I could feel the power pulse through our bodies, connecting us. His hands lifted up my chin, so that kissing me was easier. He definitely wasn't going to stop himself this time. I kissed him deeply and I could feel his arousal. He broke off the kiss, causing me to pout at him.

"Not here." He kissed me again and I could see, out of the corner of my eye, the colours spinning around us, the school morphing into something better. The air became humid, warming my lungs as I breathed in deeply. The concrete underneath my pumps fizzled into sand beneath my, now, bare feet. I felt the first few drops of tepid rain trickle down my bare arms. A negligee covered me, blowing up in the tropical breeze giving glimpses of my underwear. It wasn't the sort of lingerie that you saw in underwear shops that made you wonder what type of slut would actually wear that, it was more the type that made one feel eternally beautiful inside and out, as I did. It was that moment: kissing him, the breeze cooling our aroused bodies, his hot breath on my neck, his hands simply holding me. It made me feel infinite. It made me feel loved. I stopped kissing him, distracted by all that was happening while we were simply kissing. He looked at me curiously, but then he understood. He calmed; his breath lengthened into sighs. I held his face between my two slender hands and kissed the gentle lips. It was no more the burning desire that pulsed me forward, but rather the thought of sharing the feeling again; our bodies linked by love, by power. I yearned for the love he could give me, the satisfaction and adoration I could return.

I let him pull me slowly down onto the cream sand as sheets unfolded beneath us. I could feel my heart beat with determined strength in my chest, but it simply created a steady rhythm for our kisses, fondles, touches. I knew he could hear it; sense what I was feeling. His hands roamed my body, causing me to let out deep sighs. My senses began to fall away from me; my vision blacking out everything but his face, the beating of my heart muting out everything else. Yet I could feel him so clearly all over my body; his simplest touch sending me into erotic convulsions. I shook in pain, pain from being so unsatisfied. He had given me everything but my sin.

"Relax, Darling, breathe. Let me pleasure you."

I took a deep breath; letting out a deep sigh as he fulfilled me.

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