" Mom, Dad, where are you, donde esta" Arial said as she walked searching along a dark deserted road. The trees cast shadows along the asphalt and there wasn't a sound anywhere." Madre, Padre" Arial said she felt her throat tighten and tears began to form in her eyes as panic began to form and she started to nervously glance at the shadows around her.

I can't feel any emotion from them. I can always feel their emotion, but I can't now. Something is wrong very ,very wrong.

Arial thought as she glanced up at the night sky the trees swayed and the clouds covered the sky and the moon, making the night ominous and foreboding.

Two lights flashed in the distance and Arial ran to cover the difference, hoping that it was her parents. As she approached panic crawl into appearance. Arial felt her skin grow clammy and her breathing began to get faster and rushed. A dark blue Toyota four door was parked hanging halfway off of the guardrail. Arial could just barely make out that the front of the car was extremely damaged. Almost as if the had been smashed into by a wall. Arial saw the white of the airbags and her mind began to rush.

" Please God don't take them from me please, They are the only ones I have that understand me" Arial began to cry as she crossed to the driver side door. She couldn't make out who it was but she thought by the style of the shirt it was her dad. She saw the other form slumped into the airbag on the other side and her tears began to pour like someone had lifted the dam gates." Mom, Dad answer me, It's Arial your daughter Mom, Dad" Her throat stung and she could taste the saltiness of her tears. Slowly she reached out to touch the body. It was as cold as death and when she pulled her hand back it was Thickly covered in a dark sticky substance.

I just need to see their faces I have to know

Arial touched the shoulder of the driver and began to lift but decided to call the paramedics. With her hand that wasn't covered in the dark sticky substance she reached into her back jean pocket.

Its not there oh my gosh my phone its gone

Arial let out a small wail and grabbed the shoulder of the man and began to pull, but before she could pull the man up to see his face Arial felt a cold hand touch her shoulder. Arial let out a ear splitting scream as the darkness and the car in front of her faded and she was sitting on the school bus. She jumped up and she looked around girl looked sadly at Arial but remained in their seat. A small golden blonde girl with dark amber eyes stared back like a deer caught in a set of headlights.

" I-I-I'm s-s-so sor-r-r-rry I just wanted to see if you were okay. You w-were crying in your sleep. You were muttering something about they can't be dead" The girl said in a voice that was like wind blowing through a tree in spring. It was so light Arial could just barely make out the words the girl said.

" I'm sorry I guess I just fell asleep and had a bad dream" She hoped she had put on just the right tone. A tone that was nonchalant that told the person she was speaking to I simply don't care. She hoped it would tell the girl that it was over and to leave.

The girl just stood beside Arial and smiled her smile was wide and cheery and her eyes grew wide to look like they had taken up half of her face.

" My name is Anamarila, but since your interesting you can just call me Mila, all of my friends do. What's your name?"

Arial just looked at her in surprise.

I can't read her emotions at all. This is a first for me , unless, she has to be psychic.

Arial thought as she got ready to speak.

Your right you can't read my emotions and I can't read yours. Though I can read your mind and the answer is yes I am psychic.

Arial looked up and the girl and smiled. A psychic you would never have guessed.

" My name is Arial, would you like to sit down Mila" Arial clear her things from in front of her and sat them on the chair beside her. Mila smiled and nodded happily throwing all of her things into one of the two empty chairs in front of Arial. Arial just turned her head to glance back out the windows. The trees passed buy, it was August soon the trees would start to change and she had to get use to new people in a new school. Arial just sighed and watch the trees. She could make out forms running and flying through the mass of bushes.

" I heard one of the girls can turn into animals. I hope she made it on the bus though that would be a long way to run or hop as a rabbit" Mila said in her soft and airy voice.

" Yeah I guess it would be a far run" Arial said in agreement.

Mila just looked at Arial and a small glint crossed her eyes.

" Mila what are you doing. I hope your not going to pull something dangerous" Arial said as she felt a small tug on her brain.

Muhahaha, I'm the psychic bunny that talks to you in your head. Seriously I hope that you and I get put in the same clique. I heard that the cliques are based on your powers.

Mila said as her eyes flashed the emotions. A girl with long jet black hair, who sat behind them turned around and flashed a smile. Her eyes where the color of smoke a deep dark gray shade.

" I'm sorry to have eavesdropped but your right, they do separate you into cliques based on your powers, though those are only the people you eat and sleep with. Cliques form naturally no matter what setting. I'm sorry I'm being rude, My name if Cathrina, and as you might of guess I too and a psychic." Cathrina said with a smirk. Mila just shook her head and rolled her eyes.

" Well ,Thank you for the information Cathrina, It was so nice to meet you" Arial said as she forced herself to be polite. Eavesdropping ,know-it-alls were something that Arial didn't take nicely. Cathrina just shrugged her shoulders and turned around. Arial giggled and rolled her eyes at Mila. Both girls smiled and turned there heads looking out the window and watched the scenery pass by.