Snapping, breaking into bloody shards.
It was made cold by her past.
Frozen and hollow without one more beat.
It could turn the warmest of souls to stone.

She took it for granted.
If only she wouldn't have taken that last step,
If she wouldn't have caused him that surge of vulnerability.
He began his change, turned by the poison.

Striking her flesh, but wounding her heart.
All control has dissolved like sugar in hot tea.
She drags herself across the floor, hopelessly looking for an escape.
A red trail stains the sacred carpet; the color of her pain.

She lays mangled and weak as he crosses the threshold.
Control is lost again and this time he's thrown off his path.
Tears mingle, rain falls, but he will not be missed.
The poison has served its purpose.

A/N: Just in case you're confused I'll tell you what its about. A woman took love for granted in the past. She had a cold heart because she didn't know how to love. She started falling for this man, but he was afraid of love. That's what I meant by vulnerability. He became an alcoholic. He began beating her. One day, he left drunk and got into an accident. He died and she was finally free.

So did you like it?