I am 6 years old

I worthless or so I've been told

I'm covered in patches black and blue

Why, I only wish I knew

When I go to school

I play an act; it's my friends I fool

I hide behind this brave mask

But really this is all just an act

When the teachers question

I'm close to confession

Then her face pops inside my head

It was just an accident I quietly said

When I'm on my way back to the pit

I think of all the times I've been hit

What have I done to deserve all the pain?

For her my life is just one big game

I open the door and there she stands

Raging made with a knife in her hands

She lunges it forwards and she pierces my skin

Her face lights up with an evil grin

She stands and watches as I sink to the floor

My pleading voice she chooses to ignore

The 6 years of my life have been a waste

Soon deaths door is where I will face

The doors plunge open, in the social workers came

They arrested my mum and told me I wasn't to blame

I'm rushed to hospital, they held my hand

I told them what had happened and I didn't understand

They told me I was going to be alright

They told me to fight, fight for my life

If they came any later they would have been too late

I guess some would have called it fait

So now the abuse will happen no more

I'm finally released from her claws

She didn't even try to deny

She told them straight that she wanted me to die

So in prison now she will stay

And that's were she will always be I pray