When I said all those things
I filled your heart with lies
I know it's my fault
I put those tears in your eyes

I can't tell you the truth
You're too good for me
My heart is stuck dreaming
About a love that could never be

It hurts like hell
When I say I don't care
But it's better for you
Life's not always fair

You need to find someone better
So here's my list of lies;
You're not what I see
Everytime I close my eyes

You're not who my heart beats for
Each night and each day
You are not that special someone
That makes me feel loved in every way

You're not the person
That my heart wants to keep
I would not stay awake for hours
Just to watch you sleep

Seeing your face and hearing your voice
Is never enough
Me and my heart are fine without you
We do not need your love.