Let me tell you that waking up with a random person in your room in the middle of the night is not a good experience. Unfortunately for me, I just happened have one of those, and it scared the crap out of me. Just as I was opening my mouth to scream bloody murder, a small clamped down over it and I looked into a pair of terrified, brown eyes.

"Sadie?" I tried to say, forgetting that there was a hand impeding my vocal capabilities. Sadie wasn't crazy or anything. She was just this woman that lived in the alleyway right next to us. I guess she had fallen down on her luck when she was younger; she never told me. I went down to see her sometimes and talk with her about Earth. She was perfectly sane, so what was she doing in my room at o dark hundred?

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, she cocked her head to the side and suddenly fell into a softly whimpering heap on my bedroom floor.

"Sadie?" I whispered. "Sadie, what are you doing in here? What's wrong?"

She curled up into a little ball on the floor, back against a wall. "They came. They're coming. They were coming for us. To take us away." I slid off of my bed and went to look out the window at who "they" were. Sadie never spoke like that, ever.

She grabbed my arm. "No, don't look, or they'll take you too. They don't want anyone to see. That's why they had the curfew. But I saw… I saw… they were looking for me. They were marching them in the streets with handcuffs, I saw. And they were looking for me. They were looking for me."

"Sadie," I said, confused, "Of course people were looking for you. The guards were trying to make sure that everyone was in their houses."

"No, no," she pleaded, begging me to understand, "They were looking for me. To take me away. Because I had no house. They would take me away. I saw… I saw…," she trailed off.

Well. I couldn't very well leave her outside now, even if she was overreacting. I didn't know what to believe. It sounded like she had gotten some vision from the third spirit in A Christmas Carol or something.

I sighed. "Here Sadie, you can have my pillow and this blanket. Umm…," I bit my lip, thinking. "I guess you can sleep in here, but it would probably be better if you left before Mom comes to wake me up." I climbed back into bed a buried my head in my arms. Not that I was trying to get rid of her, but I would rather not explain to Mom why I had a fifty year old homeless woman crashing on my floor.