A.N.: This one goes out to a special friend I have nothing in common with except sober friends! You know who you are. Let's go have some Rhubarb at Home out in the wilderness!

Wow, such an incredible night,

How could one night be so good yet so bad?

And although the path had a few bumps,

For the most part it was a wonderful ride.

It all began four hours before the new day,

Quick introductions followed by a run to the store,

More booze to purge rational thoughts from our consciousness,

Then a quick drive back to our temporary sanctuary.

The alcohol consumption quickly commenced,

The first bottle emptied within minutes,

As our visions blurred and our inhibitions lifted,

We began to transcend into souls unknown.

People who I've known for years, myself included,

Personalities nothing like those known to me,

Transformed into strangers before my very eyes,

And strangers into lifelong friends.

A growth soon became attached to my arm,

Begging not to let me out of eyesight,

While on my other side sat another friend,

One whom I wished to talk to.

Time escaped as carefree chatter flowed from us,

Speaking our mind without worry,

Gaining new friends and connecting with old,

Even if our new friendship would be a lost memory tomorrow.

The chaos soon subtly began with a knock on the door,

A lone security guard informed us of our wrongdoings,

Thrown out of the sanctuary with firm words,

The start of a series of unfortunate events.

Clear thought returned as we regathered,

Piling into the car and plotting our next move,

Complete control returning to me,

As our friend completely lost hers.

Laughter and misbehaving soon were our siblings,

Physical restraint being required,

As our friend wished to embarrass herself,

And the unlucky passengers who rode with her.

Fog covered the ground like a translucent snow,

Imitating an upside down sky,

A ten minute ride that drug out for hours,

As our friend erased the word dignity from her dictionary.

A moonlight park became our impromptu destination,

My arm growth moving me along,

Finally ridding myself of it and connecting with a friend,

Laughing as the day became fun again.

Sharing precious body heat, we talked of stories long past,

Keeping a diligent eye on our inebriated friends,

Electronic messages constantly being received,

Requiring us to return to our friends.

Not three seconds passed before my Siamese twin returned,

Traveling back to the car, we approached our sanctuary once more,

Hoping to retrieve our precious belongings,

Our hearts fallen as our entry point locked.

"Never you fear" traveling hoodlums said,

"We shall gain entry to our precious fort"

With a swift double kick against the panel,

The sanctuary became ours again.

Aghast with fear our traveling crew became,

Hurriedly collecting their possessions,

As they were intoxicated yes,

But lawbreakers they were not.

Previously established events barred further adventure,

And I bid my farewell to my friends old and new,

Returning home to drift into pleasant slumber,

And to await an early morn.

However, my trip to a far way land was halted,

As word of their further adventures reached me,

Law enforcement, come for the hoodlums,

Met with the pack that night.

Fortunate for them, they stayed safe from harm,

Kicked out once more, they returned to their lairs,

As two friends lay in worry, sleep slipping from their grasp,

As they lay wondering of their crew's safety.

Morning arose in mere seconds the next day,

Wiping minutes of sleep from my eyes,

Telegrams began coming my way,

They were safe to regroup another day.

So although our peaceful gathering turned sour,

And our daily trials became difficult,

I still had a fun bonding experience,

And I'm looking forward to the next journey.

A.N: Friday was one heck of a night, huh beautiful?