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On the way home, I thought about those boys. Specifically Greth and Jaydn. For some reason they stuck in my mind. The way Jaydn's dark hair, a deep red, was haphazardly flung across his forehead when he was lying on the ground. The way Greth and the others seemed lost without him. Listless and milling around aimlessly. Useless really. I smirked. For all Greth's height and sturdy frame, he was really useless in a crisis. My smile faded slightly as I thought of jaydn again. The way his eyes had captivated me. Pulled me in against my will. I wanted to dive into them. I snapped my eyes open. I had closed them unconsciously while thinking of Jaydn's eyes. For God's sake! The way I was thinking of him, you'd think he was a god or something!

No, I shook my head. I shouldn't think like that. For all I know, I'd never see Jaydn or Greth again. I sighed softly. For some reason, the idea that I wouldn't see either of them again mad me unbearably sad. As if I had lost something indescribably precious, just before discovering it's true worth.

Jaydn paced the floor of the stone castle. He grimaced at the pain in his head, and sipped some of the golden liquid next to him. He sighed as the pain retreated. Greth, standing about ten feet away, grinned slightly at his master's predicament. "Tell me again what happened," said Jaydn crisply. Greth smothered his chortle at his friend's mood and soberly delivered his report.

"We were surveying the area where it was said that an unruly wizard was hiding from justice. We were glamoured to look like we were just a bunch of kids skateboarding. No one should've been able to see through it. Evidently, the wizard was warned of our coming and sent a spell to take care of us."

"Shouldn't our wards have taken care of that?" said Jaydn crossly. Greth grimaced. "I guess he sent the spell to affect the elements around us instead of directly targeting us." Jaydn nodded tersely. It was unfortunate, but there was nothing to do about that. "Continue."

Greth cleared his throat. "Apparently the air compacted around you resulting in a severe lack of oxygen, which can be deadly to someone like-" "Yes," Jaydn interrupted, "I am well aware of what will happen." greth grinned sheepishly. "Sorry."

Jaydn nodded. "Go on."

"This resulted in a severe drop in your powers which apparently made you.. Um… faint."

Jaydn made a face. "I fainted?"

"Yessir." said Greth.

"When this happened, a passing car saw that you were passed out, and stopped. A man came out inquiring as to your safety. He said that we should get some help. As you know, that would be impossible, as the glamours that we wear doesn't have a heartbeat. He said that we would move you out of the street. He brought out a girl to help. She didn't seem willing to get involved at first."

"What did she look like?" inquired Jaydn, a spark of interest showing.

"She was about 5' tall with long brown hair and green eyes. She was very demanding actually."

"When the father and daughter (even thought there was little to no resemblance, it was kind of obvious.) got out, you then proceeded to be sick. The girl seemed to then gain a backbone and started oredering us to turn you over so you wouldn't choke. She took charge of the situation quite well, but the drop in your powers was quite severe, and you seemed to be fading."

Jaydn frowned. "It was that bad?" he asked, surprised. Greth nodded. "You were completely drained of power."

"The girl, who by the way is named Ivy, washed your head which was pretty banged up, and seemed to realize that you weren't doing well. How she knew this, I don't know. The glamour was still in place, but it was slipping. You came to long enough to say a few words I couldn't hear. I was to far away. We seemed to intimidate her, so I stayed a ways away. Your glamour slipped almost completely for a minute, and I was expecting the girl to scream or something, but she didn't react adversely. In fact, she seemed to be a different person too. A wind had picked up, and it blew her hair around her head like a halo. The noise from the cicadas got louder and louder. She started to hum softly. It sounded really nice. She started to weave words into it. I don't think she realized it, but that girl was weaving a spell-song. This song was powerful too. It almost overpowered even me. After a while, it slowed from the cheerful tune that it had been, to a hauntingly eerie tune. That girl has been through a lot of sadness Jaydn. More than most could bear. It slowly turned to a lullaby. That song did put me to sleep for a few minutes." Jaydn blinked at this. Few spells could overpower Greth. That was why he was Jaydn's personal guard.

Greth then retreated into his mind to think. That girl… She had struck something. She had started something. Greth didn't know what though. He didn't want to say it, but as she sang, she seemed to grow taller, her hair shone in the sun, and she glowed with energy. Her clothes had flickered from her jeans and t-shirt to a fitted green dress with a slit for mobility up the side. Her backpack had seemed to be a bow and quiver. She hadn't looked human. No….. Not human at all.

"anyway," Greth started again abruptly. "After she sang she got up and introduced herself." Greth decided not to say that after the girl sang, her glamour, or whatever it was, had slipped all the way, and a huntress with copper hair and a slim golden circlet had sat with Jaydn's head in her lap. She had smiled eerily, like she knew more than she told, and she looked for all the world as if she was his mother. Only mothers didn't look at sons like that. Not with that fire and passion. She had looked up at us, and smiled triumphantly. Then Ivy looked like a normal girl again. Greth didn't even think she remembered it.

Greth also decided against telling Jaydn that she had offered the Southen faction's protection to the girl. He really shouldn't have done that. It wasn't his place. But this girl reminded him of his little sister. He didn't want her to get hurt.

Greth broke out of reverie and looked over at Jaydn, who, it appeared, was lost in his own memories.

Jaydn stirred slightly, and summoned a minor breeze to attend him. He spoke in it's ear, and sent it on it's way. He jumped nimbly down from the 10 foot wall he had been pacing and landed softly.

He shook himself quickly and started toward the conference room. He summoned another wind, this time a powerful one. He floated up to the top and stood like the captain of a ship. He looked out at the open sky and grinned ferally.

"No matter who that girl was, it's time to teach that wizard not to mess with me."

Greth shook his head and floated up also.

You should never mess with the Prince of the Southern Winds.

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