In her quarters Kila slept restlessly. Turning every which way her mind flashing back to a long time ago. Back to her first master and the carnage and the torment he put her and his other slaves through. Even though he was Kila's toughest master he was the one who had taught her the most about herself and her position.

He was so much like her current master. Charismatic and charming, the perfect gentleman. He was one of those men you'd never think would drink so much that he would take a slave and rape her. He would drug a slave of his choice using drinks and fruit that would increase hormones. After he was thoroughly drunk he started to kiss and grope the servant till she was putty under his hands. Even though it seem that the slave consented you could hear her scream and beg once they entered her masters quarters.

If the slave had failed to please the master he would beat her bloody. Kila knew about that. Her best friend. Arva had met her masters lust and wraith, but she didn't come out alive.

Kila stood in a lovely mansion with silk of every color from the lightest of pinks to the darkest brown thrown across every surface. In the far reaches of a band of fellow servants with every color hair surrounded a seat at the end of a large mahogany table. The table was littered with every type of food. A man sat in the seat surrounded by the servants, his hair was a deep blonde color almost the color of sand. His eyes were so dark that no one could really tell you what color they were, though they claimed they were the color of the darkest night sky. Many of the servant held out silver plates to this man in the chair, goblets of wine and cheese were being passed and out of all of the servants only three stayed far out of the mans sight. They passed fruit to the servants and they kept the platters full. One was Kila her hair much shorter that it is later in her years. She is quite shorter and people could say quite a bit younger. She looks more like a child of six, beside her are two girls. One with the softest blonde curls, her eyes sparkled a light pink zinfandel color. They other had dark brown curls and a deep emerald green eyes. Neither girl looked older then twenty and Kila knew that tonight her friend Arva the one with the pink eyes would meet her end by the hand of their master.

" Arva my dear step forward, my I haven't seen your beautiful eyes all night." Kila's master said in a drunken slur. When Arva stepped forward their master grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him. Securing her lips with his own, Kila saw him move his hand farther down her clothes creeping his hand up her skirt his hands forming the shape of her buttocks.

Arva made a small squeak when their master deepened the kiss. Though after a few minutes he let her go. passing her a goblet of wine that matched the color of her eyes. Demanding her to drink goblet after goblet. After a short while Arva was giggling and was slurring her words also. Their masters eyes sparkled and he drew the drunk Arva into his lap. Running his fingers up and down her inner thigh. His lips making trails up her neck.

" I will turn in now, Arva please do me the favor of personally serving me in my quarter tonight." Their master said and he took Arva's hand and went up the gray stone stairs. Each of the servants made a circle on their foreheads followed by two crescent moons. The symbol for feminine protection. The servant with the dark brown curls took Kila's small hand and lead her to the servants quarters. Through the night she could hear screaming and crying from up in the masters room. Now she knew that was the sound of Arva being violated over and over. Kila closed her eyes and stared up at the gray stone ceiling. Her child like mind drawing shapes in the gaps between stone blocks. In her youth she spent nights making mazes in the gaps. She knew that with the morning Arva wouldn't want to talk. None of the servants wanted to talk after their master asked them to personally serve him in his quarters.

The next morning Arva showed up her platinum blonde hair rumpled and her eyes dead and cold. They were filled to the rim with tears. By miid afternoon the master had ordered that all of the slave report to the dungeon. All of the girls looked sadly towards Arva but headed down the stairs. The dungeon was a horrible place in was dark and grey, the walls stone just like the rest of the mansion. But were in the living quarters there was festive colors and light, here there were none. Water dripped from the ceiling and all sorts of punishment tools hung on the wall. One of the older servants were told to hang Arva in the shackles on the wall. All the while Arva cried and marked herself over and over with the Holy mothers symbol. The mark of protection. Kila knew that it never did Arva any good. Their master wasn't a loyal servant of the Holy Mother, so her symbol did no good here.


Kila cringed with each crack of the whip across Arva's pale back. The whip forming long gashes in the once flawless skin. Their master screamed profanities and curses at her claiming she was no good at pleasing him then a blind dog was good at hunting. The older servants hung their heads and cringed when they heard the crack of the whip. Flesh was beginning to be peeled off of Arva's back in strips. The pieces being flung backwards falling in the mist of servants. Arva's screams echoed in Kila's head. She wanted to help her but she knew that if she tried she'd be whipped just as bad. Arva screamed and screamed and after awhile her screams died out along with her. The master through his whip aside and said that if any of them disappointed him like she did they would meet the same fate. Arva was let out of the shackles, her body limp and cold. One of the older women let out a small cry and another gingerly closed Arva's eyes.

They buried Arva in the servant cemetery, all of the servant cried and cried. Kila just stood cold, Arva was her best friend, she had died because she was still innocent and didn't know how to please their master. Kila understood and wouldn't let herself be caught in the same trap. She worked harder then she ever had. She learned from the older slaves asking questions and listening to their gossip. She taught herself how to read and write and took notes, reading them every night. She wouldn't be like Arva she would learn from her mistake.

The SAB, or Servant Abuse Board, heard of Arva's death and began to investigated. Because in their mind slave are a privileged and abuse is a criminal offense. They confiscated all of the slaves and put the healthy ones back up for auction. The sick ones or the ones who had met the wraith that Arva did were helped medically before being resold.

This only began Kila's determination. She was going to free herself and in order to do that she had to save her money. She was told that if your master sells you out to a friend they normally will give a tip for your service. Kila was determined to be the best slave that anyone could want.

A bell rang in the background an Kila opened her eyes. Another day of service and another day of trying to place herself in her masters wedding bed.