In Pursuit Of Greatness

Da suspect in pursuit

caused a domestic dispute.

he almost killed a long-time girlfriend

when he discovered she had been...

sleepin wit his foe.

called her everythin from a bitch to a hoe

den he fled,

but the crazy thing is

she's chasin after him

tryin to mend

what she did

because she's havin his kid

she wants dem all to be a family

livin happily,

ever after.

She doesn't want her son to be a bastard.

But he won't slow down. He's madder

than Flo could ever be.

'Damn,' he thought

'surely that was the girl for me'

she seemed so heven sent

and determined, so hell bent

on makin somethin of herself.

But now he's speedin down i95

wit her right behind.

Both of dem on da six o'clock news.

The police are too confused,

they don't know what to do,

they neva seen is kind of domestic dispute

homegirl gotta get 'em back she aint know what she was doin

sleepin wit dat gangsta but it was just so east to submit to him

plus it seemed like all the girls was tryna do him.

If she had anotha shot, she'd neva do it again.

She needs him to be a father to her unborn child.

He said he couldn't raise a son in a situation so wild.

But he cant do this to her and his seed,

so he pulls over and believes

everything will be alright.

She meets him on the road side covered by night -

only the helicopter hoverin above gives 'em light.

They both apologize

first her for cheatin on him wid dat dude Mediocrity

then him for walkin out on her nd da baby

that they decided will be named Legacy

They realize

that together they're supposed to be

so he takes out a ring and gets down on one knee

and da girl, which by the way is me

decides to commit to Greatness

and together both of them will raise their baby