One Stormy Night
Katy Palan
Per. 6

Lightning strikes. The windowpanes shudder with the might of the powerful wind. The rain pelts mercilessly on our heads as we search for a way into the quiet abandoned home. After all, there is really no reason to have homes in the middle of Africa. After the war, all animals, including the human-animals, fled to Africa, the only place in the world unaffected by the horrible effects of the molecular-enhancing bombs. Not many of us are left. The "others" have almost taken over.
We finally break into the house by shouldering into the door. Matimbuk injures himself. As the door shatters into many pieces, a piece of shrapnel flies into his eye, causing him to jerk sideways and ram a stake through his own side. We will feast tonight.
The scent of raw meat disintegrates everyone's sense of respect. I, Shalaron, am leader of our pack called the Ferrons, and therefore I should feed first. I take care of the few who refuse to see reason. This saddens me, for now we have not one less member, but three less. No matter, this gives us more food for the long, cold night ahead of us.
I am full now, the others may feed. I sit and clean the blood off of my tired body and think of the "others". The "others" are mutants. These mutants are a side effect of what is said to be the goriest war known to life. I am not sure how the war began, but I believe it was started when the man known as "President Bush" ejected some Russians out of the U.S.A. for the tenth time. The Russians and Americans then began the war by using chemical warfare. They destroyed each other as well as the inhabitants of their countries. The horrid mutations invaded all places with the exception of Africa. While they were only looking for food, they still destroyed the rest of the planet. You see, the mutants eat the life force of other creatures. They feed upon the energy given out by a creature's last dying breath. The human-animals of old called this burst the "soul". The only reason the mutants don't attack each other is that the mutants have no "souls".
Lightning flashes again. My mate, Felanish, comes over to me after receiving her share of the meat. She growls slightly as one of our cubs playfully bites her ear. I growl as well, the cub should know better. He is a strong one. I believe that he shall be the one I choose to claim the pack once I die. As my family huddles together with me, 26, no, make that 23, of us all together, I wonder when the "others" will find us. I hope it is a long way away. Nustarik, the cub, should have the chance to succeed at life. Perhaps he will. After all, we have survived this long, why not a few generations more?
Sleep takes the others as the rain continues its journey outside the house. I do not sleep. I have frightened myself by thinking of the "others. Why do I always do this? Felanish tells me how foolish I am sometimes. I don't care. I look at her now and realize how beautiful she is. I look around at the rest of my family. Some are not of my blood, but only travelers whom I have taken in to strengthen our pack. I have chosen well. The two insubordinate ones whom I eliminated earlier were poor choices. However, it is a shame about Matimbuk, he was a fine addition. I will find others.
As the thunder rolls, I hear something outside. No, it is nothing. Only the floods beginning, nothing more. Lightning flashes once more, and I see a deer and a human-animal. I growl, as I will not let them inside. This is my house, now. They do not leave. In fact, as I look once more, they seem to meld into one creature...