It's Like You Keep Disappearing, But You Were Never Even Here...

Another day, another time, another place.
Everywhere I go it's all the same,
Everything becomes a blur, all empty space,
It just melds together – sunshine, clouds and rain.

I sit alone in my hotel with the lights down,
The doors are closed and the blinds are drawn.
I don't want to watch another happy little town
Wake to the sunrise, because to me, it'll never be dawn.

All I want to do is close my eyes,
Turn up the music - drown out the reality,
Blind it with words and subtle lies,
Stories in my dreams, but you're all I can see.

This image that invades my mind,
A simple smile that throws down all my walls-
No matter what I try, you're all I want to find,
You're the only one I want to catch me - when I fall.

I look around and think it's you that I see,
But then I look again and I realise,
That in truth, you're just a reflection of me.
Something in my mind, an image made from lies.

I know without a doubt that I'll fail, that I'll never know
How you can say everything without a single sound,
Or what I'm meant to be, where I'm meant to go.
You're lost to me, and I know you will never be found.

I don't know what I'm talking about anymore,
I think I'm going crazy with all these dreams,
These dreams of a face I've never seen,
These dreams of a person I've never met-

These dreams of the one I know I love….