Beginning of August came around and the beginning of school was imminent. Arial and her parents went to each shop in the town collecting the items that she would need for her classes.

The town wasn't that large, it was one street going north and south, lined with small buildings full of anything you'd need for East River Talent School.

Arial studied the list over again and sighed. Where was she going to get a book entitled " Forty Thousand Breathing and Yoga Techniques" The town barely looked large enough to have heard of Barnes and Nobles.

"This is the last stop Arial" Her parents stated as they stopped in front of an old and rickety building with old shingles that looked like the once gray paint had started to chip and now looked to be the exact match to the dirt beneath the families feet. The front of the store said Mrs. Manings Bookstore.

" Now we just have to find these books" Arial's mom said in an exasperated tone. " Though where will we find them in this place"

The inside was just as drab and depressing as the outside, with peeling wallpaper and holes scattering the walls. Piles of old dusty books sat in heaps, looking like they hadn't been looked at in ages. The floor seemed as if termites had made a permanent home. It was plagued with tiny holes that creaked when you walked on it. The door was so old that the hinges were rusted through and they creaked when you opened the door. As the family walked through the door the door began to creak then made a loud bang as the hinge relinquished control of the door and fell with a loud noise right onto the hole plagued floor.

" To tell the truth how can such a renown school be in this town when the buildings haven't been renovated in generations." Arial stated as she jumped at the sound of the door.

"Don't worry about the door it does that all the time" A voice called out from behind one of the stacks of dusty books." I'll get to it when school is in session, right now it is just to busy"

Both Arial and her parents made a scan of the empty bookstore and shook their heads. How could such an renown school even reside in the same town.

The voice that spoke sounded like any old lady. A slight cracking noise was heard when she spoke which lead one to think she had lung problems. Over one of the many stacks of old books a small patch of fluffy hair was shortly followed by eyes of the clearest blue and a cheery smile.

" My name is Mrs. Maning deary, You must be Arial my you are a lovely little canary aren't you dear." She bustled behind different stacks of books producing six very large tomes and depositing them into Arial's arms before continuing. " News about the new girls travel fast my dear, and you have already established a reputation, your not one to be trifled with are you. Sir, Madam the total comes to Twenty- eight seventy four" Mrs. Maning said in a quick and precise way that made a claim that she had been working in the bookstore a long time.

Arial's parents gave the elderly woman the money and escorted Arial out.

Don't worry you'll be fine.

Arial looked around to locate the direction of the strange voice. Looking back at Mrs. Maning who just smiled and nodded as if saying yes to Arial curious gaze.

Rushing, her parents walked out of town to their house. From the outside it was a charming little white house, with two floors and a fenced in yard. Walking through the door boxes still bunched against corners and against the wall. Crosses and pictures of Jesus spotted the wall.

" That woman esta loca " Arial's mother stated as she crossed herself. Continuing on her rant in Spanish.

" Mama I don't think she was crazy, mama I think she was a nice old lady" Arial interjected. She actually liked the old lady. She was one of the few people Arial didn't feel like tearing her hair out around.

" I agree with Arial she isn't loca she is old and probly has Alzheimer's" Her dad said ending in a chuckle.

Arial just quietly shook her head. She could feel a headache start to form from the exposure of being in the town all day. She didn't like what her parents said she knew it was wrong but she didn't have the heart to contradict what her parents said.

Arial stood in her room a later that night, she was looking through her bed trunk, checking to see if she had everything she would need for the next day. She felt the emotion before she knew her mother stood in the door frame.

" Arial, I'm sorry if I seem not to appreciate you, or if I seem not to love you. I have just been confused. Why did your talent show up when you were fifteen. I mean that was only a year ago. Why didn't it show up at birth. Arial's mother said through teary eyes and sniffles.

" Mama, it has always been there in a way. It's just when I was small it was I just knew if you were upset. When I turned fifteen it had just gotten so bad that I couldn't stand it. It was never anything you did." Arial looked at her mom, her emotions singing out filled with tears and sorrow. No matter what Arial could read the emotions. It was just something she learned to try to deal with. She never once thought her mother might have blamed herself for Arial's talents, and the pain that it caused her daily.

Without warning Arial's mom cleared the distance between them and scooped her into a hug, tears rolled down her face like rocks down a mountain side.

" Mama por favor, please, I have to get ready for bed, the bus is suppose to come early and I have to sleep at some point." Arial stated with a little difficulty.

" Yes, yes of course, though you have everything right; toothbrush , toothpaste, underclothes. You have those right"

" Mom I think I have everything I need, If I forget anything I'll call and tell you so you can send it to me right away. Arial said as she hugged her mom burying her fingers in her moms curls." I always did love your curls" Arial admitted with a giggle.

" Your hair would do it to if you didn't get it cut so short" Arial's mom said as she brushed a strand out of her daughters eyes." Buenas Noche, goodnight sweetie" Arial's mom said with a soft smile. Walking quietly out of Arial's room.

Arial was left looking at her mirror imagining herself with curls. She shook her head and change out of her black jeans. Tomorrow is a new day and the beginning of a new school.