the pressure is
pushing me down
and I think I'm starting to


I keep writing
Those letters
but I can't
though with it.

When I hear those voices

they're not there

it takes more
-from me-
than I can stand

to lose.

They take
my food

They take

and you


why I'm not healthy?

They come
under the shadows
of night

They leave
when it suits them

… right?

You say
I'm crazy

They say
I lie.

What happens to you
I die?

I keep trying…
the me


No more voices.

I promise I'm not crazy

A/N: No freaking idea where this came from... I was just thinking one day. I have a story to go behind this. I just need to find the motivation to write it =P Let me know what you think.

I love reviews -_-;;