Ally's POV

Ally wanted to kick herself, she had just been rejected. Again. She dashed the tears from her eyes and fished desperately in her purse for her keys. She was leaving this hick town behind once and for all. She had been an idiot to think that she could come back here and that everything would be ok.

"Well there goes five grand worth of therapy." she muttered to herself as she climbed into her car and roared out of the church parking lot. She thanked God that she had asked one of Harry's aunts to drive her car to the church.

Ally sniffled, trying to push down the tears that were continuing to threaten every time she thought of anything that had to do with Johnny. She couldn't believe that she had made such a fool of herself. No doubt he had wanted to talk to her so that he could tell her about Ruby.

"Why? Why did I come back here? What did I fucking expect to happen?" she demanded from the rear view mirror as though she expected it to answer her.

She roared into her parent's driveway and ran up the stairs, nearly tripping over in her haste. She grabbed the clothes that her and Beth had strewn across the room. She didn't spare a glance backwards as she ran out of the house as quickly as she had run into it.

Johnny's POV

Johnny's thoughts were a jumble of confusion. He tried to make sense of the information that he had received today. His Mum had been behind this whole mess, she had taken it upon herself to split him up from the only woman he had ever truly loved. He knew he had to shelve his anger towards her, that could be dealt with later. He had to find Ally, when she was upset she ran and he was betting that she was on the road out of town by now.

He pointed the wedding car towards Ally's parents place. Amity would want to kill him for taking it, but he would deal with that later.

Ally's POV

Several hours later, Ally's breathing started to begin to feel somewhat normal. She knew that it wasn't a coincidence that this happened as soon as she hit the outskirts of the city. Gone were the days when she felt at peace walking through paddocks, helping with mustering and living in blunstones. These skyscrapers, this lipstick jungle had her now. She was safe here. She was home.

Ally pushed open the door of her and Beth's apartment. She went to the fridge and pulled out the bottle of wine leftover from their last meal and slammed her bedroom door behind her. All she wanted to do was pretend that the events of the last few days had never happened. That she had never gone back there and that she had never seen Johnny. She climbed into bed, hugging the wine bottle to her chest and pulled the covers over her head.

The next morning the events of the past few days seemed like a dream. Amity would have jetted off on her honeymoon and

"Oh Shit!" Ally exclaimed jumping out of bed. Beth.

"Beth? Beth?!" she called out.

There was no response. Ally sighed and wrapped her dressing gown firmly around her.

Beth would kick her ass when she got home. There was no doubt about it, she would be absolutely furious.

Ally showered and dressed for work. She threw back two paracetamol and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl. Perhaps if she immersed herself in work then she could completely forget about the awful thing she had seen at the wedding.

"Stupid, stupid Ally." she muttered as she closed the door to the apartment half an hour later. Work would be just the thing. There was nothing there to remind her of Johnny, the past, heck there weren't even any cute guys there. It was exactly what she needed, to fade back into the beige normalcy of her everyday life.

She climbed into her car and carefully navigated the city streets to her office. The traffic was heavier than normal and cars were honking angrily at each other. Ally brushed her hair out of her eyes and leaned out the window. The telltale red and blue flashing signalled that there had been an accident.

"Seriously?" Ally muttered to herself, then felt guilty. What if someone had died in that crash. What if their angry ghost was giving her the finger through the windscreen and she couldn't even see it. Shaking her head to clear it, Ally sighed. She watched way too much bad TV. There was no such thing as ghosts!

-1 hour earlier -

Johnny's POV.

Johnny steered the wedding car through the tight streets of the city. He would take the country any day. He didn't know what people saw in towns like this. The sparkle, he supposed. The lights maybe? Maybe it just wasn't for him. He preferred to be in a place where you could actually see the stars at night and the moon looked so large it seemed as if you could touch it if you just reached high enough.

Ally flickered through his mind. He couldn't help but smile. It had been a long road for the two of them but now that he knew everything there was nothing that would stop him from going to her. She would have to understand. That kiss meant less than nothing and she was the only girl for him.

Johnny drummed his fingers on the side of the wheel impatiently. Another thing the country has over the city, he mentally noted, the traffic!

Horns started to honk behind him, he noticed that the light had turned green and began to move off the line. Before he could even roll his eyes Johnny was thrown forward against the steering wheel and there was the shriek of metal hitting metal as Johnny's car was hit from behind and crumpled under the impact.

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