The Secrets of the Ice Queen

A/N: I have created another story called The Secrets of the Gothic Artist which goes parallel to this one. It is not necessary to read the other story, but I would highly recommend it since it is told from Jayden's POV. I made it that way simply because I never intended to write Jayden's story but felt it had to be told. Again, I highly recommend reading The Secrets of the Gothic Artist as well as this one. Oh and this story as well as the other one will most likely go up to M by next chapter. Enjoy!

Crystallized Kingdom of Perception

Golden Summers High School (Home of the Stallions) was a very popular—and crowded—school clearly evident by all the students parading the hall or loitering around the golden or white lockers. The place was always surprisingly clean for a public school.

We walked through the double doors with Max's arm around my shoulders earning several jealous looks from girls and boys alike.

Contrary to various movies in existence not every single individual stared in awe as we walked by. The majority did, but there were others quite adamant on ignoring our presence. That was fine with me. As long as they didn't get in my way, I could care less what they did. As we passed a group of Goths, I subconsciously looked for Jayden—well I guess it couldn't be too subconscious if I was aware of it—but point being, I didn't see him obviously since it hit me that he was still parking his bike outside.

I still hadn't figured out what to do with him. I knew how to handle girls… but boys were a little more troubling. Usually, my boyfriends could intimidate them, but Jayden seemed different. I wasn't overly concerned. I enjoyed a challenge.

"I hate how all these guys stare at you." Max whispered in my ear. I almost snickered at the jealous tone in his voice.

"They are just unhappy we're still together."

Max said nothing. Clearly that was still a touchy subject. It was well known that I liked to keep my options open, so it was a phenomenon that I have been with Max all these months. We began dating at the end of our junior year after I had decided I wanted him to be my boyfriend, and he jumped at the chance.

It was now nearing October so we've been dating for… five months or so.

We didn't have many problems, but we were far from the model couple. An incident in June had almost caused us to break up.

I guess I should explain something. Though I demanded loyalty from those around me, I didn't necessarily feel the need to return the favor. I knew I it wasn't exactly fair; I also didn't care.

I have had a few trysts with other guys while dating Max. None serious of course, or I would have broken up with him.

I'm sure Max knew. I had warned him before we started dating that though I wouldn't exactly flaunt my affairs, I wouldn't be too clandestine. I had made known what he would be getting into, and he had accepted. I do have some morals after all.

Anyway, in June I had caught him with the former head cheerleader, Samantha Richards, at a pool party she had thrown. Samantha had innocently asked some of the football players—including Max—to help her bring out the heavy coolers. However, when I found the two of them, what they had been doing was anything but what she had originally asked him to do.

I had considered leaving Max, but the boy had been relentless and insisted it was a mistake. Normally, I wouldn't accept an apology after a betrayal of that magnitude, but I still liked Max more than any other, so I forgave him.

However, Samantha had to be taken care of.

Max had been so distraught to find his little cheerleader had been forced to move to another state when she received various phone calls from different males—boys and men alike—thanking her for her… services and promising to pay the full amount of payment the next time they met. On top of that, mysterious drugs were found in her car…

Candy had informed me that her parents had been worried for some time that their daughter had been doing drugs and hanging out with the wrong crowd. I merely used that to my advantage.

All in all, Maximilian Ramirez learned to never cross that line again.

We gathered at my locker as we usually did in the morning. We were soon joined by other popular teens, but I paid them no attention as I opened my locker and retrieved my English book for my first period class which I shared with Candy.

"Candy, did you finish the narrative essay that's due today?"

Her eyes widened, "Oh, no! I forgot; I'll do it right now!" Without warning, she tore a piece of spiral paper and used Luke's back as she began writing furiously.

"Ow! Candy, be careful. You're pressing the pen right through the paper and into my back!"

I shook my head, "Candy, it has to be typed. Mrs. Fenton won't take it handwritten."

The emerald-eyed girl shrugged and released her boyfriend, "I'll just tell her I lost it in a fire."

I rolled my eyes before shutting my locker, "That's conceivable." Not wanting to be around stupidity any longer, I pushed my books into Max's arms, "Walk me to class."

No sooner had those words left my mouth, I heard everyone shutting their lockers and following me down the hall. I ignored them and focused on what Max was telling me.

"So I was thinking we should go off campus for lunch. I know you're on a diet and everything, but I'm sure some places have— "

"We can't eat off campus anymore."

Max stopped and glanced at me confused, "What? Why not?"

"Remember the accident last week, two students racing each other and ending up in the hospital? There's a new rule saying we are not allowed to leave campus for lunch." I pointed to a new plaque on the wall, "It says so right there."

"Aw, man that's total bullshit!" Max groaned, and Luke agreed.

"Why do we have to pay for those stupid douche bags?"

Soon other complaints chorused in the hallways. I rolled my eyes in exasperation. There were only six announcements about it last Friday. I know some students already knew and just didn't say anything, but honestly, I felt like the only one with an average IQ at the moment.

I snatched my books from Max's arms and headed up the stairs. I let out a breath at having a moment alone before being bombarded by more admirers.

"Sarina! You look great today!"

"We should have lunch!"

"I'm having a party this weekend, can you make it?"

Don't get me wrong, I liked the attention… just not today. I was silent but this did nothing to discourage my devotees. They all kept chattering away as I walked into my english classroom. As I sat down, my teacher, Mrs. Fenton, ushered them out the door.

"Get to class! You'll be late." She turned to me, her stern expression becoming colder, "Honestly, Sarina. Must you bring hordes of students each time you enter my class?"

"What makes you think it's my fault? Do you see me pulling them by leashes? They come here on their own." I snapped back annoyed.

The old woman pursed her lips, "Watch your tone, Sarina. You don't want detention."

I said nothing. I didn't have the patience to deal with her. I instead inspected my perfectly manicured nails while waiting for Candy to realize my absence and come rushing to find me.

As if on cue, the blonde rushed in, "Sarina! There you are! I was looking all over for you."

I said nothing, merely glanced at her—a nonverbal cue to continue. However, Candy as usual, did not understand as she sat down next to me and was silent.

I gave an exasperated sight before getting her attention, "What did you need?"

Candy looked at me in surprise, "Nothing, I just wanted to know where you were."

"Girls, if you're quite finished, I would like to start class."

I looked up to find the classroom filled with students, and Mrs. Fenton standing at the front of the room, glaring at us. I knew I risked detention, so I refused to say anything.


"We're done, Mrs. Fenton." Candy replied sweetly. She always took over when I deemed it beneath me to argue.

The shrew of a woman huffed but began to teach the class as she wanted. She asked for the essays, and I placed mine on her desk just as Candy came up.

"Mrs. Fenton… about my essay, there's been a tragedy at my house…"

I rolled my eyes, knowing our teacher would not believe a single word. Still, I gave Candy props for trying.

I glanced at the clock. We had a full forty minutes left. Great…

I sighed in relief when I entered my Spanish IV class with Candy and a few other meaningless people. English class had been a bore as usual, but since Max, Candy, and I shared this period then this class was more enjoyable.

Since Max came from his own English class at the other end of the school, he entered after we were seated.

"Hey, babe." He greeted before sitting in the seat right in front of me. He turned to Candy who sat next to me—as usual. "Luke says he can't go out with you on Thursday. Coach extended football practice."

She pouted in return, "Aw."

The bell rang, signaling the start of class, but I ignored it.

"I'm thinking of throwing a party this weekend." I spoke suddenly, "My parents are going out of town, and my sister is sleeping over at a friend's house. You can make-out with Luke all you want then."

Candy beamed, "Awesome. What time?"

Everybody had gotten strangely quiet. I paused for a moment. I didn't want a million people showing up at my doorstep. "Invitations will be handed out come Wednesday. I'd rather not say more at the moment."

"Señorita D'Aubigne, if you're done with your announcement, can I start class?"

I glanced at my teacher, Mr.—er—Señor Gonzales. He was in his mid-forties, I would guess, with dark gray hair and spectacles much too large for his nose giving the appearance that they would slide right off and hit the floor any second.

"Feel free."

He gave me a look which I ignored before staring his lesson, "Very well, then." He motioned to the blackboard, "Pongan atención. Sacen una hoja de papel y contesten la pregunta que esta en la pizarra."

"What?" I heard Candy hiss.

Max turned slightly and replied almost exasperatingly, "He said take out a sheet of paper and answer the question on the board."

"Don't snap at me! It's not my fault I'm not Mexican!"

"I'm Salvadoran, damn it!"

I placed my chin in my hand, "She's right though, Max. Why the hell are you taking Spanish? You speak the language."

Max shrugged but did not turn, "It's an easy grade."

"Touché." I had to admit, I couldn't argue with that logic.

"Señor Sanchez, despiértese."

I looked over to see my teacher leaning over a student who was at the current moment out cold on the desk. He wore a navy blue hoodie that was at the moment covering the boy's head as he slept soundly, his snores muffled by the fact that he rested his head on his arms.

I knew exactly who it was. Fernando "Ace" Sanchez always slept for at least a good third of Spanish class before waking up to live up to his reputation of a class clown. He was remarkably charming in his own way. He made a habit of making passes at me at least once every day but had toned it down considerably since I started dating Max.

Even a class clown knew not to mess with a football linebacker.

"Señor Sanchez!"

I refrained from informing our teacher that waking Ace would be a lost cause. You would think after two weeks of the same routine, something would stick to the old man.


Everyone jumped at the unexpected shout, and Ace shot straight up. I put a hand to my racing heart. It had to be illegal for such a frail-looking man to have such an earsplitting bellow.

The whole class laughed as Ace looked around wildly, his hood hiding most of his face.

"What? What happened?"

Señor Gonzales sighed and brought Ace's attention to him. "Fernando, you really must stop sleeping in my class."

I feel it necessary to point out that when Señor Gonzales was really annoyed he used first names instead of the other way around. Weird, I know.

Ace also found it irritating apparently. He stretched as he gave a particularly large yawn, "It's Ace, señor."

Our teacher ignored him, "Stop sleeping, Fernando. Ponga atención por una ves en su vida y quitese su capucha. "

Even though I was in Spanish IV, I hardly understood every single word my teacher ever spoke, but I got the gist of it as Ace took off his hood and revealed to the world the worst case of bed head anyone had ever seen. His jet black hair stuck out at odd angles and looked like he had gone through a tornado not once but twice.

Señor Gonzales shook his head but left well enough alone. Ace smirked, and I could almost see his energy levels surging to normal—for him at least. He caught my eye and winked but did nothing more as Max gave him a glare. He instantly put his hands in the air in mock surrender.

"Hey! Calmate, guey! I'm not after your girl."

'Señor Sanchez!"

I noticed our teacher hated the Mexican term. It seemed that it was offensive.

Max on the other hand, paid our instructor no heed, as he shook his head, "Más te vale, Sanchez."

Honestly, what was with the male species today? I ignored both of them as I put my brain to work. There's no use in getting annoyed over the inevitable.

The day was going by incredibly slowly. I walked down the stairs and down the hall towards the lockers followed by Max, Candy, and insignificant others.

"So, Sarina, I just heard Michelle Yamaguchi is having a party this weekend too." Candy informed me.

I gave her a casual look as I stopped at my locker and opened it. I briefly recalled hearing Michelle informing me of the party as I headed for my English class earlier that morning, "And?"

"Well, she's a junior and really popular so— "

"Not as popular as Sarina," Max cut in, "Obviously, everyone who can get in will be going to Sarina's and head over to Michelle's if they're rejected. Seniors top underclassmen."

"Everyone knows that." Luke made his presence known. He wrapped an arm around his girlfriend's waist. "What's going on?"

"Sarina's throwing a party this weekend." Candy informed him.

He merely looked at me in response, "Your parents will be gone?"

"Obviously," I rolled my eyes, "What fun would that be if they were there?"

Luke refused to reply and turned his attention to one of his friends. In turn, I closed my locker after retrieving my economics book for my next class as well some others I needed throughout the day.

Not one to miss a beat, Max grabbed my books and began walking with me in the direction of my next class. His government class coincidently was right across from mine so we usually got a few minutes to ourselves before we went our separate ways.

Thankfully, everyone seemed preoccupied with their own business and allowed us to walk alone to our destination.

"Thank god, she didn't follow us. I swear Candy gets on my last nerve." My boyfriend grumbled as I retrieved my books from his arms.

"You and me both, but what can you do? She's vital to me at this point."

He gave me an odd look, and I raised a brow in response.

"What is it?"

"It really throws me off when you start talking like that."

"Like what? Honestly?" I let out a small chuckle, "Really, Max. Get used to it or walk away. It's your call."

"Whatever. See you after class." He gave me a quick peck on the lips before entering his classroom. I shook my head in annoyance before turning to head into my own classroom when I collided with something hard and dark.

My books fell onto the tile ground, and I opened my mouth to tell off said offender when familiar hazel eyes collided with my own.

"Are you always this clumsy, or is this my lucky day?" Jayden replied sarcastically as he bent down to retrieve my books.

I clicked my tongue in annoyance. I won't lie about the fact that this boy had been on my mind throughout the morning, but I still had not figured out what to do with him. Still, I could not let his comment go unhindered.

"Since you're blocking my way, I'd say you're the one off kilter today." I took the books offered to me and noticed several students had stopped what they were doing in order to watch the scenario unfold. This was high school and anything different—from rumored fistfights to unexpected puking—caught their interest like moths to flame.

Jayden rolled his eyes, "Whatever you say, your highness. As much as I enjoy our conversations in which you completely astound me with lack of good comebacks, I'd rather not run into you every other hour."

I felt my temper flare—which I must point out didn't happen often—as he turned to walk away. I was not used to people getting the best of me and certainly not dismissing me as if I were some common passerby. Didn't this kid see I was above him?

Well, you learn something new everyday.

"Hold up, Goth boy." I grabbed his backpack and not to gently yanked him back to me, watching as some of his textbooks fell out of the unzipped bag and also noticing he almost spilled the energy drink in his hand.

"Fuck! What the hell are you trying to do?" He snarled as he wiped some of the liquid off his shirt.

"I'm getting your attention. Now that I have it, I have a little information you might find useful." I walked up to him, and his eyes narrowed as I did so. "I think the energy drink might be heightening some of your neurotransmitters influencing your—temporary I'm sure—daring nature, but I would be careful little Jayden on who exactly you are choosing to challenge. I'll admit you caught me off guard this morning, but I think nearly being run over does shake a person up."

"However," I placed a finger over his lips as he attempted to speak only to have him snarl and swat my hand away. This deterred me none, "I will give you this one final chance to stay out of my way and keep your oh so witty comments to yourself before you get hurt."

I noticed a random female standing next to me and handed her my books, "Hold these." She looked stunned but did as I ordered without protest.

Jayden finally seemed to pull himself together before he raised a brow and inquired sarcastically, "What exactly can you do to hurt me?"

I shrugged before bending down to pick up the couple of books that had fallen from his backpack as he had done for me. "I can hurt you in a variety of ways, Goth boy. It all depends on the mood you find me in." I held up the textbooks, "We'll start with making you late to class. I hope you can catch."

He looked confused and then dismayed as his books went sailing through the air. I knew he would have no choice but to use both of his hands to catch them, and unfortunately, one hand was already occupied with his drink.

As I watched his hand open and the drink begin its slow decent to the ground, I smirked as he successfully caught his textbooks and then curse loudly when the aluminum can met the ground and spilled its contents over the tile and his pants.

"Shit!" He swore as he glanced down at the mess before glaring at me, "Bitch."

I grabbed my books from the stunned bystander and turned to give him a smirk as I threw his words from earlier that morning back at him, "Nice one."

As the bell began to ring, signaling the start of class, everyone took off at a dash. I had to add one more little quip and so gave a small wave before entering my economics class, "Don't take too long. You wouldn't want to get detention now, would you?"

If anyone had been anticipating the fall of an empire they had another thing coming. I was both King and Queen of Golden Summers High School, and I would never allow anyone to take that away from me. I then entered the classroom and let the door shut behind me not looking back.

Finally, lunch time, after a really boring class of Economics, I made my way to my locker where my… followers were gathered. As I did, I heard whispers.

Apparently my little spat with Jayden had spread like wildfire.

I paid them no mind as I rounded the corner and was spotted by Candy.

"Sarina!" She ran over to me, "Is it true?"

"Is what true, Candy?" I asked as I casually arrived at my locker. Max and Luke were eyeing me warily as they stepped aside for me.

"That stupid Goth freak got all up in your face again?"

"I wouldn't say he was in my face exactly." I finished placing my books in my locker before grabbing new ones. "But yes, I had another run-in with him."

"That's it!"

I felt annoyed when Max punched a nearby locker. Now honestly, what did that locker do to deserve abuse?

"I'm getting that fairy now!"

I blinked as Max began walking—well stomping really—away from me. Luke wasn't far behind him with the other jock lackeys. I exchanged glances with Candy and rolled my eyes at her thrilled expression. I should have known she would find this amusing.

I felt the urge to stop him but then shrugged it off. I did not want to deal with a fuming and complaining Max later.

"Come on, Candy. We're eating outside."

She looked disappointed but quickly got over it as she followed me in the direction of the outside tables.

Five minutes later, as we sat down at our usual table, it happened.

It was almost like a tsunami.

First, the wind of whispers began as students began speaking in excited undertones. The hushed voices began to spread increasing in volume and distance. When it hit us, they were full-fledged shouts.

"Fight! Fight!"

"Fight around the corner of the school!"

I raised a brow as the shouts grew louder, and the wave of students began rising and tumbling in the direction of the fight.

I stayed where I was and ordered Candy to do so as well. The rest of my female group also did not move but began to question each other on what they thought the outcome of the fight would be. I said nothing. Jayden would not stand a chance… pity.

Soon students began returning and talking animatedly amongst themselves. Luke appeared followed by the other football players, but I saw no sign of Max.

Candy rushed towards her boyfriend, "Luke! Are you all right!? He didn't hurt you did he?"

I almost snickered at the annoyed look on Luke's face as Candy fussed over him like a bitch with her pup. Anyone with a brain could see he looked impeccable as ever, from his sleeked hair to his expensive shoes.

"I'm fine, Candy lay off." He made his way over to the table, and I spoke up.

"Where's Max?"

"Officer McCauley and Dr. Gregory took him away along with the Goth Kid."

The principal got involved? Max would be in deep shit.

"He was banged up pretty hard."

I was jerked out of my thoughts, and I turned a sharp gaze on Luke. "What?"

He shrugged, "I would have never guessed it, but the Goth put up a pretty decent fight. The cop and the principal came before Max could land a straight hit."

Anger filled my veins, "So let me get this straight… Max… lost?"

The Quarterback shrugged, "I'm sure Max would have caught him eventually and pounded him into the ground. Word spread too fast, and the staff got involved."

"That hardly matters. Max did start it all, am I right?"


"But after that, he could not land a punch on a scrawny boy?"

Okay… I exaggerated a little. Jayden was far from scrawny, Max was only slightly thicker. The point was my boyfriend… lost. I never lost at anything and that extended to those in my company.

"Basically, yeah. He actually got Max in the gut and the back before McCauley got there."

"So he did lose." I stood up. "Luke, we need to talk. Follow me."

He knew my intentions, as well as did everyone else.

Candy said nothing like I knew she would. She knew better. The blonde was my informative in a lot of things, the grand protagonist in my schemes, but she knew I could easily leave her without a single valuable possession should she question me.

I ignored the whispers around me as I entered the building and headed for an empty classroom. I found one and went in. Luke followed silently behind me until I closed and locked the door.

Suddenly I was pushed onto the teacher's desk—which happened to be miraculously empty. Luke was instantly on top of me kissing my throat.

As anyone can guess, this wasn't the first time Luke and I had spent time together. The first time had been the night of Samantha Richard's Pool Party. After chewing Max out, I had been left fuming but sexually frustrated. Luke, with his annoyingly sarcastic comments, had followed me out to my car.

Long story short, afterwards we silently agreed to indulge each other once and a while, usually when we were frustrated with our respective partners.

Despite us being attracted to each other, we didn't really like each other very much. That was the main reason why both of us did not make an attempt to become an item with each other. Our arrangement was such that we could enjoy each other without really going into detail by conversing.

That would completely destroy our… relationship so to speak.

Candy and Max were vaguely aware of Luke and me. Of that I was certain. Both acted as if they were ignorant, not too hard for Candy, and that's the way it would remain until I deemed it otherwise.

I did not worry about getting caught. I knew enough about the school to know what areas were deserted. Besides, I had a… special relationship with the principal, Dr. Gregory. The man had a PhD, but he was still a man. He could not withstand the greatest temptation that was woman. One little excursion, and he gave me far more leverage than was allowed. I could do anything that I wanted.

As Luke slipped a hand under my skirt, my thoughts dissipated until only dark pleasures remained.

Clothes were discarded and heavy breathing filled the air.

A powerful ruler could not have a weak consort. If Max did not redeem himself soon, he'd find himself dethroned, replaced by a more powerful noble… maybe even a soldier.

I grasped the edge of the desk as I rode my channel of frustration. Despite the somewhat faithful fighter beneath me, hazel eyes flashed in my head.

Or maybe even… a commoner disguised as a knight…