The Secrets of the Ice Queen

Self-Proclaimed Royalty

I felt warm lips suckling my throat. I gave a moan as the cloud of sleep left me due to the incessant lips that traveled up to my earlobe.

I couldn't help but feel annoyed as sleep effectively abandoned me.

The asshole.

I groaned and opened my eyes to the complete darkness. The only sounds were the rustling of the silk sheets and the heavy breathing of my boyfriend who had apparently woken up quite energized. As he shifted to cover me and attempt to lock our lips together, I pushed him away. "Max, come on. It's six o'clock in the morning."

I then groaned in frustration as I realized the time, but despite this, I had no intention of skipping school. Just like in any kingdom, every ruler had to make sure their subjects were constantly in line. I was queen; I could not allow anything to happen at my high school without my knowledge.

Conceited? Probably.

Extreme? Maybe.

Delusional? Not at all.

"I hate Mondays."

I chuckled as Max turned over on his back and stared at the pitch black ceiling, "Don't we all?" I reached over to the side of my bed and pressed a switch. Immediately the room brightened as the black shields that covered my windows—permitting absolutely no light to come through—lifted.

"Ow! Damn, Sarina. Give a warning next time, babe."

The soft maroon carpet cushioned my feet as I stood up and grabbed my baby blue silk robe, "Get up." I tied the robe closed over my nude body. "We have to take a shower and head to school."

He sat up at the mention of a shower, his dark brown hair sticking out at the odd angles. "Shower? Let's go!"

As he made a move to grab me, I took a step back and held up a hand, "Slow down there, cowboy. If we shower together, we'll never make it in time." I motioned to the bathroom, "You go."

My pleasurably built and very gifted Latino boyfriend groaned but begrudgingly entered my bathroom. I just shook my head before crossing the vast space that made my bedroom and stepped into the hall outside. As I made my way to one of the hall bathrooms, I heard noises coming from downstairs. I cautiously made my way to the top of the stairs before descending the elaborate and elegant steps.

As I reached the marble steps, I turned.

Suddenly, I knew what it was. There was no mistaking it.

"Oh, yes! Troy, oh baby! Harder!"

I rolled my eyes and choked down the bile that crept up in my throat.

There are many things a teenager should never see or hear. Like your parents screwing each other on one of the sofas in the living room. .

My life-givers were not the typical fat, wrinkled old seniors. Oh no, they look like they have just come to life from People Magazine.

That doesn't mean it's any easier for their children to digest.

I turned away and walked back up the stairs. I would love to say that this was the first time they had done something… so utterly stupid, but no. No, they relished in the art of sex and were never hindered by company.

I'm pretty sure they'd do it with their children in the room.

I had caught them more than once in the kitchen when I was younger. I knew now to avoid certain areas of the house when they were both in a good mood…

You would think that at they would be past the age of sexual function but again no. My bimbo of a mother had me at twenty-four while my father had been twenty-seven, leaving them at ages forty-two and forty-five.

Talk about being traumatized for life…

I trudged back up the steps and blocked them out of my mind as I showered.

Fifteen minutes later, I stood in front of the mirror studying my reflection. I wore a black vest over a white long-sleeved blouse and a matching mini-skirt. I glanced down at my strappy black stilettos, contemplating putting on gray ones, before deciding that they were fine. I patted my smooth platinum-blonde hair with various highlights before I carefully clipped a part of my hair back with a silver clasp adorned in pearls leaving my side bangs alone since the strands were cooperating and weren't getting in my way. My hair was naturally straight, and so I saved a lot of time by not having to use a straightner.

My make-up was done in a few minutes, having practiced for as long as I can remember.

There all done.

I saw Max's reflection before I felt his arms wrap around me. He was already dressed in a white and blue striped American Eagle shirt with jeans and flip-flops. "Mmm, baby. You look completely…" He trailed off as his lips attacked the side of my throat.

I sighed, "Max. There is a reason why we practically screwed each other all night. We have to go to school now."

He groaned, but knowing any suggestion of "playing hooky" would be shot down, shook his dark-haired, faux hawk-styled head. "All right, let's go. I'm hungry."

As we made it downstairs, we were greeted by the woman who gave me life: Venus D'Aubigne.

"Oh! Sarina, Max, good morning." She smiled as she served a large stack of pancakes on the table before putting her thick platinum blonde waves in a ponytail.

I raised a brow. Yes, my dear life-giver was in a good mood- no need to ask why. Only after a good lay did she even pretend to be a mother. It hardly mattered now. It was over. I had stopped referring to these people as my parents a long time ago.

I realized my boyfriend hadn't answered her, so I glanced at him.

His light brown eyes were firmly glued onto her D-cup silicone breasts which jiggled in the top that seemed a little too small for her. Her nipples were clearly visibly through the pale pink silk. Slowly, his eyes trailed down to her tiny waist, past the smooth tan stomach with a belly button ring and vast hips, and down to her long legs complimented by her tight mini-skirt.

She noticed his gaze and gave him her hot-mid-aged-smile. Her gray eyes sparkled as her pearl pink lips opened to reveal much-too-shiny teeth. It was no wonder her name was the Roman Goddess of Love.

Why can't she be old and wrinkly like she was supposed to be?

Seriously, why torture me?

I took after her somewhat. My breasts weren't nearly as big of course. I like my natural body fine, thank you. We looked almost alike in every way except I was light where she was tan. I don't agree with going to an early grave by creating cancer in a tanning bed.

The one staggering difference between us was our eyes. We shared the same eye color except, as everyone that we've met has agreed, it can be like looking into two very different people. Her eyes were described as warm silver while mine were always compared to steel.

Everyone told her I had a fierce gaze. That looking at me was like looking into the eyes of the devil.

I'm not joking.

Some asshole actually said that to her and what did she do? She laughed. The woman actually laughed as she told me.

"Oh, Sarina. People can be so funny sometimes."

I ignored them. What did they know? You have to be harsh when you rule a kingdom. I may come off as obsessed, but I really don't expect anyone to understand.

Do I claim to be a good person? Not at all.

I could not run and control every aspect of my entire life with a sweet and gentle nature. Besides… empathy wasn't exactly a celebrated aspect in my family.

I snapped out of my thoughts and nudged Max, "If you're gonna eat, hurry up." I never ate breakfast in the morning especially after having checked my weight the week before. I was exactly 2.5 pounds over my ideal weight. Not good at all.

As my boyfriend snapped to attention, effectively turning his mind away from screwing Venus in his wildest dreams, he sat down at the table and began eating everything in sight.

I wasn't surprised. He was our school's linebacker after all.

Still, I glared down at the pancakes taking in the strawberries and blueberries sitting on top of the fluffy whipped cream. Why did she have to make the pancakes look so good? Was she trying to ruin my life?

"Sarina, put this on the table."

I took in the plate she handed me full of bacon and omelets. Was she serious? She knew full well I was on a diet. Why further temptation? I looked back at her, and she rolled her eyes.

"Just put in on the table for your father and don't think about eating it."

"What am I, three?" I snapped back causing her to glare and snatch the platter back.

"You can be such a bitch," she scowled as she placed the plate on the table herself.

I rolled my eyes and sat down on one of the stools at the counter at the end of the kitchen as I waited for Max.

"Good morning, everyone." Troy D'Aubigne, the man who contributed to my conception, breezed into the kitchen, not at all phased by my boyfriend being here at this hour.

I figured he wouldn't be.

As the tall, handsome, light-skinned Greek-named man greeted his Roman counterpart by almost slamming her into the counter and latching his lips onto hers, I rolled my eyes.

Those were the people who conceived me in a nutshell.

Sometimes I wondered how I or my sister, Talia, could have ever survived with them.

Venus and Troy were deeply in love… maybe too in love if that was possible. Their whole world revolved around in each other. As far back as I remember we never had the closeness most other families seem to have. At least dysfunctional families were dysfunctional together most of the time.

I was raised on my own with different nannies though none could stand me for long. They all claimed I was a sadist even at such early ages. I don't remember much, but I do remember hearing about how some claimed I had tried to push them down the stairs or other things of the nature. Most professed they couldn't stand how cold I was and felt I bordered on evil. I think they exaggerated just bit. I mean really, I was just not as energized as other children my age.

Regardless, my life-givers were just too involved with each other to pay attention.

The one thing Venus was swollen with pride about and aware of was the fact that I was at the top of the food chain as far as social standing went. She used to be a queen bee in high school and expected that legacy out of me.

But I'm proud to say that I was queen out of my own thirst for power. Not hers.

Max ignored them making out in the corner as he was used to it, having witnessed it many times before. He's never seen them have sex though thankfully.

He finished quickly and stood up to leave. He smiled at me and made a motion to the front door. He knew I hated waiting.

"What's for breakfast? I'm hungry."

I slipped off my chair as my sister walked into the room.

Talia D'Aubigne was twelve years old but had the face that made grown men think twice. Silky brown strands of hair skimmed her shoulders and framed an oval shaped face with sharp features. Her deep set silver eyes, accented by the heavy eye-liner and mascara, glared to Venus and Troy who broke apart.

She was always bothered by their neglect. I told her countless times to get used to it, but she refused to listen.

"They have to care about us, Sarina. They're our parents."

My little brat of a sister would learn someday.

I found out long ago that they were too deep to be brought back.

Troy sat down at the table wearing a navy black suit that complemented his amber eyes nicely. He was a stockbroker and worked endlessly when he wasn't spending time with his wife. Needless to say, we were well-off.

He smiled at his spouse, and she gave him a wink as she sat down next to him. She reached over and stroked his slight stubble which looked annoyingly dignified on him. I noticed she was careful to avoid his medium brown hair which was styled with a short back and sides while having an added length at the top. I could tell she loved it since she tried hard to not mess it up.

"Can you guys cut it out? You spent most of the morning having sex downstairs!" Talia snapped as she slammed down into her seat looking upset.

I almost sympathized with my little sister even if she was a complete horror most of the time. How can you not be with having no attention from your parents for most of your life? Still I wasn't one to comfort. I didn't really know how to be honest.

I passed the table ignoring Venus' retort.

"Calm down, Talia. Eat for god's sake. Your father will drive you to school."

Once Max and I were outside, I breathed an inward sigh of relief. I always felt better outside of my home… for obvious reasons.

"Man, we need to hurry," Max commented as we entered his black convertible Lexus. He didn't mention the awkward—but normal for my family—moment that had occurred in the kitchen. Needless to say, he knew not to ask me about it, not after the first time where I threatened to end our relationship should he question me about my home life.

I was silent as Max shifted the car into drive and sped off. Thankfully, he kept the top up since he knew I hated it when the wind messed up my hair. He turned on the radio to fill the void of silence. I was never much of a talker—never have been. Most of our conversations, he initiated.

Suddenly, a small chime cut through the music. I recognized it as my phone and as I pulled it out I noticed I had a text message.


I recognized the wonderful articulation of my best friend—used extremely loosely—Candy. Now, I know many teenagers use all IM, but she would do everything in her power to not have to spell out words.

Not the Einstein of the century obviously.

I texted her back: Candy, how many times have I told you? It will not kill you to spell out words. I'm tired of having to look up all these ridiculous acronyms. Can we at least attempt to save the English language? Max and I are on our way now. Chill.

"Candy again?" Max asked casually.

"Yeah, she's going berserk because I haven't shown up yet."

He snickered, "I know she's your friend and all, but if that girl didn't have such a great body, I swear she'd ever get some."

His laughter died at my look, and he quickly corrected himself, "Not better than you though, baby. You're perfect, I meant that-"

I shook my head and put up a hand to stop him, "Forget it, and don't call me baby."

He rolled his eyes and only shrugged in response.

Conversation effectively ceased, and we sat in the silence for the rest of the car ride.

I quickly stepped out of the vehicle once Max had parked it. I know most teenagers always wanted to show off their driving "skills" by speeding as if they owned the streets. Hell, I'm pretty sure I do it on occasion but honestly. Was it necessary? Why give passengers heart attacks?

"Why do you always do that? You should already know how I drive." Max commented somewhat annoyed as he stepped out, an energy drink in hand.

"Yes, but it seems you still manage to give my heart a jump start every time you get behind the wheel. That kid practically wet his pants when you made that last turn." I commented nonchalantly as I grabbed my bag and purse.

He ignored me as he popped open the trunk and retrieved his- rather empty- backpack. He then turned to me and motioned for me to begin walking before taking a gulp of his drink.

I raised a brow but a rather high-pitched squeal cut in.


Candy Vanderpoel raced towards me… in silver stiletto heels. I almost winced at the upcoming spectacle and sure enough, she tripped and began her immanent decent to the ground. However, thanks to her current boyfriend, Luke Edwards, who grabbed her before she fell, the girl was spared humiliation.

They made it toward us, and she smiled sheepishly, her cheeks pink. "Whoops. So where were you two?"

I studied her as Max answered her question. Candy could almost rival me when it came to looks…

She had medium-length golden blonde curls which framed a heart-shaped face and big emerald eyes that made her look almost innocent.

I knew her better than that though.

Miss Vanderpoel could be just as ruthless as I was when it suited her. Her eager ambitions to climb up the social ladder made her teen royalty. Yet, because of lack of… well a brain, she was not as powerful as I had come to be. However, I knew that she could be cunning when needed, and if push came to shove, she would try to overthrow me in order to rule.

I mentally shook my head to get rid of those thoughts. For now, Candy was a servant like any other and did anything I demanded of her. For now at least, that was enough.

"Come on, we're going to be late." I suggested cutting into the conversation.

They glanced at me.

"Why don't we skip first period?" Luke suggested crossing his big forearms over his leather jacket. The football player looked annoyed when Max refused. His dark brown eyes had a glint of malice, "What? You're too tightly whipped or something?"

Max immediately got on the defense. He always did when someone mentioned how he always gave in to my every whim. "Watch it, Edwards. If you want to keep playing for the rest of the season I'd watch my fucking mouth if I were you."

Let it be known that my Max was extremely brave… or extremely stupid. Luke was a head taller and ten times thicker. The black-haired quarterback looked like he wanted to be a heavy weight champion in the future.

I rolled my eyes at the spectacle. I hated it when guys thought they were tough. Maybe if they fought over something worth while…

"Do what you want. I'm not skipping." I retorted before I began crossing the parking lot.

I didn't make it very far.

"Sarina! Watch out!"

I barely registered the fact that a motorcycle had been heading toward me at full speed until Max grabbed me, and I found myself landing on my side hitting the concrete.

I snapped to my senses as the motorcycle screeched as the brakes were applied. The rider yanked off his helmet to glare at me.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you want to get killed?"

I took in the boy in front of me for a second. I didn't recall seeing him before. Granted, there are a lot of people at my high school I never met, but this guy stood out…

Narrowed hazel eyes stared at me ignoring the single strand of hair that had escaped from his ponytail and was now hanging in front of his right eye. Loathe I was to admit, the boy had a handsome face… more so than Max. The many piercings he had intrigued me. He had one in his left eyebrow and several in ears, a small double-axed shaped earring dangled from his left.

I couldn't decide if I was repulsed or not, so I moved down to his torso. His tight black shirt with a red skull in the front did not hide the fact that he had a tone body. Not quite as built as Max or Luke, but I doubted he was aiming for a football player body.

His pants are what really held my attention. I had never liked bondage pants or goth pants as they were sometimes called. They looked too ridiculous to be taken seriously, but maybe it was because no one I had met could pull them off,

Until now…

"So what, not only are you blind, you're deaf too?" The motorcyclist rolled his eyes.

Immediately, my trance broke, and my eyes narrowed. No one talked to me with that tone. As I stood up with Max's help, the Candy and Luke caught up with us.

"Sarina, are you all right?" Candy asked as I checked myself for any injuries before turning to the newcomer, "What the hell was that? Were you trying to kill her?"

"Kill her? She just walked right across without looking! It's not my fault the dumb blonde forgot to look both ways."

Satisfied I had no injuries besides a slightly disheveled skirt, my head snapped up at his comment. Dumb… blonde? No he didn't…

"Watch the way you talk about my girlfriend, you little pixie." Max jumped in to defend me. I glared at him. As well intentioned as it was, I fought my own battles. Max was never good at a battle of wits and my would-be-killer seemed to know that too since he let out a laugh.

"Nice one..."

This sparked Max's short temper and before things got out of hand, I stepped in. "Thank you, Max, but I'll take it from here." The Goth raised a brow at me and this angered me further, "Look, whoever you are, I could very well put you in jail for attempting to run me over. Who the hell drives sixty miles an hour in a parking lot? Everyone here comes to park not race the oxygen in the air. You should have been going slower." I made a point to literally be up in his face, "So this dumb blonde is not at fault for your inept driving."

I turned, intending to walk away and think of a way to get back at him later, when his voice stopped me.

"So the queen says…"

I had to get over the shock for a moment. No one had dared defy me in a long time. I wasn't used to it, and by the gasps of everyone else, neither were they.

"What did you say?"

The motorcyclist snorted in amusement before he turned off his engine and faced me. "I'm sure you heard me, but if you're deaf, I'd be happy to repeat it."

I had to admire his audacity. He visibly showed no fear; on the contrary, he leaned nonchalantly against the motorcycle with his legs and arms crossed.

Despite my esteem, I couldn't let his boldness go unpunished. I walked up to him, "You have no idea who you're messing with."

"By the looks of it neither do you."

I was about to come back with an insult when a voice cut through.

"What's going on here? Why aren't you kids going to class?" A rather large school police officer came up and glared at each of us. "Well?"

"Nothing's happening, Officer Trenton. We're just… talking." I quickly put on my charm with his particular police officer. His partner, Officer McCauley, I had wrapped around my finger, but this one was a tougher nut to crack.

He narrowed his eyes at me but reluctantly turned to leave, "I doubt it, Sarina, but I'll let you go this time. Get to class." He turned to the boy, "Jayden, park your bike and get inside. I don't want to bust you again for being late."

The boy named Jayden rolled his eyes before putting on his helmet, "Whatever." He climbed on his motorcycle and sped off.

As the police officer left, Max turned to me, "Remind me to beat his little faggot-ass later."

"I can't believe he talked to you like that." Candy shook her head, "Some people are so rude. He nearly ran you over."

Luke shrugged, "You weren't exactly too smooth there, Sarina."

I snorted softly in contempt, "That was just a warm-up. You have no idea what I can do. Just wait."

He rolled his eyes but I ignored him. I know I sounded too overconfident, but I knew that wasn't the case. It wouldn't be the first time I destroyed someone. It's the main reason I was as powerful as I was.

I didn't wound.

I didn't hurt.

I obliterated.


Max wrapped his arm around me as we made our way to the school. I suppose I should thank him for saving me, but I couldn't force the words out of my mouth. I shrugged it off. He was my boyfriend. That was about the biggest show of gratitude he would ever be lucky enough to receive from me.

Like I said, I wasn't particularly affectionate or good at showing gratitude.

I looked back at the parking lot before entering the school. So his name was Jayden…

Jayden the Audacious Goth Boy.

There was something about him… maybe the fact that he stood up to me and did it uncommonly well or maybe the fact that I found him attractive when I knew he definitely wasn't my type…

It didn't really matter.

I'll find my way to deal with him.

No one will ever have the advantage over me. I was queen. He was just a commoner. Nothing would ever change that. Not as long as I had anything to do with it.