The car came to a stop outside school and I grabbed my bag, shoving the books into the uniform shoulder bag. I opened the door of the gold jaguar, slid my body around, and stepped out of the car. I didn't care to look back and my mother, and simply walked through the front doors. I rolled the top of my plaid skirt up, pacing the familiar way to my locker. I unbuttoned the top of my shirt, and heard a few of the passing guys whistle; I smiled cheekily.

"God girl, Clare, wake up!"My mother shrieked. I opened my eyes quickly and threw my books into the red messenger bag. I opened the door of the run-down Volvo, and hurried out; slamming the door on my mother's voice. Janet, one of my few friends was standing outside the front doors.

"So, how's the family?"She asked me. I came to her side and we stepped at the same pace.

"Ehh, the usual, I wish they would die, but it's cool. How are you?"

"Life goes on, I got walked into….already, like I swear, people just don't see me, but whatever."

The bell rung, summoning me to class; I turned around and Janet murmured something about lunch and I nodded, already forgetting what she had said. I walked mindlessly through the hallways, ignoring the many people that made faces at me, my ears blocking out the jeers and insults. Why couldn't just one of them like me, why couldn't I be one of those girls? All too soon I walked into the closed door of my first period class. Crap! I took a step back and twisted the handle of the wooden door. I slid into the small room, stupidly thinking that I would be unnoticed. I pulled out my chair, the cold metal creating eerie sounds. I sat down quickly, glancing quickly at the teacher before lowering my head. It wasn't our usual teacher; it was weird but I could say he was rather attractive. He had dark black hair that covered the tips of his ears, and green eyes; I guessed he was about 25, older than my 17 years. He began talking, covering the next lesson's material, but that didn't matter.I could feel my thoughts slip away, and I let myself dream willingly.

I began to giggle as one of the senior guys wrapped his arm around my waist, and pulled me towards his muscular body. He tilted his face towards mine, closing in for a kiss. I tilted my head and his lips ended up kissing my throat, but he kissed it all the same.

"My house tonight, Clare." He muttered into my neck; it wasn't a question, but I knew he would pay me if I was good. I smiled and he let go of waist. I turned around and his hand slipped up underneath my short plaid skirt. I stuck out my ass, and he gave it a quick slap, sending me to my first period class. I opened the door; I was the first one, only the substitute teacher sat at his desk, scribbling rapidly on a piece of crumpled binder paper.

A screwed up ball of paper flashed past my face, landing on the desk.

"I would appreciate if you pay some attention, Clare." The substitute whispered into my ear, brushing my hair back. Wait, why was he being so intimate, he could loose his job! I looked around, expecting the class to be staring at his affectionate gesture. They sat still in their seats, staring at the board, the chalk frozen, half way through writing a list of proper nouns. I glanced back to right; his breathing still hot on my neck.

"Clare, the answer please, Clare, Clare Black, please, do you have something to say to the class?"the smooth voice sounded from the front of the class. "Can you name a few proper nouns for the class?" My head had been resting on my desk, my arms wrapped around, cushioning it from the cold surface. I lifted up my head, noticing a crumpled piece of paper lying beside my hand.

"Sorry, I'm really sorry." I picked up the binder paper, and began to unravel it. I read the scribbled gothic hand-writing.

It was all real, come to me my darling Clare, love me and your dreams will become reality,



I glanced up and time was frozen.