The sky was gray.

The ground was wet and gross

And Ameli was inside, dry and warm, and bored out of her slowly melting mind. She was in math class. The same math class she was in every weekday, from 2:00 to 3:15, and she was not terribly happy about this fact…especially as she had passed the class four years earlier in her advanced programs at the academy. But now she was back. She knew WHY she had to be the one here, she could see the reason, it was because she happened to be the only one on her team that was actually the right age to be undercover in a grade ten class of just over 90 people, a hard to group to appear the right age in if one weren't, the right age that is.

The last bell of the day finally rang and Ameli almost cried with joy. She threw her books into her bag, ignoring the looks of the people she was supposed to be socializing with and ran out the door to the front of the school and into the parking lot. At the very back left corner of the lot was a man in a junky red car looking like he was asleep. This made her pause for a second as she wondered why her usual ride wasn't here and why on earth this new driver had chosen such a wreck of a car when the budget given to them for such expenses was astronomical.

She slowly walked up to the car, making a quick check to make sure she was prepared for any…surprises. She rapped on the driver side window and the man inside startled awake, the newspaper that had been on his face falling to his lap as he sat up straight. He was younger than she had expected him to be, maybe early 40's instead of 50's. 50's being expected because that was the average age of the agents, she being one of the few ones under 30, forget under 20. He rolled down the window

"The sky is a lovely shade of blue isn't it?" he asked, looking to the grey clouds over head with a smile on his lips.

"And the grass so fresh and green" she responded, glancing at the muddy browning football field that they were next to. She walked around the car and got in, and was nicely surprised. While the outside looked like a poor college students fixer upper the inside was worthy of the most expensive luxury vehicle. She sank into the soft padding of the seat and sighed in relief. Those blue plastic chairs from hell must be some sort of cruel torture device invented by the same jack ass who invented homework….or the guy who invented quadrilaterals, he was pretty evil to.

"Aren't you supposed to be making friends and connections miss Ameli?" said the man of unknown identity while starting the car, which made the opposite noise of what one would expect from it's outer appearance.

"Isn't Gabe supposed to be picking my up Mr….sorry what was you're name?" replied Ameli removing that gaudy jewelry and ghastly makeup that she had to wear to fit in with the "crowd" she was supposed to be infiltrating. She flipped down the visor and used that mirror to apply some black eyeliner and only slightly tinted lip gloss instead of the bright pink eye shadow and red lipstick she had just removed.

"I'm Joseph. So you don't like this assignment much huh?" Ameli wasn't surprised that he hadn't given a last name. Very few agents even had them as usually one was born into the agency, and no one ever got the same name as someone else within the walls.

"Well why would I? The people I need to befriend only ever talk about boys and the latest way to become more like a pubesant boy, and all the work makes me want to whip out my gun and shoot someone."

"Well my dear that shouldn't be a problem anymore. You've been reassigned. Welcome to Crew 186." He said with a beaming smile. He reached his left arm over his body to shake her hand, which she shook briefly before leaning back in the seat thinking over what she had just been told.

"So I'm on team 185 then?" she asked, knowing she wasn't repeating exactly what she had been told, but saying it anyways.

"Nooo, crew 186" he replied smirking

"But the teams only go up to 185…" Ameli looked at the man nervously wondering if he was cracked.

"Well I didn't SAY team did I?"

"But there are now "Crew's" only teams."

"And there are only 185 of those, so there are discrepancies all over the map aren't there?" he laughed quietly. Ameli knew that was all she was going to get out of him for now.

Several hours, and possibly a new province as Ameli had fallen asleep quite close to the end of their conversation, later Joseph pulled into a long driveway taking the two agents through quite a length of forest. Exciting from the gloom of leafless forest they came upon a wide expanse of yard, ending with an extremely large house that looked absolutely nothing like what was typically approved by the agency.

"How did you get this for yourself?" she asked, eyes wide and mouth agape.

"That may go along well with the question why we are crew 186 miss Ameli." He said as he pulled to a stop and removed the keys from the ignition. He opened the door and stepped out, the gravel driveway crunching under a shiny black shoe. He was considerably taller than expected. Finally someone she would have to literally look up at. That should be refreshing for her neck.

She stepped out stretching and rubbing her eyes. She scratched her head and looked at the maybe 8000 windows that sparkled even in the November gloom.

"geeze, how many people are in this 'crew' anyways, this place is huge!"

"well there are seven of us, now eight because of you…most of the space is taken up by training rooms. We have them in the main house instead of underground because we're so secluded…and if we didn't have underground for our toy's the where else would we put them?" he threw her a smile that would have outshone the sun if it would have shown it's face. "Let's go in, shall we? I believe most of us are home" with this he glanced at a window on the third floor. She glanced up to the window as well but only saw a rustling curtain. Joseph led her into the foyer of the house, hard wood floors, spiral staircase, the works. On the right and left of the staircase there was a doorway. On the left she saw it led into the kitchen and the right into the living room. In the living room she saw something that shocked her…5 teenagers…unheard off for the agency.