me Vanessa!" GAHHH a surge of pain just seeped up through my body starting from the chains. Gasping for air I've decided my thirst for information is stronger then my need to severely piss him off. I need however, to decide very carefully how to word my accusations so as not to make him so angry he won't answer me. Should I ask where I am? No he evidently won't answer, though I could try it anyway. What other questions do I have, are there any more important, the type that needs to be answered right away. Of course.

"Jonathon, what have you done with Cissy," I must not (trivial though it may seem) that my voice is not quavering with fear but instead pounding with anger. Whatever he may wish to do to me it had better not involve my innocent baby sister. Well innocent may be a bit of a stretch but something along those lines seems about appropriate. He doesn't seem too inclined to answer my question though. In fact he doesn't seem capable of doing anything at the moment, unless you count laughing like a deranged lunatic. Which he is, a deranged lunatic that is. "Where's my sister John,"

"Would you listen to her 'Where's my sister John' oh how sweet" and again the laughter. Even his voice is laughing. Is that possible? For his voice to laugh, well it would seem it is possible as there's no doubt that's what's happening, the level of mockery dripping on each word is that which only Jonathon could achieve, and it seems he has. "You're sister will be fine Vanessa, so long as you do precisely what I say," Yeah right. But I have to don't I. I can't kill my baby sister out of spite, so I don't really have a choice.

"Fine Jonathon, but if you hurt her I will cause you severe damage." Surprised. That's my feeling towards the immaculate lack emotion I managed to achieve in saying that. Well now let me tell you the look on John's face has suddenly become manic. Oh my god would he just stop it with the damn laughing. It's certainly getting a bit ridiculous. "Shut up!" I just can't stop myself can I. Well surely that will have pissed him off.

"Now, now Vanessa. I really did think that first lesson in manners would be enough. Apparently not. Ah well," GAHHHHH a familiar surge of pain rushing through my blood and a blood curdling scream issuing from the mouth of yours truly. "You may go now, you will not mention this to anyone. And I will know, oh I will know." No doubt he will.