Like a Frozen Flame

Laurel, a Sophomore in high School, isn't one that every guy wants. She's fat and in her view, ugly. When Ex 1, 2, and 3 break her heart, one boy arrives on a white steed and saves her heart from the deep depths of hell.

(This story is based on my high school life. No names are changed because I'm to lazy to change them XD)


I look at the neon green paper in my hand. It's crumpled and folded so much, it looks like it's about to tear apart.

"Geography…great…" I sigh. I adjust my binder and Twilight book so that it doesn't fall and had up the stairs. At the top, I pant lightly. I have always hated my body. 260 lbs, a huge chest, and ugly face.

I try and ignore a group of jocks as they laugh at me as I pass by them to get to my class room. I walk in and the teacher, Mr. Muckelroy, is righting something on the board. I squint my eyes to try and read the righting that might have well belonged to a kindergartener.

I find a desk in the corner and sit down, my stomach almost touching the non-adjustable desk. The bell rings and in comes in the rest of the class. I recognize most of the people coming in.

My friends Grace, Seth, and Tausha walk in. I wave to them and pull out a pencil. Two guys walk in and pass by me. One Skinny as a stick and a goofy face, the other one, bigger than him, but smaller than me. I catch the beautiful green/blue eyes of the bigger boy and I blush. I shake my head and look forward as the teacher stands in front of the class and goes threw role call.

"Laurel Bradford?"

"Here." I say. I don't raise my hand since I am right in front of him, but he looks around the room anyway and says, "Where?"

"Here." I say bluntly and barely raise my hand. He chuckles at himself and continues down the list.

"Robert Boyce?"

"It's Matt. But here!" The skinny boy says and raises his hand.

After a few more names he calls, "Cody Perkins?" The other boy that was with Robert…I mean Matt, Raises his hand and says "Here."

'So his name is Cody.' I think to my self. The teacher lets us walk around and meet people we don't know. I stay in my seat and continue an anime drawing of Inuyasha that I was working on earlier.

"Inuyasha, huh?" I look up and Matt is standing in front of me.

"Yep." I say and continue to draw.

"Hey, Cody! Come here!" Matt waves him over. "So what's your name?" Matt asks me as Cody walks over.


"Cool name. I'm Matt and this is Cody."

"Hi." After a few minutes of talking, we were laughing and joking like if we had been friends for years. Soon the bell rings and I head down stairs. I'm not watching where I'm going and I bump into Matt. We joke around again for a few minute, then we say good bye.

I find out later that Matt was moving to Arizona, and Cody might be moving too. Matt and I stayed in contact threw Facebook but I had not heard from Cody. I finally got his number from another friend of mine and I called and chatted and I found that he didn't move.

That was the end of Freshmen year…

Well that was the first Chapter/prologue thing…Let me know what you think! Updates sometime this month.