Like a Frozen Flame

Chapter 3

A Shimmer of Hope


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Everyday I would listen to April talk to Quayshon for hours at a time. Before school, after school, and even during school sometimes. She would talk about how great he was and he said he loved her and yada yada. I acted like I was happy for her. In some sense…I was, but honestly I was jealous. I wanted a boyfriend to talk to and tell me they loved me and tell me I was beautiful.

Homecoming was coming up and no one had asked me. I never expected someone to. April told me that someone was going to, but I just laughed and said "Yeah right." The day after, I was walking with Cody up the stairs when he asked me "Are you going to homecoming?"

"Yeah" I replied.

"Do you want to go with me?" He asked.

I couldn't believe it! The one guy I had a crush on asked ME to homecoming! I was so exited! I nodded and said "Sure! I would love to!" I blushed and smiled. He did too.

"Great! I can't wait." He said before we split to go to our classes.

Cody picked me up at my house the night of Homecoming. Though he was a Sophomore, he could drive, which I thought was really cool. I was wearing a black v-neck shirt with a blue skirt and a blue necklace. My heals made me a couple inches taller so I seamed like I was 5'5". He told me I looked nice. I smiled, embarrassed as he walked me to the car.

At the dance we had a lot of fun dancing to hip hop and slow songs. The first slow song that came on was "Don't wanna miss a thing" by Aerosmith. It was a little awkward dancing with Cody at first. We were a good few inches apart. It lightened up when he started singing it and it made me laugh.

About a week after the dance, and April dating Quayshon, Quay said he had a friend that was single and was bigger than me. I was surprised. I didn't think anyone would be bigger than me. Quayshon gave me his friend's number. His name was Blaze.

I called Blaze the next day after school and we talked for a little bit. We sent pictures of ourselves so we knew what each other looked like. He said I looked Sexy. Sexy? I couldn't believe my ears! I had NEVER been called sexy. He was pretty cute too.

Finally for once in my life I felt beautiful, wanted, and important. I would talk about Blaze and every time I would say "Boyfriend" I blushed. I wasn't used to saying "Boyfriend". After about a week or two we said that we loved each other. All my friends except April said me and Blaze were moving to fast and that anyone that says "I love you" before a month was needy or something. I just shook my head.

After three weeks, almost a month (it felt like FOREVER) I realized Blaze wasn't the right guy for me. We almost never talked anymore, I couldn't see him, and Quayshon said he thought Blaze was cheating on me. I broke up with Blaze not even a month into our relationship.

I felt hurt that Blaze might had been cheating on me, but after hanging around Cody and April and everyone else, I felt better. Cody was always there for me if I needed to talk to him. I had noticed that after I told him that me and Blaze were dating, he had drifted apart from me, but after we broke up, he would not leave me alone.

Of course I was dense about "signals" but everyone said that Cody liked me. I didn't know if I liked him yet. I mean I blushed every time I thought about him and my heart raced when I was around him, but I was just recovering from Blaze and my brain was all messed up. I didn't know what to think anymore…


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