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Chapter Five: The song

At first, it was just a wordless croon, a humming noise really. But it grew and grew into a song that seemed to have a life of its own.
It flowed and rippled through the steamy summer air, slowing it down, and soothing frantic energies with a life of it's own. I loved to sing, and once I started, you couldn't stop me until the song was over.
I've been told that I had a good voice, but I wouldn't know. I blanked out so much when I sing that I never remembered it.

It was an eerily haunting tune that had echoed through my head for several days now. It flowed from my lips like water over a stream, taking with it my cares and worries.
It bubbled cheerfully, and rushed with great intensity, sweeping you from one extreme to another. One minute it was incessantly cheerful, and the next it was like a bayou shaded by trees, mysterious and strange.
After a while, it slowed to a mournful tune, that suited what my life was and had been.
It wrenched at your heart to hear the pain and sorrow. But what was most distressing of all, was the resignation.

The resignation that the singer deserved no better.
That no better would ever happen.
The absence of hope.

And with the absence of hope, what is fear, but another breeze tickling our face?

After a while, it slowed and turned again, this time to a lullaby, full of tenderness and love.
The wounded skater's eyes had flickered throughout the song, but closed when the lullaby started.
He looked angelic.

I smoothed the hair from his head tenderly. Somehow, his head had fallen into my lap.
I smiled a soft smile of hope and patience.
I had not felt either of these emotions in a long time. It felt almost awkward to feel them again, but in a good way. It warmed my heart.

Someone cleared their throat softly, and then I heard another someone elbowing that first someone in the side to silence him.
I blushed furiously and rose, gently dislodging his head so it lay on the ground.
I dusted off my hands and stood there awkwardly, feeling as I'd done something wrong, but knowing I hadn't.
The owner of the donated wristbands stepped up and looked down at me from waaay up there where his head appeared to be. He took his baseball cap off, wrung it with his huge, meaty hands, and smashed it back on his head. "Thanks for helping Jaydn." He said in a deep voice that rumbled a bit.
" We won't forget it." he looked at me intensely as he said this.
As if he could never repay me for what I'd done.
I frowned slightly, not comprehending why what I'd done was so big. If it'd gotten worse, they'd have gone to the hospital.
I grinned at the big guy, comfortable with him as I was with very few people. "You're welcome." I said in a laughing voice.

"If you ever need anything, just remember that you've got the Southern band on your side." he said softly, his eyes intense.
I grinned and tried to laugh it off
"I'll call you if I need something off of a really tall shelf."
He smiled again saying, "You do that."
As the band of boys transferred Jaydn to the bed of a truck one of them must have gone get, the tall guy shook my hand and I said "I just realized I don't even know your name."
He frowned slightly, thinking, then grinned lightly.
"Stupid of me to forget. I'm Greth." I smiled slightly at his pronunciation, but making no other reaction to the uncommonness of his name. "I'm Ivy." I said with a smile. "But then you probably knew that already thanks to my dad." I looked around questioningly. "By the way, have you seen him?"

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