they say it all the time

ayo that girl got talent

i try to balance it

wit humility

but i pimp it out to get paid frequently


guess that makes my talent my hoe


it makes it my prostitute

but what constitutes

a prostitute is the pursuit of profit

at least thats what lupe said

and he sounded right

but that means all hustlas are prostitutes, right?

and i'm a hustla so it applies to...


what can i say yo i love cheese

da cheddar and da bread

so i pimp out parts of me to get fed


but thats what they did

prostitution, da oldest institute in America, man

the explorers, the Americas' first whores

they came here chasin money

christopher columbus took slaves immediately upon arrival

before that the indians were just in pursuit of survival

so yeah, columbus was a prostitute

as well as all those who

were to follow;;

Slave ships' owners weren't afraid to swallow

the British fucked India wit no rubber

Europe went for Africa so hard that it came

slave owners were undercover -

in public they acted chic

but really they did whatever they could to get it in

they were freaks

now America is the biggest whore in town

other countries don't even have to pay for her to go down

so do i hustle?

yeah i do what i gotta do

but the question is: how big of a whore are you ?