When I go to school,

The other girls can be so cruel,

I sit alone,

I hear what they say but I don't moan,

They pull my hair,

And they kick my chair,

They follow me around,

But I still don't make a sound,

They spread rumours behind my back,

Planning every move of there attack,

They wait for me at the end of the day,

I wait counting every second with dismay,

I take every slap punch and kick,

They kick me in the stomach so hard I'm nearly sick,

And I lie there filled with fear,

Anxiously waiting for my saviour to appear,

But no one knows about my pain,

So that's why I'm hear blood soaked in the rain,

When the bullies finally are gone,

I feel sore and week but I carry on,

I finally reach my home,

But no ones there I am all alone,

So I go in the drawer and reach for a knife,

I cut my wrists trying to take my life,

I hear the calling off my name,

The doors burst open and in my mum came,

I was drained in a pool of my blood,

Her eyes filled with tears started to flood,

She grabbed the phone and rang for help,

I didn't need to ever do this to myself,

The paramedics arrived,

Rushed me to hospital and saved my life,

Now I know what to do,

Tell someone and it could save you.