Slave's tears


"Going, going, gone to the gentleman in the front" a man said as he hit a mallet on the stool.

At the slave auction, slaves were sold to the highest bidder. At this particular auction a young fire maiden was sold, Kila Johnson, has been sold over numerous times in her 316 years. For every master she has ever had she has 1 gem from each one. Most had magical attributes that kept her contained. They all promised her a good life, All of them lied.

Chapter 1

New life, new master

"Kila bring me my bowl of fruit" a middle aged earth demon stated to a young fire demon. The fire demon was 5'4" with midnight blue eyes. Her eyes were old and full of experience .She wore a black corset and a black skirt that barely went past the knees. Slits went up both side to show her muscular calves. Her raven hair was tied into a long sweeping ponytail that went past her waist. Kila had jewels covering every inch of her through her hair that extended passed her knees.

"Yes master right away" she said in an ice cold but obedient voice.

That pumice jackass needs to get his own shit

Kila walked back with huge bowl with a elaborate array of fruit.

"Here you are my lord" Her eyes never faltered and she walked with her head held high. Even though she was the newest slave to this lords Harlem she had the most experience, in pleasing her lord, no matter the environment.

Kila's lord selected a piece of fruit from the bowl in Kila's hand and bit into it. Its juices running down the edge of his mouth." My dear come take a bite of this lovely acial fruit" he said in a mere chuckle. He held out the fruit to Kila and with his other hand grabbed the goblet of wine that another slave held out to him on a silver dish.

Kila took a cautious step forward and took the fruit from her masters hand. It was a soft piece of fruit this soft velvety skin on the outside of the lightest shade of green. The inside tasted sweet and refreshing. It was the type of fruit that a slave very rarely every got to taste. It was so expensive that only the most rich and powerful got to enjoy. A hand gripped Kila's wrist and made her gasp. With a jerk Kila fell into the lap of her master with his lips tasting like wine and Acial fruit. She knew he was drunk and she had heard rumors of his lustfulness when drinking was involved. His favorite targets were his slaves. She looked into his soft green eyes and pushed hard on his chest. She could feel the muscles flex and she felt herself blush. A strand of his dark brown hair fell right in the middle of his forehead. She stood upright and ran her hands down her cloth. Fixing every wrinkle and trying to erase that moment from her mind.

That jackass, what is up with him. Thinking he can grope every girl in this place. Kila thought to herself as she fixed her gem cloth making sure every gem was right were it should have been. She had spent every year of her life as a slave. and every gem stood for every time she had been raped and sold for money buy her masters. It didn't matter to her, she knew that in her eyes she was just a way to money. she was quite desirable by many men. She knew every way to make them plead and purr. She wasn't a common whore, oh no, she was a gem. Each gem was a rank and she had enough to be queen of the slaves.

" Kila my love, what did you not enjoy my kiss" Her master said with a pout. Kila looked at him and sighed. It was a flaw for a slave to fall in love with her master, Kila knew that, but her master was handsome and she knew every slave in this place was slightly in love with him.

" No master I'm sorry it just, took me by surprise that is all. If your wish is to kiss me than I am happy to grant it." Kila said this with a smile. She didn't really want him near her. He was drunk and Kila knew all to well what happens when alcohol is put into the mix.

All of her old masters were the same all they did was get drunk and then rape their slaves. Yes, she knew just what masters did to their slaves if they didn't please them. Kila was going to make sure she wasn't there to meet any wraith. She wished to be free, but she had never earned enough to gain her freedom. Every rank she got her price went up. She had fallen so far behind in earning her freedom that the only way to gain it now was to marry, and not just marry anybody, she had to marry a lord.

" Kila, hand me back the fruit please" Her master said to her with a flick of his hands. Kila looked down at the Acial fruit in her hands.

" Umm, yes Lord Dravis, I'm sorry I'm still a little bit in shock by your attention to me." Kila said as she gingerly placed the fruit back into her masters hands. She knew exactly what she had to do, to gain her freedom she had to marry one of the three richest men in the land. The only one who was nearest and single was her master. To gain her freedom she had to play with fire.