Everything is Wonderful - Part 2 "Then we need to escape." He told me.
You might be thinking about the whole brick wall thing. No one was around right then. No one to carry the thoughts.
"Escape." I said, sort of lost in the concept of it. "I had been working on escaping from my old residence before they brought us here. I have a few ideas, but this place have walls that are two feet thick. It's almost unthinkable."
"It is, isn't it? That's why they'll never suspect it. The security is so good, and their egos are way high too." Derrick sounded like he had a plan. "No, I don't haven't the slightest clue how. But I want out."
"Well, I used this to measure." I pulled out my hair clip. "One of them is equal to 1.416 inches. I used it so no one could figure out what it meant. It's an unbreakable code. That's as far as I got, then I got transferred here."
"So what do we do?" He asked. "Measure the whole building with that thing? Then what?"
"I have no idea." I answered, sort of bewildered.
"We'll need a distraction of some sort." He mumbled, still thinking he was leading nowhere.
Then it hit me. "It's so simple! We're so stupid!" I shouted pretty loud, and then I brought my voice to a whisper, "We pull the fire cord. It's right in front of our faces. Everyone goes outside. In the chaos we take off. It's so simple!"
"Ok, but what is the chaos isn't as big a deal as we think? There won't be an actual fire. No one's scared unless they see flame Oh, I get it We start a fire?" Derrick questioned.
"Yeah. We go into the kitchen, and pretend to want to help cook. We beg until we're allowed to help. Then, we set the place on fire. It doesn't matter if we pull the cord or someone else does. We just have to get out of here." I finished my ideas.
"We have to do this as soon as we can. Tonight, right before dinner. If we wait, we are more likely to transfer the ideas to someone else."
"Weapons." I started. "We need swords, or guns, or-or something. Once we get out, I have a gun hidden somewhere. I can't say right now where it is. It's only a small handgun, though. And we'll need something for during our escape."
"Swords." Derrick said. "They're practically toys now. No one will think anything if we have them."
"Yeah, but the guns can fit in our pockets. If no one can see them, no one will notice them." I went on.
"That's true" Derrick admitted, "Where do we get them?"
"Just before dinner. They're in a small locked room. Don't worry, the regulated' can get in anytime. Just remember the brick wall the entire time we do, say, or think anything." I finished.
"Alright." Derrick added. "4:30, the storage room for weapons."

It was 4:25. We started walking to the storage room. The machine scanned my fingerprints, and then opened the door. I pulled out two of the larger handguns. I handed one of them to Derrick. I put a box of extra ammo in my pocket. I put my gun in my other pocket, and Derrick put his into his pocket.
We started walking to the kitchen.
I walked over to the chef. "Can I help?"
Derrick came in too. "I wanna help too! Cooking is so much fun!"
"No." The chef answered.
"Yeah." I said. "I used to cook at home all the time, and I really miss it. Please, we promise not to make it taste bad?"
"Yeah, weren't you ever a young person who had a dream?" Derrick convincingly added.
"Oh, alright." He finally gave in. "Just DON'T mess up or I'LL lose my job. Then you're in deep with me. Got it?"
"Yeah, I got it!" I grabbed one of the pots, not by the handle, just the pot. I burned my hand a lot, so the scream wasn't hard to do for real.
"Let me see that!" Derrick shouted, knocked things over as he paniced to rush to save my hand.
One of the things he knocked over was the gas tank that went to the stove.
"I didn't do it!" He shouted, running out of the room. "FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!" He pulled the cord and it started to ring very load through the entire building.
I ran out of the kitchen after Derrick, trying to make my way out of the building without hurting myself any more than I already had.

I found Derrick outside, where everyone was running around like crazy.
"Derrick!" I shouted. I ran over to him, caught my breath, and we ran across the street, there was a mall right there.

In the mall, we bought new clothing before we did anything else. We left the old clothing in one of the mall trashcans.
I went into the hair stylist, and dyed my hair light red. I didn't want the jet black hair the rest of the girls had had.
Then we went into a few shops and bought food, some more cheap clothing, and a few other odds and ends like shampoo and soap. Then we left the mall, without any idea as to where we were headed.
"So, where are we going?" I asked.
"To my place. We're gonna kick that little hussy out. That's my house, not hers. I paid for it. Come on." He hand motioned me to follow him down the road.
I followed, but I really wasn't sure how far it was. Hopefully, it was less than a few miles.
After about three miles of walking, we stopped to get something to eat.
"So, how much further is it?" I asked him as I ate my French fries.
"Not too much further." Derrick answered. "Less than a mile."
"Just so I know, what's that other girl, you know the one in your house. What's her name?" I asked.
"Jessie." He answered. "She's a little prick, if you ask me. Actually, if you ask anyone that's ever met her."
"So what's a guy like you doing with a girl like her?" I asked.
"Basically, nothing. She never was my girlfriend. Just thought she was. I told her I liked her hair or something like that. She took that as an invite to follow me home, move in, then invite her other boyfriends' over." Derrick answered.
"Oh, that stinks." I answered.
I was looking around the Burger King, and there was a little kid. She looked so adorable, a lot like Laura. That's not what caught my eye. It was the man that was with her.
I grabbed Derrick by the shoulder, and pulled him out off the Burger King. "That's Ryan in there, my ex. And my daughter is with him."
"Well, do we go in and try to get Laura?" Derrick asked.
"No. If Ryan sees me, he'll tell them about me for sure. We'll end up right back were we started only this time under higher security." I answered. "Laura looks ok. Besides, I don't even think those things I saw were real. She doesn't have any bruises or scars."
"So, you're saying we just leave her?" Derrick asked.
"Yeah, I think she's ok. Besides, it's either none of us leave, or the two of us do. Let's go."
We started off towards Derrick's house again.

By the time we reached Derrick's house, the sun was starting to go down. There were a few cars in his driveway, a sure sign that Jessie had a couple of guys over.
We walked into the house, and found Jessie smoking with a couple of guys.
"This reeks," Derrick announced very load as he walked in.
"Who's this little girl?" Jessie asked.
"Oh, this is Raven. Now Jessie, please get out of my house." Derrick demanded.
"Your house?" Jessie asked. "This is my house."
"That's bull and you know it, you tramp!" Derrick shouted at her.
"This is her house. She told us so." One of the guys was defending her.
"Get out of my house." Derrick warned. Derrick pulled out his gun and aimed it at Jessie. "Get out, and take these guys with you."
The four guys left right away, and drove their cars off Derrick's property.
"Hey, hun, you're just the next girl down his list. His brings so many girls here. Sends them away a few months or weeks later. That's how it's always been, and that's how it'll stay. Pretty soon, your name will be crossed off too." Jessie announced as she left.
"Off my property!" Derrick shouted again.
"Yeah, and maybe if you didn't cheat on him all the time you woulda lasted a little longer, huh?" I shouted at her, laughing, as she drove away in a rage.

After Jessie and her little boyfriends were gone, I started to put some of the things we'd bought, away.
I took a shower, cleaned up, and got dressed.
Derrick and I thought we'd watch Random Hearts, the most boring movie in the history of the world. We figured since the movie was boring, we wouldn't miss much when we were making out.
So, umm, yeah I think the movie was about a plane or something.

The next morning, Derrick showed me something his father had stolen from the government's most secret sector. It was a machine that allowed a person to write down something, and send it to the past. The year 2000, to be exact.
That is why I have written what I've written. I want you all to change this fate. Do something different. Do something, no matter how small, something you wouldn't nomally do. Because if things so they way they did now, they will be this way.
That is why this is not science fiction, this is reality. This can be, if you all do everything, every little thing, exactally the way it happened in my world. If one of you kisses a different guy, studies a different major, eats a different apple, it can change the entire future of everyone on this planet.
I will wait for things to change. I will sit, and wait. But as I look at myself in the mirror, I am still here, and things are still the same. Please, change. Something. Anything. Even if I am not born, change the world for the better.

I am not going to send this. I have learned too much that I didn't know before. I can learn so much more that I don't know now. If I hadn't lead this life, I wouldn't still see Laura once and a while up at the ice cream shop. If this wasn't my life, I would have never meet Derrick, and gotten engaged for the 2nd time. (And this time it should last!)
If I hadn't lead this life, I would not be here, and I would I would not have been able to change anything. That is why I chose to keep this world, the way it is. It will get better some day, as soon as people know what's going on. I'm just not going to be the one to tell them.

I am happy as I am. I am happy as a prisioner of my own self, and of a society I hate. I am happy Laura is ok. I am happy with Derrick. Everything is wonderful.